RC 2016 Leaks & Releases

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  • wifibandit

    In an effort to reduce the number of posts, this year I will try to add links to this post.

    Now, on with the Leaks & Releases!

    First up...


  • sparky1

    MAUDLIN: showing or expressing too much emotion especially in a foolish or annoying way. - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Simple Definition

  • freemindfade

    Is this an episode of The Path?

  • SafeAtHome
    Holy Crap, there is just so much wrong with this! Fear mongering at it's worst. There seems to be some kind of chaos and rioting going on outside but there they all sit in their 'Sunday going to meetin' clothes. Will the men ever get to lose the freakin ties? And where the heck did a pioneer couple get the money for a beautiful home and 60" flat screen TV? But let's give it all up for a one room apartment. This is really barf worthy! 30 years from now when that couple is looking at retirement with minimal Social Security coming in they will really know what it means to get along with less!
  • Pistoff

    It's never enough; you pioneer, the answer is DO MORE, always DO MORE.

    Fear mongering, guilt inducing.

    Fear, Obligation, Guilt.

    The stock in trade of the 7 top monkeys (apologies to real monkeys).

  • pixel
    I've never seem a religion so concerned for its members to move to smaller apartments like this cult.
  • Crazyguy
    Now that they have video they can really poor it in thick. It's really sad it's going to mess up people and kids even more.
  • NeverKnew

    In anticipation of this, can anyone tell me which scriptural passage(s) the WTS uses as a basis for this "remnant" that will be hidden DURING and survive through Armageddon?

  • WingCommander
    What mutherfuggary is THIS? As usual, one big guilt trip! Have a nice job and home with modern contemporary furniture? Well then, you are too worldly and materialistic! Don't you know that the Governing Body needs all of your "precious things", so that they can adorn their new WT HQ in upstate New York next to a lake, with granite and marble? You don't need to live "comfortably", so up and sell all of your belongings and live in some shitty apartment where the need is greater in Jerkwater, USA or possibly consider moving to some 3rd world shit-hole where the natives will only try to rob you and couldn't care less about your American cult? Nice one JW.dork, but I'm not falling for it. I'd also like to say that this level of fear-inducing paranoia, is about 2-steps away from the practice drills Jim Jones used to run on his followers in the People's Temple. This is some scary, cult bullshit right here. WOW! Pass the kool-aid, Sharon, then we'll all read some scriptures that don't apply to anyone in the 21st century.
  • Dreamerdude
    Wifi, thanks for the preview of things to come. In this video it sounds like they are trying to scare folks with the sounds of the GT. But that could easily have been a mass protest incited by a foolish move by WT.

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