It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    Yesterday Ex-JW Caleb released a Youtube rebuttal video on the 2023 convention...While Lloyd Evans was composing an Atheits song...cause That's what the Patrons $$$ is for...

    Yesterday ,also JW thoughts released a secret? leak video of Tony Morris talk ...,Lloyd Evans... Crickets sound...Not even a tweet about that either...come on Tony Morris ! Lloyd governing body man crush !

    Guess he was busy ...

    It's just learning how to fly


    Altworldly is doing a live about โ€œthe two Tonyโ€™sโ€ now ๐Ÿ‘

  • lancegalahadx

    When his patreons drop off even further, he will probably offer free blow jobs to new subscribers and to those who renew.


  • 6820


    If lloyd actually really cared about reaching as many people as possible and help them leave cults ect he wouldn't alienate his audience in the first place with stupid sweeping comments that imply all religious people are stupid and that anyone who believes in a higher power is therefore ok with dead children.

    He's so defensive about this and it's actually infuriating just how harsh he is especially when considering that religion for many people is a deeply important and serious part of their lives (and look theres sus things in the bible, there's assholes who use the bible, Quran ect to excuse their behaviour and do awful shit but) and he needs to be more aware of how seamlessly he fits watchtowers definition of an asshole apostate. Idk if any of that makes sense

  • 6820
  • JeffT
  • betterdaze
    God is watching over us
    He should beg for what he did
    How can you say that he helped you out today
    While he was killing 14,000 kids

    Lloyd is watching over us

    He now BEGS for what he did

    How can you say he helped you out today

    While he was fueling many PIMPS

  • ForeverAlone
    Anyway not one got a thumbs up or Like , None ..but a lot of his post got some -1... or -2

    I have read many threads on this forum that are 10+ years old and I noticed on everyone that there are no likes or dislikes pressed. I just assumed that the forum at that time did not have these options.

    It's not just LE's comments that do not have likes or dislikes on these older threads. I have read 40+ page threads where there were not any likes or dislikes pressed on any comment.

    Maybe Simon can clarify if these options were available then and people just did not bother to press them.

  • ForeverAlone

    @Lloyd's atheist song

    I watched until 1:50 of the video then I had to turn it off. Only one thing to say: If I had to turn it off it must be really bad because I try to give people at least half a chance.

  • WingCommander

    Someone above asked where he'll be in 6 months to a year.

    I defer to that photo several pages back of him dumpster-diving. That's where this user will be, and frankly where he deserves to be.

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