It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5
    Prostitution is illegal in Thailand and Croatia only for the party getting paid...

    But Thank God ? , it's legal in the U.K. ,so at least his trip to the motherland will not just be him watching Brit T.V shows , going to an empty pub ,to watch more T.V. , and then watch what people are saying about him on Twitter., and bless his heart , he took the time , from his vacation ,aka Mental health break, to go on twitter an manage to play the victim card with the flying monkeys , in ,between the back and forth insult he was having with one stanger who dare call him the P. word....Guess the Museums , there's 2,500 in the U.K, are all closed right now ? He doesn't know that when you are on vacation you are suppose to relax , have fun ,go sightseeing... take some photos , and not be on your #$% phone scrolling the internet ...

    Good gravy , go and have something "massage" , It's legal and your Patrons obviously don't care if you do it and they don't mind if you use there donations to Pay for that too... (Well at least he will save some $$$ this time since ,he don't have to buy cream or perfume for the ex no more...)

  • Thisismein1972

    Whenever I hear someone using liar in such a bold way, I instantly get suspicious. As has been said, he could have either laughed it off, or just ignore it and report the comment, instead he did what Lloyd always does and gets someone else to report the troll.

    You see, there's a reason why he does this, he can then turn around and use these flying monkeys to do his own dirty work for him and effectively absolve him of all responsibility. Basically they are being used as human shields.

  • Simon
    Even if he has not engaged in sexual activity with minors, his regular use of a trade that does traffic in minors damages any attempt at combating CSA, because he will become the issue as his past gets more and more attention. He knows this, hence the many times that he has insisted that any sex workers he 'dated' were 20 or older. This, in itself, is an issue- that 20-year-old may have been forced onto the streets at a much younger age, which is the sort of thing that someone like him should be fighting against, instead of supporting with his dollars.

    I never picked up on it originally but noticed from the great review video posted a few pages back - Lloyds very first attempt to dismiss what he did on his livestream by comparing it with "worse crimes" was to say "I've not raped anybody".

    Question: How could he know? Read the experiences of people who have escaped sex work - they have to pretend that it's consensual to avoid being beaten or worse. You'd think an EX activist would know to listen to an EX to know the true reality of a system, right?

    If you do the math, and look at the reality of prostitution and trafficking, anyone who regularly uses sex work victims is almost certainly a rapist.

    Just like in politics, people tend to accuse others of the things they themselves are guilty of, because in their heads it is the absolute worse thing someone can be accused of (the thing they fear being found out about themselves), it makes me wonder when people start making pre-emptive denials of things they "haven't" done ... is it because deep down they realize they may have?

  • Thisismein1972

    Notice how the comments died down when Lloyd didn't say much. Now after his little rant, he had the thread jumped from 972 to 976 in just one day. Hey Lloyd, you claim to like music, I have a great song for you, it's probably a group you are familiar with called Radiohead. It's called "you do it to yourself" Perhaps you should use this song in your grooming - Sorry - talent nights.

    And as for Kim. You know we have your back. Lloyd has to mention you because he knows that you have the majority of the support now. He cannot stand that his little game is no longer working.

    Oh wait, I have another song for you Lloyd from an early 2000 rock band. the song title goes a little something like this. "She Fucking Hates Me".

    If you do the math, and look at the reality of prostitution and trafficking, anyone who regularly uses sex work victims is almost certainly a rapist.

    For such a prominent CSA advocate, I fail to understand how he cannot grasp that ….

  • Yooters

    It’s because he hasn’t got a conscience.

  • slimboyfat

    Yup looks like it. I can’t believe some people haven’t stopped sending him their money yet. And did nobody demand their money back through Patreon?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    For such a prominent CSA advocate, I fail to understand how he cannot grasp that ….
    The same man that abandoned his family for a sex holiday who feels he has the moral authority to criticise parents for sending their children to a boarding school.

    Do you think he uses “abnegate” in everyday speech? Or was that just to show Richard how intelligent he is? Asking for a friend
  • 6820

    Dude could have just gone to the UK. Would have saved loads of money

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