It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    What is it that you are talking about please?

    Jabba the Hutt has a huge credibility and reputation problem and though he was able to partially regain some of his financial support, he’s not able to back it up by producing top notch content as he was able to before.

    There was the Norway case which was huge and Jan Nilsen was the one who provided testimony to the government. Nilsen has condemned Lloyd for both his Thailand adventures and his grift. So it was a non-starter that Lloyd would be getting any inside scoop or cooperation from the man at the centre of it. Jason Wynne of AvoidJW was the one reporting on that case, and they have a history. Wynne has also made a public statement that he will not have anything to do with Lloyd Evans.

    Wynne was also involved in the BBC documentary. Lloyd would have easily been the go-to guy on this before but the entire game has changed and he’s sulking about not getting in like he used to. He also knows this is why his patrons keep falling because his content has limited value because he’s blocked from many of these media appearances and he won’t promote any stories that perceived enemies of his are involved in.

    So he said nothing, even though both those are huge stories and bigger than any convention video he could make. He’s blocking out information to his new batch of recruits that could lead them to making contacts with or following other sources in the community that are not favourable to him.
    He’s essentially following the “marking” policy in order to shield his followers from people who might lead them to the truth about him. Already a few of his newer recruits are hearing things about the BBC documentary and the Norway case and are wondering when his video is coming out about that. So he’s lying to them in insinuating that his convention videos are more important and that he’s swamped.
    • Journeyman

      Following up on that, here's what his recent "My Greatest Wish And Worst Fears" video was about.

      Our 'friend' discussed his wishes and fears around the future of the JW org only, nothing about his own channel or life.

      However, he did make a couple of comments that seem amusingly (or annoyingly) lacking in self-awareness. I've italicised his quotes and put my own observations in bold.

      1) Over the years he has changed his view: Used to think it would be possible to see the JW org face a catastrophe, either from falling numbers or going bankrupt. Now he believes the JWs "can weather almost any storm".

      2) His greatest wish now, with those reduced expectations, is for an FBI raid on Paterson and the seizure of the abuse database. Also feels it needs to happen at Bethels around the world, but if it happens in the US it could start to "snowball" from there.

      His worst fear, apart from the current situation continuing indefinitely? He said: "I guess I'm living in my worst fear every day" - no, not that his own lies, manipulation of other people and cruelty to his wife have been exposed and his status and income have suffered but, that the organisation continues to facilitate abuse of children and "break apart families". Oh, the irony! At least they've never advocated so-called 'ethical' non-monogamy, aka sleeping with prostitutes if you feel you can't control your penis and your wife isn't "good enough" in bed.

      He added: "Every day is a living nightmare with this organisation" (I don't think he meant working with Tibor and Dijana...)

      3) How does he think it could be even worse? That the org becomes more self-aware, because at the moment they make it so easy to be criticised. (Ahem! More irony there.)

      Removal of Tony Morris maybe means they are taking steps to make the organisation seem more credible to outsiders.

      He said he "senses" there is a power shift going on, and slowly the leadership may be changing, with the likes of Sanderson having more influence and the arrival of new appointments Fleegle and Winder.

      He theorised: What if the org were to hire a really good PR firm who would encourage them to shed the delusion thinking that has been guiding their decision making so far, and try harder to recruit thinking adults with rudimentary critical thinking skills?

      One suggestion he speculated a PR firm might make was to give Splane "an indefinite time-out from appearing on camera until he can learn to stop being so condescending and patronising". He also added that Mark Sanderson is a "cold, calculated, manipulative individual". Pots and kettles, people in glass houses, etc?

      While he perhaps makes some valid points, this video is a prime example of why he has zero credibility as a standard-bearer for reform. Every time he criticises others he exposes the hypocrisy of his own behaviour, none of which he has ever expressed real regret about.

    • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
      Las Malvinas son Argentinas
      1) Over the years he has changed his view: Used to think it would be possible to see the JW org face a catastrophe, either from falling numbers or going bankrupt. Now he believes the JWs "can weather almost any storm".

      Hell’s Bells, I told him virtually the same fucking thing ten years ago on this very forum only to be called a WT apologist. That was his big thing back then, he claimed that since 2005 WT had reached a point of no return and would crumble.

      2005 is Lloyd’s 1914, and now he’s changed the generations doctrine to an overlapping and continuous one. Keep donating people, his work will forever be needed to fight the bad guys!

      Someone finally realised he’s not getting out of this exJW genre due to lack of interest, and is now conditioning his followers to support him and his bullshit until the grave.

    • Simon

      Yeah, the WTS is never going to disappear. They got large enough to be self-sustaining and even a major scandal would just see individuals removed. The Org itself isn't going anywhere.

      What the people who crave its demise miss is that it's there because it fills a niche and is exactly what a certain segment of the population wants. Even if it did collapse, something else almost exactly identical would fill the void it left.

      Some take stating this fact to mean "OMG, you support the WTS!" but those people simply think in black and white and lack the ability to understand any nuance.

      The people who push the "we will take down the WTS!" are usually people like Lloyd who are trying to solicit funds to achieve their impossible goal. "Honest, if you donate to my kickstarter my perpetual motion machine may one day become a reality!" No, it won't, it's a waste of money.

      To them, the far more sensible and achievable goal of pushing for reform and fairer treatment of people won't appeal to the hardline nuts who want to throw money at it and need the constant injection of anti-WTS rhetoric to keep the money flowing. It's hard to switch to "let's fix this thing" when your entire message has been "it needs to be destroyed and it will be".

      As for his "sensing" that there may be a change in the WTS leadership ... well, no-shit Sherlock - the fact that they removed people and appointed new people is pretty obvious that the leadership is changing. It always has, it always will, because people age.

    • Toblerone5

      Today L.E. had a Patreon Livestream for his fireball fodder ($5 usd per month)

      and today one of is loyal flying monkee, Miss Mashee Moto , aka KIT KAT. [email protected] post the LINK for that livestream on her twitter account , so anybody can see it for free...

    • Toblerone5

      Part deux...Now how mad do you think L.E. would be if he found that one of his minion from Toronto Ontario did that...

      I put the link here before she take it out of her twitter account...And she KIT KAT is there asking some stupid question...

      by the way OMG that's boring ! the only way I was able to kind of watch this was by puting the Youtube setting playback speed to 1:75 and the boring free masons part to speed 2!

      doesn't that idiot know that if he knew that...please please please hope he does, he could SUE her for this ?

      he did sue some people for less than that ...

    • Toblerone5

      By the way , for the people on this forum that will go and watch is livestream...I just save you $5usd ,so your Welcome,,,

      $5 dollars that can now either go to the alcool you will need to drink to forget you watch that, Barf bags , headache medecine ,edibles ? or go on a therapy session ...

      and this is for Youtube...Please put a playback speed number 4... come on! is it just me ,but does he do it in purpose to speak slowly so he can drag it longer and get more $$$ for it ?

    • ForeverAlone
      Today L.E. had a Patreon Livestream for his fireball fodder ($5 usd per month)
      and today one of is loyal flying monkee, Miss Mashee Moto , aka KIT KAT. [email protected] post the LINK for that livestream on her twitter account , so anybody can see it for free...

      OMG that was a total waste of 30 minutes!! I watched it all at 2 times speed.

      I wonder if Mashee Moto realizes that if she posts the livestream just hours after it was created, for all to see for free, why would anyone pay $5 a month to watch it???

      Lloyd you better sue! That suit might fly who knows.

    • slimboyfat

      I love the way he treats himself as a Watchtower expert, rather than just another ringside commentator with a lousy opinion. Surrounded by his weird band of sycophants, he’s a legend in his own lunch break.

    •  Debra

      Yeah I guess he is feeling rather bitter about now, not only having missed out of the above mentioned documentry but also the other two recent "big news" the Tony morris thing which I'm sure some at bethel would know more about but also the Norway ruling, at one time he would have fought tooth and nail to get inside that courtroom or at least camped outside on the steps like other reporters do,

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