It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Might want to make a few internal changes, how about it, chief? Deal with it privately and be a man, not a whiney little bitch.

    A profile called #lloydgate on Twitter has been posting lots of older Twitter posts by Lloyd crying about financial matters, mostly trivial. I think these tweets provide an insight to the real Lloyd Evans. He seems to have a need to be a victim and to portray the image of financial hardship. I worked closely with him and certainly was of the understanding that he was on a tight budget. I think “tight” was probably more appropriate 🤔

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    Not everyone has the time to watch the livestream or hear all the damning facts of the situation. People understandably look for shortcuts when trying to figure out what’s going on in any given situation so the easiest way to help them is to point out a couple of things: 1) well over half of his strongest supporters, his patrons, have abandoned him since his scandal broke 2) qualified professionals such as the psychiatrist Dr Das have said he has the characteristics of a narcissistic psychopath, a manipulator and a cult leader himself. People who were on his side such as Andrew Gold only reluctantly came to these conclusions. Those are all pretty difficult facts to explain on any other scenario than him being a seriously harmful individual.

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    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    A profile called #lloydgate on Twitter has been posting lots of older Twitter posts by Lloyd crying about financial matters, mostly trivial. I think these tweets provide an insight to the real Lloyd Evans.

    That’s a good point. I’ve never seen someone argue so vehemently about not receiving a refund for £117 like that. He went on and on about it in public. What exasperates that situation is that it’s not like he was scrubbing toilets to earn the £117; it was donated to him. Also he was pulling in at the time €4K - €5K a month and £117 to him was probably the price of taking his wife and child to dinner in London, which he was complaining about staying an extra night in.

    He tagged everyone whom he either blamed or felt they should be helping him - Qatar Airways, KLM, the Australian foreign dept, Aussie MPs, PayPal, etc…

    I worked closely with him and certainly was of the understanding that he was on a tight budget. I think “tight” was probably more appropriate

    This is key to understanding why Lloyd acted like he did last year in the aftermath. Not only did he feel personally betrayed and attacked, but he felt like he was being ripped off. His comparison of being “burgled at gunpoint” was an accurate description in his mind. If he was going nuclear over £117, one can only imagine how he felt when his forms had shown that he lost €69K last year in revenue when compared to 2021’s take. When he stated in the Patron video that he “panicked” when he sent out the begging tweet, the correct emotion to describe what Lloyd was feeling was probably fury.

    This is key to understanding why Lloyd acted like he did last year in the aftermath.

    I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand the man however I’m learning more and more as time goes by. I rarely think about him these days - but I think about the community and vulnerable people everyday and we have to draw the line on the behaviour as we have done 👍

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    If he had over a million subs he'd be able to live off the ad revenue. His patron account would also reflect his popularity and he'd have way more that 389 patrons.

  • Thisismein1972
    He seems to have a need to be a victim and to portray the image of financial hardship.

    Go onto any social media platform and there are a startling amount of people who earn a living by being a professional victim. These people tend to be the worst, most narcissistic people you'll ever set eyes on. They have there flying monkeys, although these flying monkeys have never even met this person personally, they believe in the lie that the professional victim has constructed around themselves.

    Lloyd has carved his career on being a professional victim because it has worked for him. There are people on here that unwittingly fell for his victim hood, not because they are stupid, because they had empathy for his false persona, that is exactly who he targets. But when they wake up to his grift, he becomes the real Lloyd. A narcissistic sociopath who doesn't care about anyone, but what he can suck out of people.

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    Again begging for money with his newest Youtube-Video "Things are bad".

    Transkript (made with Microsoft Word online):

    Hello viewers. This is gonna be a tough video to make. As you can see from the title. Things aren't looking rosy at the moment. For the channel. I have to tell you that we have made the decision to get out of ramaco. We can't afford to rent premises anymore. Rent a studio. It would be the easiest thing in the world to just say, hey, we're moving out of ramaco. But don't worry, we're moving. And we're better and all that kind of thing. But I always try to be. Honest with you? We're moving out because we have to. We are scaling down production. The Lloyd Evans Channel now is the Lloyd Evans channel under threat. Is it gonna disappear? Obviously not even in the worst case scenario where something happens to me. You know, the channel's still gonna be up. The videos are still going to be there. For people to. Watch what's really sad for me though, is that. Over a long period I've been working on this channel and I've built something very beautiful. I like to think in terms of not just the content but the people. I have an amazing team working with me. I have Tibor, I have Deanna working with me. Only really with that team and with the support of patrons and now YouTube members and with the equipment we've been able to buy because of their support. Are we able? To produce not just the content that we're making, but the frequency of content. So that we're putting out a video at the moment, sort of every day, sometimes 2 videos per day if you count the shorts. So that frequency of content. Is completely dependent upon our patrons and our YouTube members and a couple of months ago. I let my patrons know. And my YouTube channel members know that we were in trouble. Because on a month by month basis, it's not just that we're getting by hand to mouth when it comes to paying the salaries and paying the rent for the office. And the, you know, the insurance for the equipment, all of the overheads and that kind of thing, it's not just about getting by hand to mouth. We're actually running at a deficit, so we're running at a deficit currently of somewhere between 500 to €750 per month. And so I put out a call for help two months ago. And the patrons and YouTube channel members very, very kindly respond. And helped to plug the gap so that we could carry on going for a bit. But of course, the problem with appealing to my patrons. Is that they're the ones that are already giving, you know, they're they're the ones who are already giving so much to make the channel work. When I put that video out. Most of you who just watch the channel and enjoy it won't have known anything about it. So I guess what I'm saying is. Since we had all of the turmoil last year with the defamation campaign. The channel has struggled. We've come back to a degree. I like to think we've done an amazing job in keeping things running as long as we possibly can. That's been due to a large extent to us operating very frugally when times were good before the defamation campaign. The defamation campaign is still very much ongoing. My lawyers are still on top of it. It's just that the Croatian legal system, I've learned, is glacially slow. And it's probably going to be years before I see any kind of justice for what was done to me and my family. The defamation campaign was and is a failure. It was a really cruel, sadistic way of attacking my reputation and it had the predictable. Effect of drastically reducing the number of patrons who support my work. Because they came to believe that I'm someone I'm not and that I'm somehow taking advantage of them. We dropped by hundreds of patrons and what you need to understand is that when we started or when I started working with Tibor. It was because we had enough patrons to justify hiring someone. We actually had 620 patrons at the point when Tibor joined us. We lost more than half of our patrons as a result of the campaign. I mean. So we at one point we were at over 800 patrons and then we fell to 3-4 hundred patrons as of right now, when you add together. The patrons and the YouTube channel members, we are on 432. So that's nearly 200 patrons less. Than or YouTube channel members less than we had when we reached the point where we were like, you know, we can hire teeball, we can hire a professional to edit the content. I can remember telling Tibor when we dropped below 500 things are bad and. The truth is we've been operating at less than 500 combined patrons and YouTube channel members for months now. So the fact. That we've been able to carry on this long is I guess you could say a miracle. It's not been easy and it's largely been due to people behind the scenes seeing the problem and stepping in to intervene. It's because of them that we've been able to stay on air. And and carry on, but ultimately fundamentally that's the problem. We don't have quite enough patrons. We need to get. From 430 as it is now to at least 500, and preferably for this to be viable and. For us to be. Putting money away for a rainy day, we need. To get back. To that 620 figure. That's really the help that we need. That's the way in which the audience can really step up and help us. We managed to rally, we managed to keep going. To this point, and we're now at the stage where. The money just doesn't add up and we're having to. Scale things back so. I am going to move my studio or my filming space to essentially my bedroom. Which is you will know as the attic. That was where I was filming before we moved to our macrow. Our landlord at Rama Crow has been very, very understanding and I'm hoping that he won't cause us any problems with demanding too much money and that kind. But we're going to move everything back to essentially my apartment. My bedroom is where I'm going to be filming and we're going to do what we can to continue with Tibor and with Diana essentially with the company. With with the nucleus of the company, irrespective of whether we actually have a premises or not. And we'll see how long we can do that. But I I'm not gonna lie to you, things aren't looking great. And it could be that I have to dissolve my company. It could be that I have to let Tibor go. Let Diana go. And just be doing it by myself and that would involve because I no, I would no longer have tebor and I would be editing the videos myself. I would probably go down to like two or three videos per month. Which I. Think would be something of a tragedy considering what we're doing now and the amount of content we're able to put out the way I view it as every single video that we make has a potential to reach someone. Because if we're just doing two or three videos per month, great. If that's all we can do, fine. But you never know what particular video is going to appeal to a particular person at a particular point in their lives. So it would be tragic for me. If we do need to go to that kind of Helms deep position. I guess we're already at Helms Deep now that we've lost drama Crow, but if we have to. Go to that. Kind of final position of of me letting Tibor go and Dianna go and just doing it by myself. I mean, if that's what I have to. Do that's. That's what I have to. Do I don't take anything for granted? If, however you. And join my channel. And you feel like you can do something to help. There's the join button for you to maybe think about being a YouTube channel member. There'll be a link to the Patreon in the description, obviously, but I don't expect anything. I really don't expect anything at this point in my life. Nothing is guaranteed. We we're all getting by from day-to-day. There are no promises about anything, so whatever happens, happens. I'm basically leaving it in your hands as to what happens next. If I have to go down to two, three videos per month, so be it. But I didn't want to just carry on, just change locations and for you to all just assume that everything's fine because it isn't. I'm not the sort of of man who is too proud to admit. When things aren't going right. So I can already see people jumping up and down saying he's begging, he's begging. If you want to interpret it that way, I'm not going to stop you. Nothing I can say. Can stop you from having that position, but I honestly. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I honestly have the philosophy that whatever happens, happens. This channel will be around whatever. Weapons. The people who set out to destroy me and destroy my work will always fail so long as the channel is around and so long as I still have a voice and whatever happens, I will always to my dying breath, have a voice and use it. It's it's literally just the frequency of content and the quality of content that's at stake at this point. Because there's no way I can do this volume of videos to this quality without people and without the team that I have around me. So I guess I'm leaving it in your hands. I wish I had something a bit more positive to talk about, but this is reality, isn't it? Not everything can be positive. I'll leave it with you and I will update you in due course as to if as to whether things improve. Whether things are as bad as I suspect them to be, but until then. Please do consider subscribing or even joining the channel and thank you so much for watching.

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    "drama Crow"

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    Poor teeball. His shitbag employer might have to let him go... :(

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    Check out this shameless post on the reddit ex-JW forum asking for money.

    Hey Cedars, here's an idea: GET A REAL FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!

    No way in hell do I think he's running a "deficit." LOL! What a con he's running!

    How will he afford his afternoon tea? He will have to resort to tea-bagging Tibor!

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