It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon

    Fun fact: yesterday while reading something "historical tech" related I noticed it included some screenshots of some messages exchanges and the formatting exactly matched the screen shots of some other message exchanges that have been attributed to Lloyd Evans.

    Just thought it was interesting ...

  • WingCommander


    Of course Hemorrhoid Evans is on here, in disguise. See, narcissists just can't help getting their attention fix. They need it, they crave it. Even if it's bad, its still all about THEM. Why do you think he has to do stupid stand-up comedy and play a guitar? He can't NOT be in the spotlight, no matter how silly or trivial.

    Well Evans, this entire thread is about YOU:

    Mr. Neck-bearded-Thai-visiting-LadyBoi-buggering-Adulterous-Piece-of-Shit!

    You may no longer be the most famous ex-JW Youtuber on earth, but you'll always be the most inflamed hemorrhoid on the ass of the ex-JW community. I hope for humanities sake, your ball-sack becomes infested with 1,000 of the hungriest camel fleas known to man.

  • notsurewheretogo
    You are insulting a lot of people who have terribly suffered from Lloyd's behaviour like we are here to discuss the frivolous colour of his hair. Get back to the sewage and tell your leader we will never stop denouncing his behaviour no matter how many disciples he may send here

    Your childish posting with insults is not very mature and looks bad on you. I've posted a lot about LE for years and like many others have very similar views to most that he is one of the worst people ever. He is narcissistic, a bully, a tyrant and has many personality faults.

    I'm just trying to post my view, my opinion, as in that is what you do on a forum, that for some attacking LE at every opportunity is not healthy. I attacked him on here for years, especially with what happened last year but I've reached the point he is done and I've noted it is better for me.

    Might be for others too. No harm in saying that but your reply is like a kid in the playground, you clearly lack ability to converse and discuss at an adult level. Probably best you take your own advice about a sewer.

  • notsurewheretogo
    You say he’s finished but I don’t see that at all. His Patreon is still at a level that can sustain him and one or two employees for the foreseeable future.
    You say he can never cover abuse stories again but I don’t see that either. He is just biding his time and building back slowly. I am sure he plans to get O’Donnell and others back on board at some point. He went to the meeting in the UK parliament about the commission on abuse and made a video about it. He has no intention of leaving it alone.
    The major problem for LE as I see it is that he now hates the subject of JWs and he is lazy. But he wants the money, so what can he do? Gradually rebuild his band of volunteers to do the work for him and keep as much of the Patreon money for himself as possible. He has an ongoing internal battle between greed and boredom, which may ultimately be determined by whether or not he is able to co-opt others to do the work for him.
    People’s interest in the topic comes and goes and that’s okay, but the drama is far from over.

    I think he is always going to have members of the exJW community have a go at him, rightly so, for the whole sex scandal thing and thus his content will never grow. I forsee exactly as you say, boredom and he will move on.

    His attitude to what he did is now captured permanently on the internet and therefore content creation will become impossible to sustain him long term.

    I think the "drama" is over because nothing will happen bar he will be tarnished with that brush of using sex workers whilst advocating against CSA and that's it.

  • lloydevansparody

    I've actually enjoyed the last few months, his content has lessened, the scandal is over, I have unsubscribed from a few on YT and Twitter who still hark on about him because he is pretty much done. The testimony of what he did stands and his attitude towards it and now is the time for the exJW community to forget him and move on.

    This threads needs archived and locked. We are done with him.

    I'm just trying to post my view, my opinion,

    Another flying monkey elder who wants to give us the lecture of the day. It is not an opinion the order "this thread needs archived and locked. We are done with him". "The scandal is over". "It is time the EXJW community forget him and move on"

    There are people who have been sued on a criminal litigation. Do these people need to move on too mr know it all? Do they need to archive that too? Tell your boss we will never be done until he takes the full responsibility for what he's doing. Farewell

    PS get lost

  • notsurewheretogo

    Lol my boss.

  • nicolaou

    I can't be the only one who reads LMSA's posts and thinks his acronym should stand for 'Laughing My Silly Arse' off.

    Thanks man 😂

  • KatKat

    Lloyd is a predator with a platform. He needs to be called out. Also like JWBelieves said, don't do it on the cost of your mental health. We need to learn from it so in future we don't fall for people like Lloyd Evans anymore or Jimmy Snow and all the other wordy people. There are sadly too many in any part of life. Particular us women need to learn to see the signs of an abusive man. Of course there are also abusive women. Us women are sadly still more likely to be in position with less influence than men are. We need to remember that Lloyd Evans isn't the only predator with some influence and need to try to call the predators out anywhere we can.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    But I find it a bit sad people have left the JW's and come here in this thread that has 813 pages on a daily basis a year after the incident.

    As Lloyd would opine, everyone has a foocked up situation and our foocked up situation is that new people are coming in left and right not knowing what the hell is happening and Lloyd still has a decent pull of gravity on You Tube and I'm not talking about his weight. Yes, it's been going on for over a year. Sad indeed. I don't like this any more than you do and wish he'd embark fulltime on his comedy routine in Zagreb, but I've managed to satirise it a bit to make it more palatable.

    Indeed, he has lost some weight on the Kim Silvio diet, but he still has enough of a belly and chin to be affectionately known here as Jabba the Hutt. After all, he's still greedy, corrupt and is slimy. If an alien race of predators were to hunt down Lloyd and roast him on a spit for nourishment, I'd imagine he'd taste a lot like Cheetos and Mountain Dew. In fact, the alien anthropologists in the Zagreb sector would send his orange stained and battered keyboard to their home base for further blacklight analysis.

    The problem as I have come to see it is Lloyd's ever-changing story and his continual moving of the goalposts. First there was an admission of sex workers in Thailand. Now he's going on the Jimmy Snow show and denying it outright. He does this intentionally to blur the record and confuse people enough so that they are more inclined to take the easy route and just consume his spoon-fed narrative. Also, he is a liar and should never be trusted.

    So, he admitted it all last year and once he has a chance to gauge the damage and recognise the fact that his coordinated bully campaign backfired in a huge way, he then changes it all round to where he admitted nothing. I honestly feel he felt his goon squad would take care of any dissenters and he would normalise seeing sex workers whilst married like it was a petty vice like buying a pack of cigarettes. Problem is that he provided crucial pieces of info in several separate instances. It's like piecing together a case against a clumsy criminal who tried to escape and left a long trail of blood. If you take the livestream, the 4 February FB statement and the Andrew Gold video together, you will find that he paid for sex in both Thailand and Croatia, and that he did go to Thailand for reasons of sex. It wasn't his only reason, but as with a degenerate gambler who takes a last-minute trip to Vegas, you have to sort the facts out from the obvious fiction. He only changed his story after he realised people weren't buying his reasoning.

    People keep showing up here and elsewhere wondering what the big fuss is. They are also referred here from other places on social media to this thread. Why? exJW Reddit has their own locked Lloyd threads, heavily moderated, dominated by Lloyd loyalists like it's Jonestown and only information admitted to by Lloyd is allowed in as evidence. The mods think it's alright to leave up "Glory to the Activist King Lloyd Evans" threads and at the same time refuse to accept Kim Silvio's ID. Per Lloyd's story it's all racism and he just wanted to go on a 3-hour tour to Thailand like he was travelling to Gilligan's Island. Case closed! Patreon pledge options are ready and open for business!

    And there is the dreaded "litigation". Cue the horror music. Yes, Lloyd is allowed to periodically lose his shit online, threaten people with lawsuits and taunt them that they are now "criminal defendants" and 40 year-long vows of vengeance. He should really work on his Liam Neeson impression from "Taken" when he does that. Hmmm wonder which audience he's aiming that at? Exiting JWs who are hard coded to be gullible and believe what they are told, especially from perceived authority figures whom they are told just "woke them up"?

    Seriously, consider what you need to believe if you are to swallow Lloyd's story as prepared. We do this all the time with JW doctrine, so let's do it with the Evans cult:

    1. Lloyd went to Thailand for tourism in his moment of existential crisis. Not sex. But he did date a sex worker where the only money exchanged was him buying her dinner. What a Don Juan he is!
    2. Spiteful JW Watch volunteers who acted out of jealousy and a desire to bring Lloyd down took conversations with Lloyd and his wife out of context and framed him for exploiting sex workers.
    3. Lloyd has visited prostitutes all over the world, including Croatia, but never Thailand. Nope. That's racist!
    4. Journalist Andrew Gold and others were misled by the machinations of Kim Silvio and perhaps even the Churches of Christendom too had a hand in it. False and misleading videos were placed on YouTube by this evil "yellow journalist" who was masterfully misled by this dastardly Aussie woman.
    5. Prominent exJWs and Lloyd collaborators like Mark O'Donnell and Javier Ortiz fell under the Satanic influence of this Demon from Down Under and decided that Lloyd's trip to Thailand, where he absolutely DID NOT pay for sex, was compromising and made him a liability.
    6. Everyone who disagrees with Lloyd about this issue has a JW Mindset. Tibor Cecelja said so. So did the other two people who wanted Lloyd to plug their work. Someone needs to get the urgent message to O'Donnell that Tibor thinks he is judgmental just like JWs were at the Kingdom Hall. Can someone tap Mark on the shoulder when he's reporting on the next JW CSA abuse case and tell him this? Thanks.

    notsurewheretogo : I understand you are at the point where you need no further info and do not support Lloyd Evans. That is great and is the very purpose of the thread: Give people the correct information they need to adjudicate for themselves as Lloyd invited everyone to do and figure out the facts. People have come and gone on this thread. You've taken what you've needed from it and that's great. No charge. It's become the encyclopedia on Lloyd Evans and it's important to keep it open for people who are seeking this info and to ask questions. This might not be everyone's cup of tea and there will be times on this thread where you wonder what the hell you just heard.

    We're here and open for business as there is quite literally no other forum that allows frank and open discussion about this matter.

    And to my point of view, that is what is really sad.

  • Vintage

    I’m glad to have found this thread. Four years ago when I was waking up, Lloyd’s videos were among the first that I saw. I was so starved for association that I almost contacted him. I’m much older than him, had many more years in the Org than him, I believe I know more about JW doctrine and procedures than he does, and I definitely know more about the Bible than him,... and yet, there he was,... publicly denouncing the Org. That was good. Surely I could learn from him, right? Hmmm. Sadly, no,... not much. And then I read in the comments where Lloyd “chewed up and spit out” a poster who had given him a kindly worded suggestion for improvement. I’m sorry for that man who tried to help Lloyd and got chastised for his effort. Finding this thread cleared up any remaining traces of lingering confusion. I had dodged the bullet! I patted myself on the back and became a participant here.

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