It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • llubrevlis2000

    Now with Anthony Morris kicked out Lloyd has the perfect distraction from himself and he will milk this for every drop

  • WingCommander

    NEXT UP: Lloyd will find out how to contact Anthony Moron da Turd, and will do a live call to contact and harass him on his Patreon account. Only paying members will be allowed to view the live call to a bloated has-been.

    One has-been to another: "Cheer up! We can still milk these suckers, TOGETHER!"

  • Toblerone5
    Anthony Morris kicked out Lloyd has the perfect distraction from himself

    It's look like A.Morris was not the only one that was kicked out... From the Youtube video credit at the end of the Feb 1 , a conversation with Mike Rinder the one he did yesterday about his appearance . Guess he could not afford an assistant producer anymore...

  • lloydevansparody

    it seems that spring cleaning has begun in both Watchtower and Floyd channel..,

    Tibor tell your boss that he looks like a bleached toilet brush.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    This threads needs archived and locked. We are done with him.

    I understand where you are coming from, but I think you are wrong. The mistake of thinking an issue with Lloyd has been closed and it's best to move on has led to disastrous results. A good example of this is the COC bootlegging scandal. He did bootleg it; the story and proof are here:

    Lloyd Evans. An overview.

    But people got tired of the COC bootlegging scandal and wanted to move on. Whenever someone new happened upon the scene and got wind of this scandal, Lloyd would brush them off and refer to this Reddit thread as the "final word":

    (2) A word on Crisis of Conscience, copyright, and Ray Franz's legacy : exjw (

    Read it if you dare. If you want to know how Lloyd Evans works, this is a perfect microcosm of it. Lloyd denied he had anything to do with the bootlegging even though Arthur Weber clearly stated it was a business arrangement between them. Before even going into the issue about how he felt he was in the right, he attacked Joel the Unwitness and Mike and Kim for being haters determined on sabotaging his activism. After that he attacked the copyright owner herself, a caregiver and personal friend of Ray and Cynthia Franz who also happened to be of advanced age and not tech savvy. As for her, she was labelled by Lloyd as "neglectful" of Ray's legacy and labelled as "immoral" for allowing the book to go out of print. She didn't allow it to go out of print. Ray printed these himself and when he died, the printing stopped. But what a way to attack an elderly woman whose close friends had recently died!

    So basically, Lloyd outright lied and mischaracterised everyone from the people who called him out to the copyright holder whose copyright he willfully infringed. And for years this was the "accepted" version of events! Lloyd's own Reddit post was the ultimate authority. This is how he operates. Attack the mesange and the messenger, drown them out, send your goon squad out and intentionally isolate them to the fringes of the exJW community.

    This Reddit thread of Lloyd's which is chock full of lies, mischaracterisations and false analogies is still live on Reddit. It's been up for 7 years and no one had ever closed or locked it. There are comments still live today about Debbie Dyklstra such as:

    Wow, Deborah Dykstra sounds like a massive bitch.

    And Dykstra obviously isn't motivated by money because if she had half a brain she'd realize this BS would have peaked a lot of people's interest and motivated them to get hold of a copy...

    Pardon my French, but this Deborah lady and her minion, come off as complete cunts

    she is coming off as no better than a complete twit

    Spread that PDF far and wide.

    the copyright owner is behaving very much like someone I had known.........ooh I remember ..The WatchTower

    As for Lloyd, here's what he got:

    Thank you for all your hard work. Internet hugs.

    Jesus titty fucking christ. You've bent over all ways to remedy this fairly and keep your dignity

    As far as I'm concerned, anyone who has ever spoken against you at all on this issue is as bad as the bOrg itself, as they've taken a far more direct and personal interest in victimizing the innocent. So quite frankly, fuck them.

    Lloyd's response to all these messages of support and attacks on Dykstra and others? PLAY THE VICTIM:

    Just a quick word of sincere appreciation. I am blown away by the support and solidarity of so many of you. I've been having to deal with this stupidity for weeks, keeping everything under wraps in the hopes it would all blow over. I genuinely thought it had all died of death until I learned of the renewed pressure yesterday, and I was gutted. I was actually in the process of organizing some notes for my forthcoming child abuse video when I started getting messages, and then the Skype chat with Patrick who let me know of the intimidating message he received. I cannot stress how frustrating it is to be engrossed in meaningful activism, and then to have to be distracted by such nonsense - especially having already exerted so much effort in dealing with it. Again, thank you so much for your support and understanding. You don't know how much it means.

    So, here's where we are now. Ray Franz's heir, friend and personal caregiver not only to him but his wife after he passed who happened to be elderly herself, gets called a "bitch", "cunt", "twit", "half a brain", on a reddit thread that Lloyd started and thanked everyone for their supportive remarks. She's the one whose copyright got infringed by Lloyd, yet she is attacked. This thread is still up. Debbie Dykstra is not. She's dead. Yet those abusive words towards her stirred up and initiated by Lloyd remain live on exjw Reddit.

    The Reddit thread started by Kim Silvio last January about Lloyd's activities in Thailand and elsewhere was taken down WITHIN AN HOUR by exjw Reddit mods. The reason given was that "Kim Silvio" may have been a fake one. So, this woman who just placed a huge fucking target on her back for Lloyd's crazed posse to come after has to go up and make a hastily constructed video confirming it was indeed her. The thread was never reinstated, but the Dykstra hate thread started by Lloyd remains.

    This thread stays up because it needs to. There's are no other options. exJW Reddit still won't re-list a confirmed statement by Kim Silvio but will keep abusive threads initiated by Lloyd up that was chock full of demonstrably false claims. People need to be educated about Lloyd Evans, his illegal activities, fraud, abuse and lies.

    This is why this thread is still going and will continue to.

    PS - Dykstra was American and the word “cunt” there is more offensive than it is in the UK, especially for someone of her advanced age. Being called this on a public forum likely greatly upset her.
    Debbie Dykstra is not. She's dead. Yet those abusive words towards her stirred up and initiated by Lloyd remain live on exjw Reddit.

    It makes me extremely sad that Deborah went through this, and then died without vindication. I just hope that she did not know the half of this. I can’t even read the thread, my heart breaks for her.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas


    Not sure if the Reddit user "dontknowwheretogo1" is you, but as you might have seen then, you were attacked for simply saying Lloyd should focus on his own family:

    THIS IS HOW THEY OPERATE! They still do to this day! Your comment was valid and didn't in any way detract from Lloyd's work, but here you are being called a WT apologist. This is also still continuing. Any static towards Lloyd gets labelled as a "JW mindset" as Tibor and that other guest told us the other day.

    They don't quit. Neither will we. He's not getting those fucking Patrons back. It's the only way to make this all stop.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    It makes me extremely sad that Deborah went through this, and then died without vindication.

    Unbearably sad, isn't it? And it was all because Lloyd felt he had a right to violate copyright owned by her, and she made the "mistake" of sending him a letter asking him to stop.

    PS – the above screenshot is unreadable on smart phones. Here’s what it says:

    A quick word on copyright. Copyright laws apply to original work that is sold on for profit. I am not selling this book, I am giving it away. Furthermore, the printing was done based on a PDF in the public domain. If you are against printing out a PDF in the public domain if it is a copyrighted work, then hopefully in the interests of consistency you are also against hosting it on websites, or distributing it via email – which amounts to the same thing. As to the copyright owner of Crisis of Conscience, she has been reached out to prior to this competition but apparently has little-to-no interest in enforcing her rights or profiting from selling new copies. I would love new, authorized copies of Crisis of Conscience to be made available on Amazon just as much as anyone, and if that were to happen I would support and promote the book’s sale at every opportunity. But until the copyright owner enforces her rights, there is no more crime involved in printing a PDF of Crisis than viewing it online or circulating it via email, and I would suggest any individuals who make a huge fuss out of this issue are manufacturing trouble for political reasons rather than airing a genuine grievance. And if their motives are genuine, I would then ask: have you also made complaints to all websites and videos with links to the PDF of Crisis of Conscience? And have you ever emailed a copy of it to anyone?

  • ForeverAlone
    They don't quit. Neither will we. He's not getting those fucking Patrons back. It's the only way to make this all stop.

    Amen LMsA! I could not have said it better myself!

  • WingCommander

    Hemorrhoid Evans is in fact the only CUNT in the ex-JW community!

    In fact, now he's a disgusting BLEACHED CUNT.

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