It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • AudeSapere

    On a separate LE topic, Lloyd continues to minimize his sexcapades by asserting that they are just own personal flaws that should be forgiven (and preferably overlooked). He has multiple 'reasons' why his personal 'sins' and flawed human expressions are not his responsibility to correct.

    It seems he hasn't yet connected the dots between what he knows about CSA within WT and his own personal life.

    Since even prior to the Australian Royal Commission (ARC), a very simple fix to the problem of CSA with the WT has been said to be for the org to change their view of CSA from that of a personal 'sin' to that of a crime. Then to report crimes to the authorities for investigation.

    In fact, the particular 'sins' that Lloyd has told us all about are actually crimes in the countries where he committed them.

    If Lloyd would recognize - as many, MANY of us recognize - that his chosen/preferred sexual outlet is a sex crime, he may finally be able to begin taking legitimate control of his life. If he cannot control himself, perhaps the authorities can.

    Lloyd seemed so quick to let everyone know that he did not have an affair. However, an affair is not a crime. It is not a decent way to treat a spouse and mother of your two young children. It may not be moral, but it is not a crime in most countries. It might have even been more understandable.

    Contributing to the criminal sex work industry is wrong on so many MANY levels.

    Contributing to the criminal sex work industry while declaring yourself a primary advocate for SA victims is indecent and hypocritical to the highest degree.

    It's way past time for Lloyd to stop bullying other activists and spend some time reflecting on and correcting his own unkind and criminal behavior.

    Maybe the authorities can help.


  • Diogenesister
    It says the iPhone messages were sent on the 18th January, so that’s before the Marko leak.

    No because he leaked those original screenshots years ago, didn't he? And his wife is the one she sent these texts to? She must have known he might leak them....

    SBF Are the podcasts' still available?

    Yes they are. They were originally called EXJW podcast and Louise had to change it to EXJW Community podcast. I'll find a link The offending one was called "Speak out". You can find it on other platforms

  • slimboyfat

    So it’s not January this year? I assumed it was this year, because it seemed to fit with this year’s events. Are you sure?

  • NonCoinCollector
    I have been following along on Twitter. This whole thing is a disaster. The concept of mutual assured destruction comes to mind. I ended up commenting on one of Kim and Mikey's Twitter postings and said this:

    "Maybe this is just too "outside the box," but what if Marko is Dijana and she have been playing all of us this whole time? Why else stay with a cheating husband like JLE? Obviously she enjoys it."

    Could both of these people just be pawns playing their part for Watchtower this whole time? Yesterday, I would not have given this any thought, but now I think we must consider the possibility. How long have we suspected Lloyd was controlled opposition? His tell-all biography is full of filth that makes no sense. Hell it is even named "Reluctant..." What does he have to be reluctant about? Then there was the video where he said there is no connection between Watchtower and the Freemasons. I have a Freemason in my family and he said there was connections with all the former Millerite religions. He shouts down Kingdom Hall and cart crashes. He is aggressive toward picketing. He has that Watchtower publication shrine. And there is so much more.

    Now let's consider Dijana. She finds out about the original cheating in England. Moves back to her parent's house and soon after is back together with Lloyd like nothing ever happened. Lloyd gets disfellowshiped with a Watchtower branch overseer present at the Judicial. Nobody gets that kind of treatment! The guy is immediately a pest in our community and pretty soon Dijana leaves Watchtower. Meanwhile her parents are totally okay with them sharing the house! Now all this stuff happens with the infidelity and prostitutes. She doesn't leave even though she is complaining to Kim Silvio that she is in danger. Why? Either she is or she is not in danger! And what about her parents? If Lloyd and Dijana were fighting as suggested, where are her parents? All four of these grown adults are totally fine with all of it! Why?

    How does "Marko" fit in to all of this? Marko seems to have said quite a bit over these years in order for there to be a collection of 78 pages of dialog spanning 7 years. He won't appear on camera. Has he even spoken to anybody by phone? Is there any photographic evidence of anything? What if Marko is Dijana, Lloyd or one of her parents?

    I am just throwing around ideas at this point, but I feel like I am being played for a fool by someone in Croatia. This has the makings of those "Nigerian Prince Scams" without the asking for money.
    Now we have Dijana jumping on Twitter to say the following:
    So Dijana is not afraid of Lloyd and is pissed that people care enough to ask the police for a welfare check. Okay, then nobody should care any more about this. I am done and as far as I am concerned my new opinion of Marko is this:

  • NonCoinCollector

    I don't care how unpopular what I just said above might be. I am only expressing how I feel. Since none of us have all of the puzzle pieces, what kind of picture can I make with the pieces I'm given? I see a person in Lloyd that has used this community for his own benefit. Dijana has also used us (and certainly Kim Silvio) in her own way. First she wanted Kim's sympathy, then she wanted the world to know she disliked Kim, and then today, asked Kim to tell everyone that the new Twitter account was in fact Dijana. Kim said on Twitter that they spoke in person and now feels played for a fool. Watchtower must be jumping for joy over what has happened and I have reached the conclusion that nothing makes sense any other way. It matters not one bit to me if I am the only one that feels like this entire family has played all of us for fools. Until proven otherwise as far as I'm concerned "Marko" is one of the four adults living above Lloyd's "bunker."

  • slimboyfat

    I’ve looked on Twitter and Dijana’s Twitter page is empty. Have those Tweets been delisted?

    Kim Silvio now says she feels she was misled by Dijana too?

    What an almighty mess this whole situation is.

    NoCoinCollector, going down your list, I don’t believe Russell was a Freemason, or particularly influenced by them (they used some imagery in common, but this was widespread in the culture), I have a large Watchtower library too, I don’t like KH “crashes” or aggressive picketing either, and I don’t support the Russia ban. Does that make me a stooge too?

  • MeanMrMustard

    Ohhhh. Somebody called social services? Ok, that makes a lot of sense. Not sure what "social services" looks like in Croatia, but if it's like the US, whoever did that basically put her on the edge of losing the kids.

    That call wasn't going to affect Lloyd only. She might have to change her behavior and do things she normally wouldn't do here just to keep her kids.

  • NonCoinCollector

    SBF, did you make a deal with Watchtower upon exiting the religion? Are you calling my relative a liar when he said all Millerite religions have Freemason roots? Are you profiting off of your "activism" against Watchtower and trying to build a celebrity status? Have you tried to pirate Ray Franz's book? Is your Watchtower library behind glass with dehumidifiers to preserve the books for as long as you can?

    I have a large Watchtower library too, you will find it somewhere in the bottom of my local landfill where it belongs.

    Here is the Dijana Twitter account and you will find the following under Tweets & replies:

  • Simon

    Lots of things about that family don't add up and don't make sense. Her coming to his defence after his repeated cheating and recent revelations? Just very strange, unbelievably so.

    Does he actually criticize the WTS for breaking up families and for shunning all while he's living with his JW in-laws and thus discrediting his own work? Very odd isn't it?

    And yes, I can't think of any exJWs that treat the JW literature with such reverence. Truly bizarre.

    If she wants to leave but doesn't, that's her choice - it's not like she's isolated from family in a foreign country after all. If she's part of some manipulation then why do we care about her at all?

    They may just be a co-dysfunctional couple, addicted to each others drama, but ultimately united to focus on the "gig". If only they'd piss off, they could just be ignored, but instead they will forever be taking money off of exJWs who feel they want to contribute to "a cause", all so they can live a lifestyle that they likely couldn't if they had to really work for it.

    Alternatively, they may not really be her posting with those accounts, and she'd been forced to "verify" them with Kim to make them more credible.

  • cleanideas

    It looks like Kim Silvio is leaving Twitter over all of this and we are never going to hear an actual meaningful statement from Dijana. Seems to me like Dijana and Lloyd will now just be focused on collecting as much money as they can. Who cares about hookers if your husband is bringing in countless thousands per month and you can travel the world taking luxury vacations whenever you want???...

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