It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH

    7. You think being overweight is the only reason girls aren't throwing themselves at your feet.

  • lloydevansparody
    But Lloyd couldn't bear to have them shun him whilst still in association with Dijana and the baby. He gets shunned, everyone gets shunned. Lloyd can do what he wants for himself and if a confrontation with the elders was what he wanted to do then go ahead. But don't drag your pregnant wife along with you who'd much rather fade.

    Also it would be much more easier to control Dijana in a position of power. If Dijana faded he would have been left out although partially he was because the integration with the Croatian congregation was nil given the language barrier. Had he spoken the language probably we were talking about another story here. He would have been the same brother Evans and carried on his translation business profiteering from brothers and sisters alike rather than exjws.

    From his reaction I strongly believe that he was terrified to have Dijana not completely out under his terms.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I really think he would never want anybody in the Ex-JW community to know that he cheated on his wife, who just had a baby ,with a croatian pioneer sister!

    She wasn't a pioneer anymore. Her and Lloyd were both removed as pioneers in the Bramhall congregation as a result of his quarrel with yet another elder he didn't get along with that he called "Geoffrey". Accusations and complaints were flying back and forth and Bethel had to mediate. In The Reluctant Apostate footnote 95, Lloyd explains the fallout:

    I was told I would no longer be the overseer of the weekly Theocratic Ministry School (a program I will mention again in Chapter Eight). Furthermore, Dijana and myself were stripped of our pioneer status. It was felt that neither of us had been sufficiently pulling our weight in terms of preaching hours, so I was asked to break the news to Dijana that her eight years of pioneering in two different countries were unceremoniously at an end.

    Though he explains the reason for being removed as them not meeting pioneer hours, it happened in the Bramhall congregation where all hell broke loose. It seems to me it was related to the conflict with Geoffrey, the discovery of him sexting someone, etc. There was a lot of animosity between Lloyd and Geoffrey, but it seemed like fairly typical elder behaviour in Lloyd's book. He sounded like a complete prick, but then again what KH doesn't have those types of elders? Here are some interesting snippets from his feud with Geoffrey:

    “Be very careful, Lloyd,” he warned, before listing all the reasons why I had disappointed him.
    This incident spilled over into months of bitter wrangling, as Geoffrey insisted I be deleted as an elder for being a disrupting influence to the congregation, and for being deceitful.

    How was Lloyd being deceitful and disruptive? If Geoffrey was as vindictive of an elder as Lloyd described him, there's a good chance he leaked what Lloyd did through back channels that were designed to alert the elders in Croatia. He appealed to Bethel and got Lloyd's and Dijana's privileges removed. What did Bethel find out about Lloyd that necessitated this punishment? A quarrel with Geoffrey doesn't seem a likely reason.

    Why was Dijana removed as a pioneer? These types of things don't occur in a vacuum and though people are sometimes removed for not getting their hours in, there usually is another factor at work.

    What really happened in Bramhall that led to Dijana being removed as a pioneer?

  • lloydevansparody
    Could she be the one that told the elders about L.E. apostate site? Also major red flag for me here...Was there More than just talking about '' JW teaching'' with her? We are talking about Lloyd here! come on! at that time he was way to poor to afford prostitutes, the wife was either pregnant or just had a baby, so I could just imagine how he would have LOVED to have "conversation" with a young girl...I mean women

    Your point is crazy but could also make sense. It's a thought but consider that unless the girl was fluent in English he couldn't communicate. It is not technically easy to convolute that kind of message without good communication. But hey you have a point there.

  • lloydevansparody
    What really happened in Bramhall that led to Dijana being removed as a pioneer?

    I'm sure Tom knew 😉

    And Evans papa also

  • Diogenesister

    There's no way on earth Dijana would go back to being a witness. You treat her like she's daft in the head. I don't know if she's an atheist. I'm pretty sure she's not a believer in the Bible, or rather at any rate she's conversant with the anachronisms because she's mentioned some.

  • slimboyfat

    It sounds like local elders in Croatia had LE pegged as a user, a misogynist, and possibly worse, early on, and tried to protect Dijana from him in their own fumbling way. I wouldn’t blame her if she returned to the KH if she has family and friends there. Many JWs are happy as JWs. Perhaps she would have been happier as a JW who never met LE in the first place.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    It sounds like local elders in Croatia had LE pegged as a user, a misogynist, and possibly worse, early on

    I would never suggest that anyone read his book, and since I seem to be the one who took one for the team, let me say that it is clear that he thought so little of her from the very beginning. I remember the "Introducing Mrs Cedars" thread here where he suggested (warned?) that people don't overload her as he falsely claimed her English wasn't great and that she'd be more comfortable exchanging recipes. What is absolutely crystal clear is that he is not comfortable with anyone else reaching out to her without him present. In his book he absolutely eviscerated the Sisak elder who took her in the back and tried to get info about their personal life, saying "I know Lloyd treats you like a rag for cleaning the floor".

    When the elders were attempting a shepherding call on him, he refused on the condition that the elder who said that apologise to him. He didn't like it because what that elder stated was precisely how he treated his wife and she didn't know any different.

    And what happened when he delegated two of his volunteers to befriend her because he didn't want her bothering him whilst he was in Thailand? Didn't take her long to tell it like it was and that's why he isolated her for so long and didn't allow her to have any friends.

    The book is a real head-fuck to read. Fortunately, I have a handy PDF uhm "digital copy I totally paid for" that I can use Ctl-F on. Every time he fucked up with her, instead of her getting angry with him he described her as actually worried that he'd leave her. That's a tell-tale sign someone is being emotionally manipulated. I have no reason to doubt she expressed those feelings. In the few times she actually stood up to him, he probably threatened to do just that and leave her. That's what Thailand was all about. "You don't want to share me with other women? I'll show you! You made me do this."

    It was all about showing her how easily she could lose him and his money if she didn't toe the line and accept his proposed arrangement. He expected her to fall into line after his two loyal volunteers told her what a great guy he was and exJW activism would be devastated if he left.


  • ForeverAlone
    I wouldn’t blame her if she returned to the KH if she has family and friends there.

    It sounds like she does not have any friends at all. Believe me it is very hard and painful not to have any friends at all that you can confide in and talk to. I know from personal experience! Why do you think my screen name is ForeverAlone? If you do not have a strong will to keep the status quo because of circumstances that you cannot control it would be almost impossible to be content. In this circumstance I would not blame her at all! You do have friends in the KH with conditions attached though but it is better than nothing sometimes. It is very hard to be alone all the time and have noone.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    It wasnt because he wasnt pulling the hours that got him removed from supervising the Theocratic Ministry school in Bramhall but the fact that that "Geoffrey" found out that he was sexting his pioneer teenage daughter. Think about it , what is the best job as an elder that will get you in constant proximity to all these juicy young sister pioneers, being a friendly young pioneer elder always available to take those sisters out in the ministry.

    He himself quoted in his book how he got aroused when going out in the ministry with another young unsupervised sister in Wales, now can you imagine what access his position gave him as pioneer elder in Bramhall?

    That's what got him removed, and in a typical Jaba the Hoot fashion pulled his wife out of pioneering, dont believe his lies. He got removed for crossing the line and sexting an elders daughter. Now that happened when Djiana found his other sexting activities on the internet with this other girl in Wales. When Djiana forced him to go the Bramhall elders that gave them the missing piece of the puzzle. They finally realised that the "sexting with Geoffrey's daughter" wasnt an isolated unfortunate incident but the tip of the iceberg. They were dealing with a sexual predetor.That broke all hell loose.

    Bethel send it's men to quash the scandal, dont forget his best mate and childhood friend was working for the service department in the UK Bethel at the time, and im sure he was instrumental forcing the elders in Bramhall to cooperate and not go to the police.

    On the aftermath 3 Bramhall elders were steped down and Geoffrey took his family and moved to another congregation which is way out of the territory.

    The weassels in Wilmslow who are all his family friends covered his tracks while he quickly escaped to Croatia, there was NO repramanding from the platform in Wilmslow and NO telling off from his father, he literally fled in the middle of the night to escape police investigation and the ongoing investigation in Bramhall that was delayed from Bethel's mendling.Two Wilmslow elders did this, his father and the co, while they kept all other elders in the dark about their advise to him. He had help from all the right people.

    Do not believe his lies. He never wanted to be an apostate, he is a " Relactant Apostate" as the title of his book, this is the unfortunate truth of the poster boy of the Ex Jw community.His book is nothing more than 800 pages of covering his tracks of who he really is and what really happened in the UK.Being an elder is all he ever wanted to be, this part of Manchester never produced any serious apostates, they're all company men who love their position.He couldnt care less about the Truth or exposing the Watchtower , it's all about the money.

    I predict Djiana will return to the KH ,can you blame her? A young divorced woman with two children will need all the emotional support she needs and HE will return to the UK unless he manages to carry on his grift based on how many guilable exjws there are out there.

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