It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    dont believe his lies. He got removed for crossing the line and sexting an elders daughter.

    I don’t believe his version of events. What I do believe is that when he wrote that book, he felt exJWs would consider it as the next Crisis of Conscience and believe every word of it. He knew there would be people in the UK and Croatia who could blow the whistle on him, so if he put out his sanitised story first, he’d gain control of the narrative.

    He went into great detail regarding his feud with Geoffrey. As he described it, it was essentially a clash of personalities. Geoffrey was the senior elder and didn’t appreciate the haughty Evans kid from Wilmslow coming into Bramhall and thinking he was his equal. The argument basically boiled down to Geoffrey policing the romantic lives of the congregation. Geoffrey’s sister tried to date when her divorce wasn’t final, so he marked her and called out people who were seen as too friendly with her, including Lloyd. He also instructed a Bible Study of Lloyd’s to stop dating a woman from another congregation. Typical elder bullshit, nothing out of the ordinary. Lloyd tried to correct him and they clashed even further.

    Here’s where it became obvious he wasn’t telling the whole truth: Bethel got involved when Geoffrey took his dispute with Lloyd to them behind the BOE’s back. If this was just a dispute between two power hungry elders, this is handled by the CO or DO if needed. Geoffrey had to have something serious on Lloyd to get Bethel involved, something like you suggested. Otherwise for legal and practical reasons they delegate to the CO. Only reason Bethel mediates is when this can directly affect them in the form of a potential lawsuit or likewise.

    Lloyd and Geoffrey butting heads over personal issues doesn’t make the cut.

    For something as serious as underage sexting and flirtation, I’d imagine that it’s in Bethel’s interest to calm the situation down so that Geoffrey in a fit of anger doesn’t call the police. They need to placate Geoffrey by dishing out tangible punishment for Lloyd. They also want to neutralise Lloyd but at the same time not trigger him to do something out of spite, so they essentially demote him to being an elder in name only.

    I could be off on some of the details, but this is my attempt to filter out the bullshit from what Lloyd was saying in his book.

  • Vintage

    Dijana has probably truly seen the hypocrisy of Watchtower for herself. I would be glad to meet her as an awakened JW. But I suspect that Lloyd has been telling her what to think.

  • TonusOH
    ForeverAlone: It sounds like she does not have any friends at all.

    This is standard behavior from abusers. They will do all they can to isolate their victims, to keep them from reaching out to others and getting help. If Evans's wife had stayed in the congregation after he disassociated himself, she would have at least a few hours a week where she was not under his thumb. She could converse with others who could undermine his control, and she might just tell them things that he did not want them to know.

    This bodes ill for his current situation, where she does not appear to be under his direct control anymore. So it's a question of whether her situation changes enough that she will be tempted to break away from him. I think that, in time, she will. Either through financial independence or simply having had enough of him, so that she decides she doesn't care about the consequences.

  • Rhiannon

    I don't think she'll go back to the cult, there's no men there. In Jehovah's Witness years she's in old maid territory. And with 2 children her chances are slim to none of finding a single man willing to take that on in the cult. She's going to want to move on eventually and start a new relationship, that's extremely difficult in the cult at her age and in her circumstances.

  • llubrevlis2000

    So where does he live now? Is he staying close to see his daughters occasionally?

    Maybe there will be a legal battle for access?

    if she says he uses sex workers regularly and there is a question about their age then he may not be allowed access to his daughters.

    How long before he moves back to the UK? I mean what are his chances of having a girlfriend who speaks English in Croatia? He is not even making an effort to learn the Language of the country he lives in.

  • pr0ner
    Well, Ali has stepped in it doing her interview with Lloyd. It's also interesting what Lloyd decided to use as his first clip as an intro to her. Her basically saying ex-jw's are too judgemental. Sad to see her used this way and allowing it.
  • Toblerone5
    and HE will return to the UK unless he manages to carry on his grift based on how many...

    I have a feeling that ,maybe when is dad past away , if he inherited the family house, he would move in it ? Time will tell...

  • Toblerone5
    I would never suggest that anyone read his book,

    I found this. on one of is Facebook account...It's from 2021. I didn't know the JW Watch team had a book club ? And of course the first book was , His book...

  • pr0ner

    Well spoke to Ali privately about her interview with Llloyd. Def more there to the story though I promised not say much. So just fair warning we may not want to judge too harshly on it.

  • lloydevansparody
    Well spoke to Ali privately about her interview with Llloyd. Def more there to the story though I promised not say much. So just fair warning we may not want to judge too harshly on it.

    The parody always messes up everything. It will be over soon

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