It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Unless someone here knows personally this youtuber "Proffeesor Martyrdom Truth" I would say that he/she sounds exactly like Lloyd would, there is no comparison between alt@wordly's missteps and Evan's gigantic scandal.All we do is offer the Croatian vermin ammunition.

  • Toblerone5
    Just say who it is.

    from his twitter account, I would say he's an ex-jw from U.S.A. , the post on Donald Trump maybe give us a clue? and he made is twitter account in 2016 .

    what is interesting, well to me, introvert think, he only follow 22 people .Yes L.E., but Kimberly O'Donnell? and not her husband? Kim Silvio? Wally Barnett ? Donald Trump, and the Pope Francis...Now that's funny... So in conclusion Not Lloyd , I Rest my case...I always wanted to say this...Oh and Happy Holidays, merry Christmas,

  • Toblerone5

    La Preuve... I could not go to L.E. original tweet since it was in 2017

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Unless someone here knows personally this youtuber "Proffeesor Martyrdom Truth" I would say that he/she sounds exactly like Lloyd would

    “Professor” is a real person. He appeared on livestreams a few years back and is definitely not Lloyd, nor is he a fan of his. He’s issued challenges and criticisms of Lloyd as well.

    Just say who it is

    I gave you the screenshot. If you don’t believe me, Google his name and find his SM posts.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Now this is about the CLOSEST you will ever get to Lloyd admitting he misplayed this.

    “How would have you approached this differently” would have made for one hell of a follow up question. Still makes no apologies and continues to attack his revenue base by labelling them as judgmental and self-righteous.

    He’s such a moron.


    This screenshot actually makes me cranky - for the first time in a long time - he never expected “such a significant % of ex-JWs to so easily flip to being judgmental & self-righteous.”

    Fuck you Lloyd. Exjw’s didn’t flip, they thought for themselves.

    Stop attempting to garner sympathy from vulnerable people by comparing your bullshit to “the cult”.

    You didn’t think about handling anything differently because you are so used to everyone (including me), buying your brand of bullshit no questions asked. You are so used to bullying those who don’t fall into step and that large % drowning out the ones who didn’t agree with you.

    The only thing you should have “handled very differently” is your responsibility to your wife, children and those you “advocate for”. Your actions and lack of responsibility put you in this position - not the majority of the community.

  • Listener

    Evans admits to making a wrong judgement call only because people didn't behave the way he was expecting.

    He says if he had even an inkling as to how they would behave he would have behaved differently also.

    Therefore, it's other people that makes him behave the way he does and he has no idea as to how they will behave in the first place.

  • slimboyfat

    He is the one who passes judgement on other people all the time, merely for having different political (and other) opinions than him, yet somehow he acts as if nobody has any right to object to his, actually harmful behaviour. Don’t forget that he invited people to judge for themselves, and make up their own mind, during his livestream. I guess he only said that because he was (bizarrely) confident that people would back him up. What he means by wishing he had ‘handled it differently’ is probably that he would have lied even more in order to cover his tracks, if he had realised it would cost him over half his patrons, and lose him virtually all his unpaid workers and co-presenters. His distortions, brazen accusations, and nauseating self-pity are so innovative in their audacity, relentless in their stupidity, and exhaustingly impervious to self-reflection, shame, or contrition, it is genuinely bewildering where he finds the gumption to carry on this charade.


    I suspect his biggest change would be not to tell me.

  • Simon
    he never expected “such a significant % of ex-JWs to so easily flip to being judgmental & self-righteous.”

    This is such a cheap shot. The notion that anyone who happens to have morals and behave like a respectable person is somehow "judgemental and self-righteous" is right up there with comparing someone to having an elder mindset. Usually a sure sign that someone has no real argument worth making.

    He still can't grasp that the overwhelming majority of regular people would condemn what he did: you don't need to have been brought up in a strict conservative religion to believe that cheating on your wife and leaving your family over Christmas to go to certain countries to use prostitutes is immoral and low.

    It doesn't make people self-righteous, it just makes them normal and not degenerative perverts.

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