It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Thisismein1972

    Retweeting James Oh Brien stuff will be right up his street as they both seem to have the same personality. And just as woke as each other.

  • TonusOH

    To clarify my earlier post on whether Evans can change: I believe anyone can change. In most scenarios, it is very difficult because so much of who we are is locked within our subconscious mind. We make excuses for that part of ourselves, and we rationalize that part of ourselves, and we cover for it as much as we can, because we are convinced that we are in full control of who we are. Our brains are quite messy things, sadly.

    For most people, change on this level requires an epiphany, an event/realization that is so jarring that it forces changes on those parts of the mind that we normally can't reach. I've made reference to his need to 'hit rock bottom.' Most people who effect drastic changes do so only when they've fallen as far as they can, and the only way out is by taking an honest stock of themselves. That can be almost impossible, unless everything else has been stripped away and the only thing left is the self. No one else to blame.

    Evans is, IMO, very far from rock bottom. As long as he can stay afloat on the financial and emotional support of a handful of loyal people, he needn't take a deep look at himself. That support may run out in time (and it seems inevitable that it will), but the longer it takes, the tougher it becomes to make an honest self-appraisal. Sometimes, instead of self-realization, bitterness takes over. If his reaction to losing it all is to keep blaming everyone else, then there is no hope for him.

    Hence, he is his own biggest obstacle.

  • lloydevansparody
    And just as woke as each other.

    We should be careful not to fall in the trap of discrimination by ideology. Everyone has the right to believe what they want. There is not any issue to be woke as there is not any issue to be the opposite. I believe we should not offend people regardless of our own ideology.

  • Toblerone5

    As I was reading all your comments, I just thought, could you imagine if he was able to respond to it ? There would be a lot of word that start with the letter F , follow by how your comment was even triggering for my wife...wonder if he calls her his EX yet... And while I fully agree with everybody with the he should GET A JOB , I have a feeling he would say that he has one , he's a ''writer'' and a ''filmmaker''. Cause that's how Delusional he is. His not able to do ''little homemade movies'' for Youtube , well that's because of the 7 peoples he is suing right now, but he is in the ''process'' of writing not one but 2 books...sure...and get the JWwatchorg .back running again, and do some major surgery , on his Patreon, site and all that he will done ,and i will quote him for this:

    Once I've figured everything out I'll let you all know the deet

  • Toblerone5

    I'm doing some major surgery to my patreon...

    I hate to break this to him , but he's been Bleeding patrons for almost a year now, the rest of his patrons are on life support now, and by "renaming" his membership level ,is like just putting a band-aid on the situation. At this point no "surgery" will help, he should really face the fact , that soon he will have to Pull The Plug on that account...He just need to fill this form and be done with it...

    (That's what happened when you watch to many Grey's Anatomy tv shows...)

  • TheWallyB

    Is it possible to remove a post? I don't like the idea of me posting something on here and someone sharing it on twitter.

  • ForeverAlone
    Is it possible to remove a post? I don't like the idea of me posting something on here and someone sharing it on twitter.

    I agree with you somewhat Wally. It may be a bit awkward for the original author if the posts are retransmitted to another site on the internet without their permission. However, the internet is public, and I have always gone by the adage of "if you do not want your words to spread at the speed of light do not post anything on the internet at all". I hope this is not to crude to put it. Once anything goes on the internet anywhere it is no longer in your control unless you have a copywrite or the posting site has an exclusive rule about not retransmitting to another site.

    I feel for you Wally I really do but the internet is a big scary place indeed sometimes.

    That being said, you could get in touch with Simon and see if he will delete the post.

  • TheWallyB

    Thanks ForeverAlone. It was just not something I really gave to much thought to. But yeah, I will not be posting anything on here in the future. It's been fun and everyone here has been very sweet and helpful.

    Wally B. signing off.

  • vienne

    Lloyd Boy takes a number:

  • Vintage

    I think if you send a private message to Simon he might do that for you. I've never asked him to remove anything for me, but I believe he has that power.

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