It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    I’m trying to follow the logic, if there is any. Lloyd hired the Croatian lawyer who filed Lloyd’s case. Lloyd said “whew. I’m glad that’s done. Now I can get on with my important work”. Then Lloyd goes to UK for a month to get yet another lawyer (solicitor? pardon) to file a suit in the UK, too? Is filing suits Lloyd’s new important work?

    Okay, we don’t know yet what he’s doing or not doing in the UK, right?

  • lloydevansparody
    That would leave Marc and Cora Latham as the easiest target since they live in England.

    Really we talk something around 5 digit fees if you are lucky. It is also really easy to lose libel lawsuits. Many had to sell their houses and it is not a joke.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Then it really was a stupid move to make all these threats that were so specific. He said that regardless of the criminal case result he was filing civil suits.

    I think he is high on the spectrum. We’re in virgin territory here and he’s never been challenged and humiliated in this manner. If Kim’s estimate of him making $130,000 per year is accurate, then he conceivably has the funds to try.

    I think he might be foolish enough to do this.

  • Simon

    He doesn't have money for lawyers and hookers, unless they are both extremely cheap ones ... or maybe he's looking for hookers that also provides legal services?

    Maybe, that will be his latest explanation ... "I was visiting her apartment at 3:00am in the morning to get opinions on a legal matter, and so any payment I made was for that, not for the sex, which was because we started dating that night".

  • NonCoinCollector

    (Yes he posted this May 28, 2022) For those who argue "What's the big deal, as long as Lloyd Evans never brings up CSA..."

  • lloydevansparody
    If Kim’s estimate of him making $130,000 per year is accurate, then he conceivably has the funds to try.

    Not sure where Kim got these figures. Last submitted accounts showed a profit of $50000. Still lots of money however, Ipsilon Media has been shut down recently. In any case average fees in England for libel is £36k ($45k). There is also the risk that the lawsuit may open a pandora's box. Uhmmm I can't see how this could help him. Lloyd (hi Lloyd I know you lurk here) is actually scared about this. And I don't really believe the lawsuits are 'real". He plays fox but in reality he's stupid like a monkey.

    PS... divorces also are expensive. I say no more 😉

  • Simon

    I think Lloyds income is irrelevant. He doesn't seem like the type of person who denies himself anything and saves prudently. He seems more like the type who lives for the here and now and spends what comes in. As you often see with lottery winners, getting more money doesn't improve people, it just exposes who they are and allows them to live the life they want - typically they buy more of what they did already, and spend more on doing what they did before.

    Holidays, lego-toys, framed photos of the Governing Bod, organization logos ...

    People's who's spending expands as their income rises often then struggle to cut-back and live frugally if it subsequently disappears (the trick is to save all the extra money, not fritter it away).

  • TonusOH
    or maybe he's looking for hookers that also provides legal services?

    She wouldn't be the first lawyer accused of being a greedy whore.

    But yeah, he overplayed his hand because his response to criticism is to go on the attack and be aggressive. Now, he can either drop the legal action and face humiliation, or go through with it and face humiliation. I still think the former action would be the less painful of the two options, but I also think it's the one he cannot fathom doing. So... grab your popcorn.

  • Vintage

    TonusOH... in other words, he can face humiliation and loose a lot of money, or just face the humiliation alone and keep his money.

  • Yooters

    @ Vintage- Maybe his trip to the UK is to tidy up all his business stuff with his daddy-o?

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