It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Lloyd really is, it's frightening really knowing he's walking about out there I'm glad he is in Croatia and not the UK or Australia he is a very dangerous individual indeed

    I think about this often 😞

  • Simon
    Yeah posting photos doesn't really work because you can't read text. Simon said we've got to post links, unfortunately, to a third party, like Flickr. That way someone can read the rant properly. I don't have a copy of it so can anyone else do it?
    You have to create an account on an image hosting site and then link to it, perhaps under the photo you post on here for reference.

    No, that isn't quite it. The only issue is with how the images are displayed, but they are stored correctly and if you use the image src link to view them they will look OK. When I fix it, they will all suddenly be super sharp.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    he is a very dangerous individual indeed

    That's why his manifesto was so nuts. That's one of the first things I'd submit to the court in a countersuit against him. He pretty much spells it out that he's a litigious man on a vendetta who will keep suing despite what the courts may otherwise rule and will do so for the next 40 years of his life if need be. Never tell the world what you are thinking.

    Most lawyers with a degree of dignity and professionalism would withdraw as counsel immediately after reading that. There are many clauses in the retainer agreement, and most that I've ever read have one that states that counsel has the right to withdraw without penalty when a client pursues a course that is detrimental to the case.

    His statement that he will replace the current legal team if they tire of the case was his giveaway. He's probably pushing them to do things they can't do like extradite people and put a rush on the case. I'm fairly certain that if Novosel read the rant he posted he'd threaten to withdraw. Might be why he removed the content but kept up the tweet.

  • Dagney

    OMG I just read LE's diatribe.

    Can't help but think of Scarlet O'Hara at the end of the first act of GWTW...

    "as god as my witness I shall never go hungry again" ish

    Again, no responsibility taken on his behalf of his choices. What a mess he is.

  • Thisismein1972

    "put it in writing to my lawyers if you want it to receive the slightest attention."

    Are these the same lawyers who never get back to people when they are contacted, the same lawyers who are "inviting" (extorting) people to pay money, the same lawyers who cannot be bothered to issue the charges that Lloyd has still not released? These lawyers?

    I really do hope you look at these comments Lloyd, which I suspect you do every hour of every day. You are truly a laughing stock, and you are the gift that keeps on giving. You might think your actions are the actions of a tough man, but they are not, they are the actions of a cowardly bully who punches down because he is too simped to punch up.

  • LouGoode

    So let me get this straight, he can’t afford a haircut for his kid but he can afford to hire a whole new set of lawyers and fly to Australia?

    how the hell much do haircuts cost in Croatia these days?? 😳

  • LouGoode

    Fair play that whiney baby pity me, ‘but her emails’ diatribe was BRILLIANT! I loved every comedy victim line of it.

    Please tell us some more Lloyd about why your entire life has been ruined by the messenger telling people you banged paid vaginas.

    I don’t think there is enough popcorn In Gloucestershire for this 🤣.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    So let me get this straight, he can’t afford a haircut for his kid but he can afford to hire a whole new set of lawyers and fly to Australia?

    This is how fucked in the head JLE is because he's now calling people liars on social media for saying he can't afford a haircut. Here's the copy and paste from a 6 Sept. Lloyd tweet in response to someone tweeting that it was odd that he had enough money to burn on hookers and holidays but not a haircut:

    Putting words in someone's mouth to bolster your argument is "the lowest of the low." I never said I can't afford a haircut, only that I'm now in debt due to Kim's lies including her lie that I earn a "six figure" sum. Sadly this guy seems unconcerned with truth or evidence.

    Evidently in Jabba's Palace, you have to quote the big guy verbatim to implicate him in anything, which is how crime bosses work. You never saw Michael Corleone take Tom Hagen aside and say "Tom, you need to have Fredo killed. That's an order". Lloyd didn't directly say "I went to Thailand and paid women for sex". In the livestream he didn't directly address it either and admitted in various ways that he was unfaithful to his wife and that he has been seeing sex workers every 2-3 months for 3-4 years. This is where the "Kim's lies" accusation factors into his twisted reasoning.

    Unfortunately for him, he won't stop talking about it and in the 3 February FB statement for the first time he connects the admission of seeing sex workers for the past 3-4 years to seeing (meeting) them specifically in Thailand:

    Suffice to say, not that its anyone's business but of those I met in Thailand, sex workers or otherwise, nobody was a minor by either Thai or US law and all were in their 20s or older.

    Again, he doesn't say "I paid women for sex in Thailand". This time he admits to "meeting" sex workers and others. The latter half of that sentence is problematic for him because if he only just "met" sex workers as in passing them on the street and saying hello or getting them a drink, why would he have to clarify that they were in their 20s and older? Also he uses jumps all over people for using synonyms for his words (meeting-seeing) and uses that as a basis for calling them liars.

    However, Lloyd couldn't quit talking about it and in the Andrew Gold interview, in establishing that Kim's accusation of seeing sex workers in Thailand were in fact lies, he called it something entirely different: "dating a sex worker".

    Thai Pleasures called him a liar for saying he didn't "see" or "engage" with sex workers. Keep in mind he had earlier admitted to "meeting" and "dating" sex workers. This was his response:

    Seeing a sex worker meant dating one.

    So little by little, "meeting" becomes "dating", which is also synonymous with "seeing". All directly from his lips. The viewer needs to be there for all of his rants and piece them together and sort out his constant deflections and changing of the story.

    Getting back to the haircut issue, Lloyd never said "I cannot afford a haircut for my daughter". What he did admit to was he was in debt and had to charge the haircut. But he didn't say "I can't afford it" if you are following. He also claimed his business was very nearly driven to bankruptcy, Tibor and Dijana were close to being unemployed, and that his daughters would have no food or toys.

    Everything else in that paragraph implied he couldn't afford the haircut, otherwise why reference it and the fact it needed to go on the credit card? Oh wait, he never said "credit card", he said it was the "bank's money". I might have just defamed him.

    Was it a line of credit? A 20 Euro loan?

    See how this guy operates?

  • Biahi

    KIMSILVIO, hugs to you from the USA. 🥰

  • TonusOH
    "put it in writing to my lawyers if you want it to receive the slightest attention."

    Yeah, that line made me laugh. He uses that line at the end of a massive rant that was in response to a post Kim made. Does anyone believe that he will ignore any future messages from Kim? He put up a 97-minute video when she made the original reddit post. He posted a long diatribe on Facebook. He made a bunch of comments on one of her videos. If Kim sneezes, he's ready with a 3,000-word rant.

    But hey, let's take him at his word that he's done giving Kim "the slightest attention." Now Kim can discuss Evans as much as she wants, and he won't respond... right?

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