It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Diogenesister
    Whether the illustrious historical figure or a lesser-known human, it’s always the same evil spirit creature behind lies and debaucheries; hence, Godwin’s law regularly links the two.
    “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires...” John 8:44.

    Er....Godwin's law has nothing to do with Satan and neither are they "regularly linked".

    Not sure if refer to Hitler as illustrious, either🤔😬

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    At this point I think it would be kinda fun to be added to his suit.

    Oh he wants to add users on this site to the lawsuit and badly. He made mention of “anonymous social media accounts and accounts” in his last rant.

    As for me, that fat, bloated, worthless, broke ass piece of lowlife shit motherfucker and pitiful father can try. And he will bankrupt himself in the process hiring a Canadian lawyer to compel the site owner to give up IPs due to “illegal activities”. Then he can hire another lawyer in another jurisdiction (I don’t live in Canada) the compel the ISP(s) I am using that are directly tied to specific examples of illegal posts to give up the name of the person on the invoice. Then he can hire another lawyer to sue said person and convince a jury that the same person was/is behind the Las Malvinas posts.

    So sue me, bitch tits. That is a challenge, Jabba. Prepare to max out whatever credit cards you have and tell Tibor he’s doing this for free from now on. And he’ll have to ask for a few kuna notes from his estranged wife in order to get his girls haircuts.

    I’ll cash out a couple of my Krugerrands and will meet this chump in court any day.

  • Vintage

    From the book Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius IIX, page 209:

    “The cardinals received this unusual version of their own history without comment, and the rest of the discussion was confined to minutiae, such as whether Hitler should be addressed as “Illustrious” or “Most Illustrious.”

    The (1.) illustrious figure and (2.) a lesser-known human are regularly linked. Godwin wasn’t necessarily aware of Satan’s involvement.

  • NonCoinCollector
    Oh he wants to add users on this site to the lawsuit and badly.

    If Lloyd Evans really wanted to find me or learn my name it wouldn't be that hard. All he would have to do is talk to JW Fairy Tales. Maybe Lloyd can apologize for threatening that man's mother. It is interesting that Lloyd didn't include him in the lawsuit. I might know why.

    Tell me Lloyd, do you feel the walls closing in?

  • Thisismein1972

    After his "stalking" (from 1,174 Mike's away, notice what I did there) claims I do believe he's definitely feeling the heat a little. I mean, why would someone be so bothered about a photo of a Kingdom Hall that one once attended if there was absolutely nothing to hide.

  •  Debra

    The same reason he didn't record his disfellowshipping meeting. There's a lot to hide isn't there Lloyd.

    yeah when I was still a brainwashed puppet and went anywhere on a day out I would always want to have a photo of the local kingdom hall I've got lots of old photos like that, but no one I ever showed them to went ballistic upon seeing them

  • ForeverAlone
    The same reason he didn't record his disfellowshipping meeting.

    I myself personally believe that he did record his JC meeting. I think he is just hiding the fact that he did. Just think, if you had some damming evidence against watchtower you would want to have all the physical evidence you could get. He just does not want to tell people he has it, so they do not bug him to release the recording because there is very damming information (talk of pedophilia or suspected pedophilia...etc.) and some kind of "blackmail" going on in that recording. From WT or Lloyd or both. This would make the statement of "I'm not going to record it. I'm not going to make any efforts to record it and the reason why I'm not going to be recording it is because I don't want anything to hide" make sense. He wanted to be able to talk freely (bully, harass, blackmail...etc.) and not have to hide what he says and how it was going to look or be talked about in the exjw community. If he was going to record it to be released, he would not want to go into detail and the JC was the only chance to confront WT.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Las Malvinas - I see Lloyd couldn't resist flaunting his anti-monarchist virtue for all of the twittersphere to see.

    He may feel that way, but, in England at least, monarchists outnumber anti-monarchists.

    *sigh* Lloyd's such a dick ...

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Forever Alone, you're on the money...

  • Simon
    bitch tits


    And he will bankrupt himself in the process hiring a Canadian lawyer to compel the site owner to give up IPs due to “illegal activities”.

    Aw, shucks, I accidentally lost all that information when the thumb-drive it was stored on was destroyed in a tragic boating accident.

    Too bad, so sad.

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