It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    If he has so much stress and anxiety from all this he should surely quit and get a job.

    For his own sake everyone should cancel their subscription and help him to stop all this and go get a job even if it’s mopping floors or something as he can’t speak the local language

    For his own sake everyone should cancel their subscription and help him to stop all this and go get a job even if it’s mopping floors or something as he can’t speak the local language

    100% agree.

    Lloyd thought Conti would literally walk into Patterson and take up ownership because WT couldn’t afford $17.3 million

    I haven’t felt second hand embarrassment on behalf of lloyd for a while, but today I did. What I don’t understand is why people continue to believe/listen to his “facts”….. how did he get to the heights that he got to?

    AND why did/does the exjw community make the claim “he brings excellent information”….. how do they know it’s excellent….did they read his information, do their own research and come to their own opinion or just take every word as fact…..?

    if so, I have some certified unicorn poop for sale…free postage included 🤦‍♀️

    That has absolutely nothing to do with mental illness and it infuriates me when people confuse emotional discomfort with actualmental illness. Narcissism isn't a mental illness, Lloyd's a personality disorder.

    I couldn’t agree more 👍

  • slimboyfat

    I had a look at the old thread. At that point I still viewed him as open to reasonable criticism. I was wrong about that, it was a complete waste of time. Never in any conversation does he ask if the person has a reasonable point. He only asks: how can I make the other person look bad, back down, and get my own way? He’ll say anything to achieve that regardless of the facts of the situation. He tried every trick imaginable from name calling (while claiming it was the other way round) veiled threats (while claiming he was being threatened) and hiding behind his wife’s feelings. For one, his wife had nothing to do with the discussion, it was a weird play for sympathy. Secondly, he clearly doesn’t care about his wife’s feelings, or anybody else’s, it is all just rhetoric to steam roller others and get his own way.

  • Vintage

    Maybe I've missed something, but I've never heard of Dijana saying that Lloyd has mental problems.

  • KatKat

    It is so hilarious that Lloyd signs every post :D I agree, Kim.


    hiding behind his wife’s feelings

    It’s quite strange…..he is causing chaos in the house and that’s all of your fault…..ok…..I’ve definitely seen that behavior before.

    The hot question slimboyfat - have you apologised yet? It clearly was very important to lloyd

    :grinning: I agree, Kim.


    Kim silvio

  • JeffT

    I can't remember if I posted anything on that thread, and I'm too tired at the moment to read through the whole thing. However, in general, I've been trying to offer up some clarity on the meaning of all these big awards against the watchtower.

    I'm an accountant, not a lawyer, but I've dealt with plenty of lawsuits and payouts over the years. Two things to keep in mind:

    1) Large awards are almost always reduced on appeal. If somebody is awarded $20,000,000 the chances are slim to none that they will have to pay out the full amount

    2) In almost all cases no one writes a check for whatever the final settlement was. The lawyers will work out some sort of payment plan.

    So in this hypothetical example, you read in the papers that JeffT was awarded $20,000,000 in damages because the ACME demolition company demolished the wrong house. (Believe it or not this happens. Google "wrong house demolished by mistake.) What you won't read is that, on appeal, my award was reduced to two million, half of which will be paid over ten years. If I want my cash now I can always call J G Wentworth.

    I find myself trying to explain this frequently when the large initial awards are discussed here. I am sure that some of the plaintiff's lawyers in these cases are great people, and want to see justice done. But I don't see them "bringing down the Watchtower" for a simple reason: they want to get paid.

    Back to the case in hand. Lloyd could have taught himself all this in about half an hour on his computer. In looking back through so many of his posts I see an unwillingness to do the hard work (which is being done by a lot of people in the XJW community). Instead of doing what could be some valuable research, Evans appears to want to pontificate.

    I think by tonight I will have this on my blog so I won't have to write it all again.

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