It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    First Applicant for Lloyds Apartment Cleaning job arrives for her you long time Lloyd

  • slimboyfat

    The long term graph good too

  • Vintage

    Please explain the graph to me.

  • GabeAthouse

    The cost of living must be really cheap in Croatia. If i'm reading the graph correctly, it looks like he peaked at around $1600 per month. Don't see how that would support a jet set lifestyle.

  • vienne

    I still thing that's a Thai "lady boy."

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Sometime in 2018 and onward, Lloyd hid the actual money he was pulling in and revealed only the amount of patrons. My guess is he didn’t want people to know the actual amount he was pulling in as it neared $2000 so he could keep up the narrative that donations were needed to keep the videos coming and the holidays paid for by local JWs. He was always whining on Twitter about YT demonetising a video before giving a Patreon link. The tweets are all there. He excelled at guilting people to join as Patrons to cover his claimed “losses” from YT.
    Just by eyeballing this, he was earning $1721 per month with roughly 200 patrons circa 2018. If you extrapolate that data by rounding up and doubling it, he’s earning roughly $4000-$4500 a month with his Patrons as they sit today. Add another $4000 a month to that to give you a picture of what he was pulling in when he got on the flight to Thailand. That’s assuming all the tiers and ratios stayed the same from 2018 onward. Could be more and could be less but I think it’s a safe bet he’s currently taking home $4000 to $5000 net monthly after Patreon gets their cut and you factor in YT, Google, book revenue and what remains of his “green handshakes”.
    The steep increase of Patrons from 2020 onward was probably due to him becoming more and more visible on the Remini show, TTATT documentary, IICSA, various media outlets using him as a source, etc. He regularly gave updates about TTATT project so much so that people were donating to him thinking it was to TTATT. TTATT actually had their own crowdfund on top of it, which Evans benefitted from by means of hotel rooms, flights, dinners and other filming related events.
    What else can I tell you? He’s been playing all of you for years and still is to an extent. If Kim didn’t step toward he’d be earning well into six figures right now and it explains why he’s so determined to get it all back. That’s why he wants to hire a housekeeper. He can afford it and wants to continue living his lifestyle.
  • slimboyfat

    The graph shows he has lost nearly half his patrons already and it’s a steep downward curve.

    The patrons are real numbers whereas the total income is an estimate. It’s worth bearing in mind that just a few large donors probably supply as much as most of the rest. One of those donors made a video where he said he formerly sent LE even more than the highest tier on his patron levels.

    He gets money from patrons, ad revenue, and book sales - so a significant amount. But in somewhat decline. This doesn’t include money, gifts, travel paid for, books sent to him for free by supporters, which by the sounds of it was substantial.

  • Vintage

    Thanks for the explanations. What does Per patron, $3.73, (down) 43.% mean?

  • Vintage

    If the bunker gets replaced with an attic apartment, will he call it the Crow’s Nest?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Let me see if I've got this straight ...

    Lloyd doesn't have a proper job like normal people - he spends his time making money criticising the Watchtower.

    And he's asking for a cleaner to clean his apartment on the cheap.

    (So he doesn't clean or want to clean his own house.)

    What a lazy, entitled f**ker!

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