It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    interesting. He just posted a new video about 100k plaque unboxing. Guess who's filming that .Tibor? that was my guess, but look closely at this photo...10 points if you see it...

  • TonusOH

    I wonder if he figured that he could talk about his depraved sexual hang-ups openly because he was blaming the WTS for it. Between his book and his confessional video, he gives the impression that he's been an unrepentant philanderer during their entire marriage (and a raging horndog long before). Did he really think that everyone who learned about this would just give him a pass?

    It's just wild-- he seems so unperturbed by his own behavior that he openly admits to being an embarrassing example of a man, husband, and father. When wanking in the shower for stress relief and humping xmas trees are the examples of your normal behavior, maybe "professional YouTube activist" isn't the best career choice.

  • DesirousOfChange

    At least he got a JW haircut. Guess he figures he needs that clean-cut appearance again.

  • Toblerone5
  • Simon
    She has a tonne of financial reasons to stay in that marriage

    I agree, I'm sure she helped spend the money and go on vacations. She's spending the fruits of the "grift" so she's part of it.

    I have zero sympathy for people who go back for more abuse, especially when they should be thinking about their kids.

  • MeanMrMustard

    It's been a while since I've been to this thread. But, I thought they were divorcing. This was confirmed by Lloyd, and others, I thought.

    And I thought, being free of any marriage pretense, Lloydster was out-of-the-closet and back to sex workers.


  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    It's been a while since I've been to this thread. But, I thought they were divorcing. This was confirmed by Lloyd, and others, I thought.

    This is why Evans is known to be crafty with his words. For someone with a decent command of the English language, he intentionally left things vague. For example, after being caught trying to enter a London dating event, Evans countered that they were “separated, not yet divorced”. The way this was worded was meant to convey the appearance that they were getting divorced but this is not actually what he said. “Not yet divorced” could mean that a divorce is planned. It can also mean that the ultimate decision to take the step of divorce has not been made yet.

    Now look back to the context of his announcement. He was caught on a dating site when his last communication on the matter was that he was trying to save his marriage. This is how he operates. He said what he felt he needed to say to fight the accusation he was cheating on his wife again. He effectively took his wedding ring off to provide an excuse for his behaviour.

    Now look to his 2-3 week holiday on the coast in late June early July. He only made mention of spending it with his girls, but Dijana was there. I’d be betraying a few confidences by telling you how I know. I also seriously doubt she’s leaving those girls with him for that long of a period. One of the final pics he posted of that trip was of him and the girls with his wedding ring clearly visible. Only reason he puts it back on is to send her a message it wasn’t over for him or perhaps it’s not over and he finally got his wish of being allowed in an open marriage where he decided when he’s with her or not.

    He’s not letting her go and is pulling out all the tricks that manipulative people do when they wish to coerce others to bend to their will. She has fallen for it for years and evidently is still falling for it. As much as it’s been said that Lloyd never changed his JW mindset, it’s abundantly clear that in many ways Dijana still has the mentality of a pioneer sister who wanted a husband and family.

  • slimboyfat

    Yes, all that rings true, that’s exactly what he’s been up to. I think some of us have been reluctant to believe the worst because it’s difficult to imagine somebody can be so callous and manipulative, and yet vociferously self righteous at the same time. What a truly horrendous person. It must be a living hell to be anyway involved with him.

  • Thisismein1972

    My goodness me, does he actually strive to look creepy! This was what actually put me off him when I escaped the watchtower and started looking at exJW videos. Just looking at his thumbnail gave me the creeps way back in 2014. Back then, he was talking about his father "shunning" him and obviously coming across as being a victim. The guy is bloody creepy!

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I agree, I'm sure she helped spend the money and go on vacations. She's spending the fruits of the "grift" so she's part of it.

    She’s also stayed by his side during all the controversies including COC copyright, constant examples of him bullying other people and actively sabotaging other activists. She was there when Lloyd left her in the lobby with a newborn so he could grab a podium at Hassan’s event. She knew that if it weren’t for Marc Latham helping her up the stairs, she would have been forced to wait in the lobby with the infant in the pram.

    But when her husband starts hurling abuse and threats at Marc, she does nothing. She even had the nerve to speak on camera about the “haters” and how stressful it was for her family to endure that. All the while knowing her husband had in most cases instigated the cases of “haters” making videos and/or comments about him.

    Now that she’s on the ass end of her husband’s abusive bullshit she decides it’s time to be silent? COUNTLESS attempts to contact her by ex JWs who were acquainted with her have been made since he left for Thailand. She’s refused almost every attempt at counsel and has insinuated that things are fine and even hinted that things might work out between them.

    Some have raised the possibility of taking up a collection for her and the girls. Now this is pure folly, especially when she’s keeping it close to the vest as to what her plans are with Evans. The only support that should be offered is counsel. If anyone purchases her and the girls plane tickets to see you, you should know that Evans is following and will hijack the entire fucking thing and make it into yet another family holiday.

    This is frankly quite sickening when you stop to think that the exJW community has pumped so much money into the Evans family that it easily overtakes all financial support offered and accepted by the likes of Ray and Cynthia Franz, Barbara Anderson, Randy Watters and other Bethel whistleblowers COMBINED. Ray personally wrote back every person who wrote to him. He was known to invite complete strangers into his home for hospitality and lodging and refused all attempts to reimburse him. Lloyd can’t even restrain himself from insulting people who ask him for a link on one of his own videos. Lloyd not only accepts “green handshakes” but encourages them and eagerly let’s the community fund his trips.

    Dijana knows all this better than any of us could. I think she’s a collaborator more so than a victim. She can put an end to this right here and right now but she won’t. And you all know the reason why.

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