It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • nicolaou
    Vintage; You are funny, Nicolau.

    You could spell my name correctly even if you can't bring a reasoned response.

    So anyway, is there any movement on the legal front?

  • TonusOH

    I'm wondering the same. I assume that, since it is a criminal case, it is handled by a prosecutor who would schedule hearings and court dates. Even if they are not contacting the accused, I expect Evans will keep his followers appraised of anything that happens so that he can keep pushing the narrative that he's taking action against his defamers. How many weeks has it been? The wheels of justice turn quite slowly, indeed...

  • Vintage

    Nicolaou, I’m sorry I left out the “o” in your name. I thought I had the spelling right, but I see now that I didn’t. Your previous post had been funny. Saying, “You are funny, Nicolaou”, was my compliment to you.

  • Diogenesister

    I notice when he posts photo's of his family, Dijana is missing.

    Nicolaou So anyway, is there any movement on the legal front?

    Kim S said she'd heard nothing. She's off on her hols in another 20+ days or so. She tweeted if she hasn't heard anything by then, she's never going to give the case, or Floyd Devon's, another thought again!

    Quite right too!!!

  • Simon
    How many weeks has it been? The wheels of justice turn quite slowly, indeed...

    Hasn't it been way more than 3 months since he told us the statute of limitations was 3 months?

    It's obviously urgent, as he ... oh, went on 3 different vacations?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Let's quit pretending this is a real case because it's not. The fact he retained counsel is what confuses the issue because it seems to give it validity when it has none. If he really wanted to, he could retain a lawyer to sue Queen because he was under the impression that Freddie Mercury was on lead vocals. Retaining counsel doesn't prove anything but the fact Lloyd has/had a decent sized savings account accrued from donations.

    The fact that he admitted all the basic points people keep bringing up is what kills this litigation at the root.

    If this were a real case where there are criminal penalties, jail time, fines and restitution at stake, the defense would call Dijana to the stand and serve them discovery requests that Lloyd has no intention of ever complying with.

    The success of this case relies (in part) on some half-baked legal theory which Lloyd publicly espouses about criminal convictions in absentia. All over people talking shit over the internet about him and his admissions on his livestream. If it were that easy, celebrities, athletes and politicians could have a side career suing people making negative comments about them on social media.

  • TonusOH

    The problem for him is that he will be crowing about his "legal victories" while his detractors pay no penalty, instead continuing to make fun of him and talking about his embarrassing past (and his embarrassing present, since he is so lacking in self-awareness). Does he think that anyone will be content with his 'vindication' under those circumstances?

  • Athanasius

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but in Lloyd Evans' live-stream he claimed that the Watchtower had tampered with his sexuality, or words to that effect.

    Some have commented that LE said this to excuse his reprehensible behavior. But could his statement have a different meaning. Did LE mean that he was also a victim of CSA? And could this have been what he meant when before his Committee meeting he claimed to have something on the Watchtower?

  • Vintage

    What year was Evan’s Committee meeting? Whatever the year, he was a married man at that time. And (if my memory serves me), he had been an elder for one year at that time. That Evans had been a victim of CSA is one possibility. But here my memory fails me. Was he disfellowshipped as a result of that Committee meeting? And, did he move to Croatia with his wife after being disfellowshipped? He IS disfellowshipped from Watchtower, right? So,... whatever he “had on Watchtower”, Watchtower must not have been very worried.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    What year was Evan’s Committee meeting?

    I assume you mean the first one we know of - the one in the UK? There was a second one in Croatia. FYI - Evans is not disfellowshipped - he is disassociated.

    The year was 2008. All of this is from Evans's own account, so you can probably count on many omissions, half-truths and blatant lies.

    1. 2007 - Evans is appointed an elder. They move to Bramhall congregation and out of the Wilmslow one where his dad was/is an elder.
    2. As an elder in Bramhall congregation, Evans comes into conflict with a man he calls "Geoffrey". True to form, Evans believes Geoffrey has a grudge against him and is constantly seeking to undermine him.
    3. 2008 - Dijana catches him sexting someone he met in an online chat forum "not for the first time".
    4. Evidently she felt this was an ongoing problem and wanted him to come clean to the elders. Evans wanted to keep it private and handle it within the marriage.
    5. Her viewpoint prevailed, probably at the threat of her leaving because as we know Evans is not keen to follow other people's advice.
    6. Evans insisted on first switching halls back to Wilmslow in order to avoid Geoffrey. (I think this detail is rather important, especially if Geoffrey had knowledge of Evans's other alleged proclivities)
    7. As soon as the paperwork cleared and he was an elder transferred back to Wilmslow, Evans authors a confession letter describing his sins with the cybersexting and resigns as an elder. He places the envelope underneath the door of a Wilmslow elder and expects him resigning as an elder to be the end of the matter and was making plans to move to Croatia.
    8. Per policy since a sin was committed and confessed to, the Wilmslow elders wanted to convene a Judicial Committee. As an elder Evans should have known this and it is odd that he felt a written confession would be the end of the matter.
    9. A series of judicial committees is held, the exact number of which is unspecified. The end result was Evans being deleted as an elder and being publicly reproved in BOTH the Wilmslow and Bramhall congregations.
    10. Evans and wife move to Croatia. He initially is assigned reading scriptures in his poor and heavily accented Croatian and begins to slowly fade. In his isolation due to his inability to follow the programme in Croatian, he begins having doubts.
    11. 2011 - He joins this forum as "cedars". It was his first foray into the apostate world.
    12. 29 December 2013 - During a judicial committee for apostasy in Croatia Lloyd Evans hands in a disassociation letter for both himself and his wife. His letter simply stated that he resigned as a JW. His wife's was longer and evidently ambiguous - enough so that the elders felt they should have their own meeting with her.

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