It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Diogenesister

    LMSAMy guess is he knows the true names and identities of the mods there and privately threatened them with litigation if they didn't shut down the threads that were started about him. It's probably part of the compromise that they started with their own "megathreads" which had all these rules beforehand about what you could or couldn't post. He'd do it here too if he felt Simon was a chump and would take down or lock this thread if he threatened him enough

    Me I think there is now plenty of case law that demonstrates a website/social media platform etc is not considered the publisher and therefore is not legally responsible for what people post. Even if it were, it's only Reddit he could sue not the mods (of course Reddit could shut down the sub).I think it's more that there are still a couple of mods - or at least one- loyal to Lloyd as they've mentioned disagreements over him before.

    Frankly LMSA when this all kicked off and Reddit deleted Kim's post I was so effing angry I didn't look at Reddit for a week or so ....I thought I'd blow a gasket 🤪😂.

    I had my fill with what I'll term the 'new' mods over the BCG/Lloyd thing.

    I tried to subtly ask u/Ziddina if there had been a "hostile takeover" of HIS drones on the site since they appeared to loose all even handedness when the old lot stepped down/lessened their workload. He's THAT manipulative I literally thought he'd planted his own mods there to complete his "empire"😭🤦

    Glad they've seen the light a bit but I think a lot of the younger kids are very naive about prostitution, especially in the third world.

    SBF- Listener, what terms would you suggest using instead? I don’t want to help LE’s narrative. But I don’t want to be insulting to potentially exploited people either.

    Fully understand and support people's reluctance to denigrate women who are already exploited and marginalized.

    However in my opinion "sex work" is stripping or topless/nude models/onlyfans or raunchy Burlesque maybe.

    Prostitution is something else. In fact calling it work is insulting to the many women, men, boys and girls who are forced to sell their intimate parts (many don't even get the money). Even in the west almost all are addicts, so it's questionable that that is a choice.

    But that's only my definition. Some may see it differently.

  • Chinapomo

    Lloyd is behaving like a good ol jw elder. He has arranged a judicial commitee, has notified the brothers about it and vaguely told them what is it about. But has completely avoided any detail.

    You are right Simon, Lloyd is strill intrinsically a jw

  • Diogenesister
    It's postmodern identity politics where they're more concerned about what language they use to describe an atrocity than the material conditions itself.

    Oh, oh Calvinist Emily girl you know your stuff!!🔥🔥🥂💯

    loyd is a rich white anglo man who went to a poor country to sexually molest the native people through bribing them to endure it. How anyone can support that and call themselves "left", I do not know

    hell yes!!

  • Vintage

    I keep a copy-and-paste or else a screenshot of almost everything I post online. Things sometimes won’t “post”, as when they contain a link. Or, things get deleted,... either intentionally by a moderator, or else due to a spam filter that mis-read the spelling of some word. Once I’ve composed a good paragraph, I don’t like to loose it,... and my memory isn’t good enough to reconstruct it. So, yes, I keep a record, and I can try again later, somewhere else, or as a private message. It’s too bad some good info was apparently lost on reddit.

  • Vintage

    Chinapomo, also like a jw committee meeting, Lloyd’s decision is made before calling the committee meeting. Like a jw committee meeting, Lloyd would like for there to just be a verdict with no trial. This is such fun for me now,... making fun of judicial committee meetings with other people who know how crooked those meetings were. I used to fervently pray before any kind of meeting with elders. And they were like goofy seventh-grade boys who could barely keep from making puns and bursting out laughing. How did we survive? My dog had more sense and decorum. (I still pray, but to God without the Watchtower filter.)

  • WingCommander

    To Mike/Kim and Kim S.

    So Lloyd is taking legal action in Croatia against you? In THEIR court system?


    That holds ZERO water here in the USA, and doubtfully wherever Kim S. is. I wouldn't have even wasted my time calling the courts there. Even IF they were to humour him with a court date, and even IF he somehow won a "judgment" against any of you (for what, exactly?), how in the hell would the "judgment" ever be enforced? What, are they sic INTERPOL on you?

    Mike/Kim are in Arizona? Why, I'm sure they're just quaking in their boots about whatever some court in bumfugg Croatia has to say about some mean tweets!!

    What a fuggin' joke Cedars is!

    I didn't think there was a more punchable face than Anthony Moron da Turd. I was WRONG.

  • TonusOH

    Evans seems to be doing it as theatre, for the benefit of his remaining supporters. To show how effective it has been, the group of defendants did a live stream where they mocked him mercilessly for more than an hour.

    I don't think he's responded. No doubt he will assure his followers that additional pages have been added to THE LITIGATION, and that his tireless efforts to protect the future of professional activism proceed apace.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Evans seems to be doing it as theatre, for the benefit of his remaining supporters - yeah, maybe.

    But he's kinda backed himself into a corner. If he realises his threats of litigation are bullshit, and calls it off, he's gonna look stupid.

    And if he goes through with his case, he's also gonna look stupid, because I just can't see how his case can go to court. His entire case basically boils down to him moaning that people are saying mean things about him on the interwebs.

    Remember, if people are saying things about Lloyd that are true, then that's not defamation.

    The 'defamation' thing only works if people are saying false things, lol ...

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened


    You're right, it's a joke just to save face with his supporters. We actually live in New Mexico, but we used to live in AZ.

    Lloydy Boy/Thailand Man has been kind of quiet the past few days. i wonder if he found one of those hot models to take him up on his offer of coffee or a drink?

  • TonusOH

    I think he'll go through with it, because in the end he can pretend that the system failed him. Or, if through some miracle any of it ends with a verdict in his favor, he can use that to claim that he has been vindicated. But as you say, he has painted himself into a corner. I don't see a way that this ends well for him, because there doesn't appear to be a scenario where he can silence his critics. And since he cannot bear to ignore them, he will instead continue to empower them, making it more likely that people who support him will find out who he really is and take their money elsewhere.

    I mean, imagine that the court in Croatia delivered guilty verdicts against the seven. What happens next? Nothing. Well, here is what happens- every time one of them criticizes him, he will look powerless. What will he do, demand that they turn themselves in? Threaten to file another toothless criminal complaint? Appeal to the Hague? Nothing. He cannot do anything. And that is if he somehow got the best outcome, which is virtually guaranteed not to happen.

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