It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH
    But Cedars? Just imagine if he were truly being controlled by WT.

    It would explain why Anthony Morris buys so much liquor, lol.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    "It's a wonder he doesn't branch out into making porn movies. It would be right up his alley."

    back passage even.

  • Chinapomo

    Dude it's such a simp. So embarrassing and cringe

  • nicolaou

    And yet his Patrons are up again, to 511. I don't buy the theory that he's padding his own Patreon account, though of course I could be wrong, I just think he has a high churn rate.

    As some leave, others join until they too discover the truth about him which is why, if we value our collective reputation, we must plough on exposing this narcissistic, bullying liar for what he is.

  • Toblerone5
    And yet his Patrons are up again, to 511

    I know ! Maybe he got some 20 year old instagram models for patrons.this one is Rea Kamenski, 23 years old, live in Zagreb and she study at the Faculty of Kinesiology. she is actively involved in fitness and helping girls achieve the desired results..

  • Simon

    What a sex-pest! (although women that post photos like that are really after validation / attention).

    He's throwing darts hoping one will hit someone desperate with low enough self-esteem that he can take advantage.

  • TeddyNail

    Oh can you imagine his reaction if Dijanna showed herself walking along a beach smiling with a real man on her arm and the kids running around. Imagine what that would do to Mr Gobshite :)

  • slimboyfat

    The way he said he wanted time in Thailand to ‘work out if he could be without his family’, it’s clear he thinks about nobody else but himself, ever. They will be better off without him. Also the way he said no one should ‘blame’ Dijana for him ‘needing’ to go outside his marriage. As if anyone would blame her for his behaviour. What planet is he living on? An uncomfortable glimpse into a dark psyche.

    This song seems apt response to his so called need for space.

    I reckon he’s realised that the YouTube/Patreon venture will not be viable in the longer term. But instead of winding it down he’ll probably string along the remaining patrons for as long as he can get away with, putting less and less effort into ‘churning out the content’ as he describes it, until it just fizzles out. If a small number of people keep sending him money for nothing, is he going to turn it down?

  • Toblerone5

    After a new Facebook account, new Instagram one, now he need a new PATREON one or Update is old one...Maybe something like this FAKE one?

  • Thisismein1972

    Next, he'll be buying their farts in a jar!

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