It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    why would Kim Silvio make a youtube video on that if she add no proof ?Especially after what she went throught with her reddit post...on her twitter account she did say :Yep, I verified the source ... she is on this forum ... anybody have doubt you can always ask her...

  • Listener

    Lloydevansparody - "Why? Why is it so important? No one is asking you and anyone else to believe it. The information is there. Follow the money is a good say. Do your homework. We did. "

    You said that the source was 100% verifiable and not only that but it has also been verified. I am simply asking you, the person making the claim, how and by whom it's been verified.

    I have done my homework and I find it very difficult to verify that it is Lloyd Evans. It's possible that it could have been verified, particularly if someone on the dating site made a date with him and met up with him or talked to him on the phone. I don't have the resources or opportunity to verify it but since you say that it is 100% verifiable and has been verified, you seem unable to actually support your very own claim.

    Now that's interesting in itself. I've seen Kim and Mike behave in this same manner before. They make certain claims as if they are fact and when questioned they can't prove it. They sometimes use the same phrase of 'do your homework' when they can't provide any evidence. You wouldn't happen to be either Kim or Mike by any chance? After all, you suggested that because the comments on the dating site looked like the behaviour we have come to expect of Lloyd, then it must be Lloyd. Therefore, on the same basis I could conclude that you are either Kim or Mike. The problem is, it would just be an assumption. I certainly couldn't claim it to be 100% verifiable and verified.

    Its also interesting that you said, in relation to doing your homework, that WE did.

    Who really is Lloydevansparody? Obviously it's not one person since you refer to this username being 'We' and not 'I'.

    I don't understand why people make posts or video's claiming that certain things are verifiable and are unwilling or unable to prove their claim.

  • Listener

    That's a good question Toblerone. She may choose to explain why she believes it is him.

  • lloydevansparody
    Who really is Lloydevansparody?

    A question we constantly ask ourselves

  • MeanMrMustard

    This thread will last forever because he can't stop. It's like he has no control of his penis.

  • Simon
    You said that the source was 100% verifiable and not only that but it has also been verified. I am simply asking you, the person making the claim, how and by whom it's been verified.

    There are ways to reason on things even if you don't have all the evidence.

    Consider if it was faked. The person faking it can't just hope that someone one day stumbles on it, it could never be found. They would either have to release it themselves OR tell someone else to go check it out.

    So it comes down to whether the person saying "I came across this when *I* registered on a dating site" is telling the truth or not. I have no reason to believe or disbelieve them, but I doubt the scenario that "someone made it up and just hoped someone else would find it and then someone did happen to find it" to be realistic.

    But knowing what I do of Lloyd Evans, the fact that he's once again left his wife and children to go holiday alone, and appears to have been trying to contact women for meetups, does totally match his behavior of the last 4-5 years (that he's recently admitted to, longer for his sexual indiscretions and cheating).

    Of course, it could have been made up and the person reporting it is part of the fraud, but if people vouch for them, what would they have to gain vs what would they have to lose? There is no reason to do it.

    I certainly wouldn't trade my reputation just to take a cheap shot at Lloyd, however dislikable he is. But if I came across something that would be embarrassing to him with no reason to doubt it's validity I would tell everyone about it.

    So that is what I believe the situation is. If people I trust are saying "I trust this person" then I think it's real. Other things (like Marko) also seem to match his MO but have more question marks over them because of how they were revealed and to who.

    Dijana said she has no such relative. Mark O'Donnell also said "Marko" is not a relative.

    I don't believe what either say, for different reasons. I don't know if it's really Dijana saying anything or being coerced to say something. I don't see how Mark O'Donnell would be any expert on Dijana's family tree and think when he said that he was pretty much in bed with Lloyd which makes his opinion about Lloyd less credible and it more likely to be something he's repeating from Lloyd. So the claim may as well be "Lloyd said ..." in both cases.

    Especially after what she went throught with her reddit post...

    The voice of reason šŸ’—

    That's a good question Toblerone. She may choose to explain why she believes it is him.

    Or you may ask yourself why I have to keep proving myself over and over and over again. At this point Iā€™m either credible or I am not. I owe no one an explanation. The information is there, form your own opinion.

  • TonusOH

    On the bright side, there are only so many times he can add you to the litigation.

  • CalvinistEmily

    I saw this video in my recommendeds (despite the title, it doesn't kill the rats, it's already full, it just goes into their hole and chases them out) and it made me think of the stupid petty "kim you are a snake" comment from one of Lloyd's superfans that he put up on that livestream.

    Turns out they were right: Lloyd is the disgusting rat secretly lurking in the walls, and Kim is the clever helpful pest control snake that catches him out and shows him to everyone! :D

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