It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • jojorabbit

    Nicolaou, yes and he is a total asshole for it. He tries to put down anyone who does not think like he does or criticizes him on most any issue. He thinks he is the only one who has an opinion and that his does not stink. You are totally correct. I agree with that point.

    His use of sex workers does not bother me in the least. If its illegal he should be charged by the local authority, if its legal than that is between him and the sex worker. To me what is the difference between some DR. who is 60 years old that has a 22 yo wife? You know damn well that she is not there for the hot sex. But that is between those two individuals. I don't see a connection between paying for sex and child sex abuse.Apples and oranges. Sex work is legal in Parts of Nevada, its not even in the same ball park as child sex abuse. If Evens is abusing children or minors in any country he should be called to task. I don't know he has done that. I know some accuse him that some of the prostitutes he has had dealings with are underage but I don't know that. If evens admitted this I would like to see a link because I have not so far.

    I would think that if Evens and the person he is buying sex with are the only two in the room than only they would know if one is underage. Personally I think its creepy if someone of his age has sex with a very young adult say 18. That does not sit right with me. But that said I have seen a couple of marriages in the JW religion when I was in years ago where a old person married a much younger one. I think the guy was 18 and the woman was widowed and 49. I did not say anything not my place. But it seems weird and neither had money and they lasted so I guess.

  • nicolaou

    As I thought, you don't get it.

  • NonCoinCollector
    As I thought, you don't get it.

    This Cedarite does, they are just too dishonest to admit it.

  • NonCoinCollector
    How to spot a Cedarite:
    Outright denial they are one.
    Relate some banal anecdote relating how they disagreed with him publicly and lived to tell the tale.
    Despite allegedly disagreeing with him in the past over something comparatively minor, they seem to always take his side when something major & career threatening happens.
    Insist everyone is obsessing over him.


    JoJo have you even listened to the all the folks who've been bullied by Evans?
    Does his shameless (and criminal) exploitation of prostitutes not bother you in a man who claims to represent your community when hypocritically advocating for victims of CSA?
    Do you have even a basic grasp of the issues here?
    Go to page 1 and start again.


    “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
    Mark Twain
  • NonCoinCollector

    I believe I did when I quoted Mark Twain. I'm not going to argue with somebody who is convinced they are right when clearly to everybody else, they are not. Good luck with that. I refuse to waste my time on you other than to continue to amuse myself at your expense.

  • Simon
    I don't see a connection between paying for sex and child sex abuse.

    jojorabbit: you've told us all we need to know about yourself. There is a clear, obvious and documented link. Not only to CSA but to sexual assault and rape in general.

    Your apologist mentality if vomit inducing. So fuck off.

  • NonCoinCollector

    Bye Jojorabbit!

  • Vintage

    Jojorabit said,

    “His use of sex workers does not bother me in the least.”

    I think we can all take solace in knowing that this is the person who thinks there is something wrong with us.

    Simon said,

    “ don't get to keep repeating a debunked a claim or derail a thread with off-topic comments.”

    Thank you, Simon. I believe Jojorabit’s dissertation on logical reasoning deserves its own thread somewhere else,... ANYWHERE else. Some of us have actually gone to college, studied Logic, and gotten an “A” in Logic.

  • TonusOH
    If you don't like him but you keep posting on why he is around instead of just moving on with your life

    I would expect that people who do not like him would be more likely to comment on the issue. He's treated a lot of people quite poorly over the years and has been a remorseless self-promoter. In other words, the kind of person that people are going to enjoy watching flame out. I have not had any direct dealings with him, so my own involvement is just watching it with some interest. As I said before, if he wasn't so good at making his downfall so compelling, many of us would've grown bored and found something else to follow.

    As for the second part, my life is not affected by this topic one way or another. I think you're overestimating the time anyone gives to Evans and the recent turbulence in his life. Aside from the occasional video, it doesn't take long to catch up on the issue and make a comment or two. I don't mind a person having a difference of opinion on the guy, but I'm not moved by requests on how I can better spend my time. I'm a grown-up, I've managed for myself quite well. I'm sure I can handle a single web topic. But... thanks, I guess?

    Kim, I hope you are talking about Jojorabbit. Because if you are in doubt about me, I'll give you my phone number.

    Sorry NCC, 100% not you - I meant the rabbit 💗

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