It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    Here's the only other thing of interest that I've found. By Googling this address from Cedars' envelope...

    Something I find amazing. Say you're going to launch some super-important complex international libel case against multiple defendants. Do you:

    a) Research which law firm has the very specific expertise in that particular area of law necessary to handle this, together with a recognized history of successful cases ...
    b) Go to the closest law-firm to you, ~20mins up the road, in a town of ~40k population?

    Just what are the chances that the closest lawyer to where you live also happens to be the best and most cost effective to handle seven cases of such complexity successfully?

    Incredible luck, eh?!

  • NonCoinCollector

    Simon who knows, maybe 1*3 Mosquito Road is ~20 minutes from a hub for international law. Either that or Karlo Novosel is the "Jackie Chiles" of Croatian Law.

  • TonusOH

    The amazing coincidence is that the cheapest lawyer happens to work so close to where he lives.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    OK fine, due to the demands of some forum regulars, I was forced to re-edit the Wikitubia page on Lloyd Evans. I'd much rather spend my time with my two kids and Jack Russell Terrier, but you damaged former JWs won't have it any other way.

  • Vintage

    [From above post] "After briefly agreeing to such an arrangement, Dijana changed her mind making Lloyd "infuriated". This tells me that Cedars was happy as a lark for about 24 hours, before Dijana came out of shock and reacted.

  • Simon

    Good job on the wiki writeup Las Malvinas.

    Now go play with your kids and dog! :)

    got these courthouse phone numbers:

    Thank You xxx

  • Vintage

    KIMSILVIO, You're so welcome. The following Croatian court email address [[email protected]] is at the end of the below-translated page. The same email address is at the end of other Croatian court pages which offer similar information. Depending on how helpful the attending government employee wants to be, this might be the cheapest and least confusing way to get information. On emails, Google Translate is your translator, unlike trying to talk on the phone.

    ■[For additional information and questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail: [email protected]]■

    Homepage Total number of published decisions: 240710 Case law portal About searching and reviewing decisions Welcome to the website of the database of court decisions called Judicial Practice - Portal of Judicial Practice. Judicial practice is an information system created within the PHARE 2006 project "Harmonization and publication of judicial practice" and provides insight into the judicial practice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia and other courts in the Republic of Croatia. The main goal and purpose of the project is the so-called. harmonization of court practice, ie availability of court decisions to all judges and court advisers in all courts of the Republic of Croatia, as well as to the general and legal public. The constitutional task of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia is to ensure the uniform application of the law and the equality of citizens, as well as the system of publishing case law on the Internet. Judicial practice is the basis for publishing decisions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia and other courts of the Republic of Croatia. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia publishes all its decisions (without selection) and the database contains all decisions of that court from 1990 until today, while other courts publish only the most important court decisions. Along with especially important and interesting decisions, legal positions (so-called sentences) are published. Judicial decisions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia made in connection with the request for a trial within a reasonable time, due to a large number of identical (typical) decisions, are no longer published from 1 July 2012, except those in which a significant legal position is taken. The system also provides insight into the case law published in the printed editions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia entitled "Choice of Decisions".

    Each decision in the database has a complete text, which differs from the original in protecting the privacy of the parties, and associated metadata (for example: name of court, court department, date of decision, type of decision, etc.) available to the general public. legal public. Due to the protection of the parties in the proceedings, identification data on natural and legal persons were missing, according to the Decision on publication and anonymization of court decisions and Instructions on how to anonymize court decisions of the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia. Access to court decisions is completely free. The opening of texts and metadata about the decision was protected by an authentication system, the so-called CAPTCHA control code, which checks whether the system was accessed by a human or a computer with the intention of illegal access. As of February 4, 2019, the protection with the control code - the CAPTCHA system has been removed and access to the texts of decisions has been provided. Decision texts are stored in two formats: TXT format (plain text) and PDF format. A PDF viewer or Acrobat Reader or similar PDF viewer is required to view and read decision texts. At the link you can download the manual for users of the Judicial Practice portal: User manual For additional information and questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail: [email protected]

  • 6820

    If this is how Lloyds supporters act in response to people sharing experiences about him and then STILL think that their on the "good" side then....

  • 6820

    "Poor little boy" comment genuinely made my skin crawl. Lloyd are you ok with this type of behaviour? Cos these are the kinds of people ur surrounding yourself with. People who equate being called out and held accountable to rape??? Wtf man. So gross. Get the actual hell away from CSA survivors, women and anyone else that breaths.

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