It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH

    It is my fervent hope that the 'Magnificent Seven' will keep us appraised of any developments as they happen. I want to know all about this "criminal lawsuit" and just how Evans intends to proceed. If this is just a blustering performance done in the hopes of saving face, please make sure he never ever lives it down. Thanks!

  • Simon

    What happened to the other 5? Is there anything in common between the members of the two groups, or different between the groups?

    i.e. why 7 now, and 12 before?

  • Simon

    I can't go into details, but I'm suing the entire world. This is to put everyone on notice. Head's are gonna roll y'all ...

    In case anyone doesn't believe me, I think you'll find this proof more than sufficient to authenticate my claims, so send "one meeelion dollahs" immediately. Save yourselves while you still can.

    I'm doing this to protect other future grifters, I mean activists, from frivolous lawsuits and online shakedowns.

  • 6820
    Imagine for a moment that u are Lloyd. So you've finally got paperwork PROVING that ur going to start a court case. U can finally now show all ur followers that YES I AM A VICTIM. But instead of posting the whole document or anything like that you post a tiny screenshot of a document. If you actually had real evidence of ur case being taken seriously why not post a little bit more of the document?? He's trying to scare people. No court is gonna fine someone for saying something and then it being proved true???
  • 6820

    If i was desperately looking for anyone to agree with me (wasn't he re twittering people praising him??) you can bet ur ass I'm gonna post the whole document and be all smug about it.but he's not..... Has anyone actually been sent anything or is he just talking to the void?

    Also I can see Lloyd printing out all the comments from people kissing his ass and framing them around the house. XD

  • Simon
    Also I can see Lloyd printing out all the comments from people kissing his ass and framing them around the house. XD

    He probably takes them into the shower to ... urgh, sorry for that image.

  • 6820
    Now I need bleach
  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Lloyd is going to file the complaint and claim it's with the law and now his hands are tied. He can just keep claiming it's being worked on. Then in a few months make some fake disappointed video saying how the authorities decided not to pursue the case because violent crime is up there so they just don't have time...

    Where's our dearly departed Band On The Run? You'd think an Ivy League law degree would be more than enough to opine on the Croatian criminal code.

    Here's what's going to happen. Some day in the not too distant future a Croatian judicial authority is going to be duty bound to review whatever it was that Lloyd filed. It will go as expected, meaning that there's no means or desire to uphold foreign nationals to Croatian law and begin the extradition process and will be summarily dismissed. A series of tweets or more likely a video will be cobbled together by Lloyd, complete with these nuggets of wisdom:

    • Due to the complexities of the law and the fact none of the defendants are under Croatian law, Lloyd will inform us that unfortunately the bullies got away with defaming him.
    • Cue the empty bravado that these people are cowards who are hiding behind these legal nuances.
    • Propose legislation (EU/UK/US/Canada/UN, et al) that makes it easier for online bullying to be reigned in by creating multi-national judicial authorities and/or agreements that would have made it possible for his litigation to succeed.
    • Appoint himself as an anti-bullying advocate and in true-to-form O.J. Simpson style, pledge to not rest until somehow and someway these perpetrators can be brought to justice.
    • Finally, in WT "Questions From Readers" style, Lloyd will read an email or tweet from a supporter who urges him to fight the real fight against WT. Cue the ponderous tone and how he really doesn't want these people to get away with this, he actually DOES take his supporter's advice and has decided that this would be the most logical path.
    • "Come Back to Lloyd" - He offers a kind of amnesty for the people who have offended him and reassures them he holds no grudges and he would welcome them back as supporters.
  • wannaexit

    Lloyd's threats remind me of the old Italian proverb: "tutto fumo e niente arrosto" ---all smoke and no roast or all sizzle and no steak.

  • ozziepost
    .He is quoting the BIBLE now? And even WORST WATCHTOWER?

    Like I said before, I don’t think he ever really left the Borg.

    His life certainly is dependent on it.

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