It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon

    It's nearly the end of the month, so you know what that means? Time to submit your field ministry report cards brothers and sisters ... (ugh, flashback!)

    Sorry for that - no, it's Patreon Subscriber Cancellation day!

    He started with close to 900 at the start of the year, and it goes down throughout a month but a lot of people cancel at the end of the month (might be todo with how patreon works, I've never used it). You can see the Feb month-end dropped 34 and March month-end dropped 31.

    He's currently at 571.

    I wonder at the people left, at some point it seems like nothing will be enough to convince them they are funding a bullying asshole, but maybe they don't follow things and it takes a while for them to remember that they have a subscription and to find out what he's been up to.

    But my guess is it's going to go to about 550.

  • Diogenesister

    Lou What does it take for a girl to get noticed around Lloyd? 🤣

    Jeff Quick as a flash: Are you sure you want the answer to that?

    Jeff I spat out my coffee at that one🤣😂I also pressed a dislike in my haste to 'like', sorry 😜

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    The information is out there now, his reputation will proceed him if people bother to look.

    I really hope it is enough to be out there in the public domain for them to look. JW's are extrememly vulnerable when leaving the cult. We all know this, we've been through it. The fact that JLE talks about gaps in markets, tells me he is only in it for money and how to get money from others? Watchtower has the formula and so does Lloyd. I can't bear to see anyone else hurt by him or Watchtower.

  • Simon

    I'm working on a site to pull together articles and videos on different topics to help those who want to successfully exit from the WTS and move on with their lives.

    Kind of like guided paths for how to handle all the practical things: how to fade, how to keep communication with family, how to focus on career, retirement planning etc ...

    This will hopefully promote other voices in a positive way. The aim will be to genuinely help people to move on, without becoming dependent on the constant diet of "WTS hate porn" that he makes his money off.

  • Diogenesister

    Kim I found this that you mentioned

    Re: Mark

    is my opinion that Mark’s interest is in his promotion, not the promotion of information being shared. Mark hampered the opportunity for people hearing many views and opinions, information from many sources and a variety of topics.
    I find this extremely disingenuous. Why do we need a few controlling information and being the spokespersons? He likes to get information out to the community, which is great, but why does he restrict others from getting information out too?

    Re Mike and Kim

    Motivation and intentions matter to me, responsible use of influence matters to me. I don’t always agree with Kim and mike’s opinion however I respect the fact that they try.

    Kim you are not the only one who noticed this behaviour. You're far from the only one who feels this way.

    Time and again I noticed the arrogance with which they liked to tell us they had to withhold information from us. If something was confidential I call tell you it was damn well confidential to them, too. And if it wasn't it should have been.

    I appreciate the work Mark puts in and his writing is second to none, but as you say it's not a business. Lloyd said he was reimbursed fares & some appearance fees etc and didn't know "what arrangements Mark has with the law firms he works with". That's very disingenuous because I can tell him: nothing. He's not doing anything in a professional capacity. I'm sure he'll explain to lawyers how the watchtower works but it's nothing any exjw couldn't do. He's also putting out information/court docs that are available to the public.

    Not everyone wants to do that. He does, and does it well. Fine. But cut out the arrogance and stop getting in the way of other people trying to help.

    I know I always mention this but Mark Latham was going to help a journalist do a piece on CSA. Lloyd or Mark O'Donnell contacted said journalist and told them not to get involved with him. The journalist ended up dropping the whole article. How dare they! Mark and Louise got the whole IICSA Jehovah's witness ball rolling.

    Your instincts are right Kim and I'm sorry YOU are baring the brunt of their anger. It's bloody awful.

  • Vintage

    My friend, Lori Jane, has a website called

    One section contains links to other websites and YouTube channels for helping exiting JW’s find a soft place to land. Please take a look at her list, Simon, and see which links you deem helpful. I suggest you also contact her through her website. She is a lovely person.

    One heading is “ExJW YouTube Channels and Websites”.

    She has a list called “Meetings and Events” which includes many different religious ideas.

    Another heading is “Exodus Support Discussion”.

    Here’s the description of the support group:

    “This forum is a please (sp?) for those that have left or are considering leaving a high control group such as the Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons to discuss their experiences and get help from more experienced survivors. This is not for discussion doctrinal matters. Those threads will be moved or removed so please post those in the general discussion forum.”

  • Simon

    Thanks, I'll start a separate topic to discuss ideas and get links etc... so it isn't lost in here and we can get more ideas from people who may not be following this.

    But it needs to not be trying to convert people either way - either into another religion or to atheism, and without making judgement either way. It should be a "choose your own path" adventure (anyone remember those books?)

  • Chinapomo

    Good point Simon. I'm not religious anymore but I really despise people like Lloyd who keep pushing the atheist agenda. I don't believe in god, so what? Why should I tell people who are religious that they should stop believing?

    Btw the same applies to people who try to convert others into different churches

  • ozziepost

    Good point Simon. I'm not religious anymore but I really despise people like Lloyd who keep pushing the atheist agenda. I don't believe in god, so what? Why should I tell people who are religious that they should stop believing?

    i like your point Chinapomo

    i got really turned off Lloyd Evans channel because he presents a JW or atheism choice.

    People leave for all sorts of reasons but some like Mrs Ozzie and I leave for theological reasons i.e. we came to understand we were christian but we came to see the Borg wasn’t the “true christian” path it claimed.

    I sometimes wonder whether Lloyd Evans has ever really left the Borg. His ‘modus operandi’ so imitates his way back in his Borg days. He can criticise the GB all he likes but that doesn’t mean so much theologically.

    Oh well, just surmising……


    Ozzie 🍷

    Please do not let Lloyd get to you. I doubt Croatia has any extradition treaty with Australia anyway.

    Yesterday was a bad day but I had a good sleep and today can see the reality of the situation again, and understand what the whole community has been saying.

    And do we continue on doing what is right 👍 whether there are extradition agreements or not, facts are facts and truth is an absolute defence x

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