It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    has mr. Novoselo actually admitted to being his solicitor, please? Did he admit to writing the letter and, if he did, is he qualified?

    Yes, I’m the brief call I had with him he did confirm, I checked his registration and he is a lawyer 👍


    Activists are people who are actively working behind the scenes for example educating governments about the jw cult like it's happening in north Europe. And needless to say they don't spam YouTube telling everyone how important they are and that they are real activists.

    Spoiler alert: if you REALLY are an activist, you don't need to say it, people know it

    100% agree 👍

    The guy who takes all the money himself from the free labor of others, is suddenly "Mr Altruistic"? I don't think so ...


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    I just finished Kim Silvio's video rebuttal to Lloyd Evans. There are no specifics of slander mentioned. He gave no examples of lies being told about him. Lloyd claims he is doing this for the XJW community so future content creators don't have to go through what he is going through. Lloyd claims this is happening due to the size of his channel. If that were the case, then as mentioned on the previous page, then Tell Tale would be a victim as well since his channel is bigger. There is a huge difference between Owen and Lloyd. Owen respects his audience and has worked hard to remain respectful. Lloyd, you have not.

    If you wanted this to go away, all you had to do was release a statement after Kim's original statement saying you are a deeply flawed man and need to work to regain everybody's trust. The fact that this subject is 196 pages deep shows how much you have hurt some of us. Lloyd, you are a terrible person.

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    has mr. Novoselo actually admitted to being his solicitor, please? Did he admit to writing the letter and, if he did, is he qualified?

    Yes, I’m the brief call I had with him he did confirm, I checked his registration and he is a lawyer 👍

    So Karlo Novosel stands behind that insane piece of paper? It is so poorly written that nobody believes it is real.

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    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Since I have the pdf open, here's his letter to his late Mum published at the end of his book. When viewed in parallel with what he really was and is, I can't help but feel pity upon everybody who loves or had loved this man, especially when he speaks of bullying, hypocrisy and his love for his family.

    Dear Mum

    It’s 2016, and I’m alive and happy.

    I am married to a beautiful, intelligent Croatian woman, Dijana, who two years ago gave birth to your granddaughter, Jessica Liberty. Jessica is a gorgeous, happy, talkative little person with the same curly brown hair as you and I.

    It’s sad that you can’t hold her and play with her, but we are determined that she will grow up knowing who her grandmother is and learning from your incredible kindness and strength.

    At my baptism, you gave me a Bible in which you wrote that I should “stay awake, stand firm, grow mighty.” Mum, I have done all those things. Especially have I stood firm against a harmful cult that is tearing our family apart, torturing Dad and Hannah with false hopes of seeing you again, and threatening future generations.

    I know when you left us you believed strongly that Jehovah’s Witnesses are God’s one true organization on earth. I don’t blame you for reaching that conclusion—especially after what you told me about the difficult years before you met Dad. But the organization you joined has proved itself over many decades to be nothing more than a self-perpetuating system of deceit and hypocrisy. And you once told me that if there was one thing you hated more than anything else, it was hypocrisy. I know that, given some more time together, you would have at least given me chance to explain myself if I had tried showing you that, in fact, we were being lied to all along. And I still smile when I think of the time you questioned Dad, without any hesitation, over those crazy paragraphs I showed you in the “Daniel” book. You were braver than I was back then.

    Just before you died, I wrote you a letter telling you of my fond memories from our walk in the Lake District when we passed by Loughrigg Tarn. You never managed to read the letter because your mind faded too quickly, but I wrote of how that magical day, when we strolled through the meadows in the splendor of the English countryside, was the closest to paradise I have ever been.

    But the magic had nothing to do with any outbreak of Armageddon, real or fabricated. It didn’t come as the result of billions of people being obliterated in a mass slaughter for the “crime” of not recognizing the authority of a group of men in New York. That wouldn’t be any kind of “magic” worth remembering. The magic was a mother and her son taking a walk in beautiful surroundings—a place that you, me, Dijana and Jessica could still enjoy today if you were here with us. The magic was real. It was a memory we made together—and it was a memory I will always cherish.

    If there is one thing I’ve learned from my efforts to “grow mighty,” it is that reality itself is beautiful and diminishes in value only when diluted by false claims, failed expectations and unproven dogma. Rather than sink into a state of guilt and self-pity after leaving what we assumed was the “Truth,” I feel I have grown as a human being and embraced reality. I have learned to accept my place in the cosmos and contribute in whatever infinitesimal way I can to the ongoing struggles of humanity. And it is your legacy of courage, kindness and honesty that I can credit for growing in that way.

    Sometimes I find myself pondering the question: “If Mum could see me now, would she be proud?” I’ve come to realize that this question has two answers. Of course, if your mind belonged to Watchtower and you didn’t know the real truth, you would be deeply ashamed of me and would join Dad in shunning me and Dijana—even if it meant never seeing your granddaughter. But the authentic, strong-minded, kind, loving, empathetic, free-spirited Lesley you always were would be proud of me—and would be by my side cheering me on in battling a monstrous bully.

    Even if I know and accept that I can never see you again, in my mind and heart that’s exactly who you are and what you are doing.

    With all my love and fondest memories, always,

    Your son,


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    Ashtyn & Jon, you have just been added to the lawsuit for saying about Lloyd, "that dude, trash." Karlo Novosel will be in touch.

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    ...would join Dad in shunning me and Dijana—even if it meant never seeing your granddaughter.

    Nothing screams narcissist quite like putting yourself before Dijana and Jessica. Lloyd certainly would have read this letter to his late mother several times to make sure every word is perfect.

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    Did Kim & Mikey get a threatening letter and/or phone call from Cedars Lawyer? LOL! Now there's a situation I'd like to be in on a phone tap. lol

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    How are his Patrons not seeing through this nonsense? Kim, I listened to your video in it's entirety and my heart went out to you. I wanted to tell you not to talk over Evans while he was pontificating but honestly I can't blame you, the man is infuriating.

    This bluff he's putting up that he's trying to protect future activists is a smoke screen so thin you can see him laughing behind it. As if the size of his channel is what brought all these problems raining down on him.


    Think about it. There have been dozens of very effective apostates before you Lloyd but nobody ever complained about them the way we do about you. If you want to believe that's because they weren't really as successful as you and not because they knew how to behave themselves that's your right - and delusion.

    Evans was exposed as a piece of lying, cheating scum (all verifiable Lloyd). There was the very real potential that he was funding his sexcapades with money donated by his patrons (check my wording Lloyd). And it's a cast iron certainty that he's proven himself unfit to represent CSA victims in any capacity.

    This is why the community are coming for you Lloyd, it has nothing to do with the size of your channel. Your narcissistic, money grubbing, lying, hypocritical and bullying behaviour over the past decade has finally caught up with you. We saw through you years ago here at JWN, now the Reddit crowd have as well, so have many on Facebook and of course over 300 of you Patrons have seen through you too.

    The gig's nearly up.

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