It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    Well I learned my lesson...We don't talk about Evans no no no , we don't talk about evans...

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    So in 7.5 hours from now (6am Australian time), lloyd is being interviewed by Andrew Gold who is a Youtuber.

    "Trolls Took Me to the Brink" is the title. Now put on your Lloyd Evans thinking cap and you'll get an insightful preview of what is going to happen in this interview:

    • He'll give Andrew a heavily sanitised version of what transpired in Thailand vis-vis his crumbling marriage, sexual repression, etc. - basically a redacted form of his livestream.
    • He'll quickly pivot to Kim's "betrayal", how at one point she seemed to condone his behaviour, and then proceed to list the accomplices Kim recruited in her "anti-Cedars crusade" shortly thereafter, starting with Producer Bob, etc, and how she went to avowed haters of his such as Mike/Kim, Marc/Cora and thus the conspiracy to destroy him was hatched.
    • State repeatedly that this isn't anyone's business, glossing over the livestream and several social media statements and tweets, claiming he was forced into defending himself.
    • Claim both him and his wife have been threatened and harassed (pro-tip from the old JWN days - He always claimed how a thread he happened to be melting down on was hurting his wife in a transparent attempt to gain sympathy)
    • Reveal he's still living there and wants to work things out with his wife and couldn't bear to be without her and his two little girls (again mentioning their names) and cue the first tears of the interview.
    • And finally, and here's the "money-shot", he'll tearfully reveal how he was close to suicide over these past two months, possibly even detailing an attempt - something like "I was looking at this bottle of pills and I was ready to down them all with my whiskey. The bottle touched my lip but then I thought of how much my death would hurt my two little girls"
    • Make a final appeal to his dedicated army of haters to stop the abuse and claim his wife wishes the same. Gives a "Come Back to Lloyd" WT style homily and tries to end it on a hopeful note about fighting the real enemy.

    I can only hope Andrew will ask him real questions and not toss him some softballs he's ready to answer.

    P.S. - Lloyd, it would be a HORRIBLE idea to mention a certain forum with a 145 page thread full of "abuse" toward you. Please don't do it, it will embarrass us all. I certainly wouldn't want some of Andrew's 4K+ subscribers coming here and finding out the awful and LIBELOUS claims that are being made about you.

    P.S.S. - Andrew's viewers are typically not former cult members who are invested in you, so when you do "cry", keep your hand over your eyes to hide the lack of real tears and ask Andrew to pause the interview so you can "regain your composure" and come back claiming that you are better now that you shed a ton of tears off-camera.

    And as they say in show-business - break a leg. Have a nice performance.

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more
    That's wierd after i made a post on how you can see the Evil apostate tweet on this site;focused=1351544696154296321 now i can't have acces to it

    I don't think you are blocked, maybe the site is down.

    Nitter is still running

  • Chinapomo

    Let's see how many patrons he'll lose after this interview

  • nicolaou

    Could I plead with anyone thinking of commenting during the Andrew Gold interview to please keep the comments factual.

    Stay away from insults, innuendos, speculation and half-truths. Evans would pounce on anything like that to twist the narrative his way.

    Stay focused, calm and on topic.

  • nicolaou

    Let's face it, the truth about him is damning enough.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Thr comment section on that upcoming video is a bloodbath already. Looking forward to more petreons deserting him

  • slimboyfat

    Andrew Gold? Is he going to give us a rendition of ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’? Different Andrew Gold, must be. 😃

    I’d just ask Andrew Gold one thing. If it wasn’t his behaviour that was the actual problem here then how come so many people who used to work with him have abandoned the channel completely? And how come more than a third of his patrons have already withdrawn and the number continues to drop? Shouldn’t that give him pause for thought about what’s really going on here.

  • Chinapomo

    Guys it's not a livestreaming. The interview has been recorded already. Hope the guy did his homeworks

  • Simon
    Now put on your Lloyd Evans thinking cap and you'll get an insightful preview of what is going to happen in this interview

    Good predictions.

    He'll also talk about people making "libellous comments" about him, without referring to anything specific. He'll ask for blind trust and won't admit that they are in fact true comments.

    He won't remind people that he claims to be an advocate for CSA survivors and in no small part solicits donations on the back of that, or admit there are any direct links between CSA and prostitution.

    He might fall back to claiming his sexuality was "tampered with" as though he's some kind of abuse victim instead of a grubby little perv that was sexting girls.

    He'll definitely push his "mental health" anguish angle, because how can anyone be expected to survive when they don't have to work and leave their wife and kids to go on luxury trips paid for by others? Oh, the humanity, how he's suffered!

    I'm sure Tibor will get a mention as the right kind of adherent, who supports him no matter what. Not like those nasty people with their "principles" who even have the gaul to imagine that a man can have mastery over his own penis.

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