It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    So in 7.5 hours from now (6am Australian time), lloyd is being interviewed by Andrew Gold who is a Youtuber. Andrew did reach out to me through a mutual contact and I’ve shared information and documents with him so he is aware of more of the story than one side. Curiously I haven’t seen or heard of Lloyd promoting this interview so I thought I would help him out 👍 I’m sure he just forgot, nothing to worry about 👍

  • sparrowdown

    Tbh I always thought Lloyd had never really grown up as a man. His tantrums and ego centrism on full display the second he perceived someone not worshipping at his feet. It’s like it wasn’t enough to be a neutral listener with your own opinions you had to do obeisance or you were against him. All the signs of the kind of fragile ego of a very young teen boy or girl.

  • Listener

    They say any publicity is good publicity, it would seem that is what he is going for.

    Thanks Kim. The Youtube says it will premiere in 31 hours - on the 15th April (Friday)

  • Ron.W.

    I wondered how 'Saintly Brandon' who according to Lloyd 'has always had totally mastery over his penis' is doing?

    Did he ever respond to Lloyds online description of his manhood or did he just let it lie?

  • NonCoinCollector

    Has Lloyd thought through this interview on Andrew Gold's channel? Lloyd won't be able to control the comments like he does anywhere else. People will be able to see for themselves exactly what we're saying. This is a disgusting man that uses sexually abused women for his own pleasure while claiming to care about the sexually abused. I guess when you are behaving this stupidly, keep doubling down.

  • NonCoinCollector

    Silentlamb, thanks for confirming that this topic is in Google's top 5 when searching for Lloyd Evans. That is really good news.

    Toblerone, every one of your pictures make me laugh.

  • Toblerone5

    Thank you your post too...

  • Yooters

    I had to subscribe. This video of Andrew’s from a year ago will debunk Lloyd’s I come sources. Look at the 5:36 minute mark with a question he asks Lloyd:

  • Toblerone5

    That's wierd after i made a post on how you can see the Evil apostate tweet on this site;focused=1351544696154296321 now i can't have acces to it ...He is just me? Can he also block people there? if so this will be me second block "strike " from him wonder if he did that was TUESDAY, and let me Guess around 11pm? wink wink...

  • Simon
    The scary thing is that I still remember the tune, and that’s after a quarter of a century out of the borg. Will it ever go away?

    Same. I resent that I have brain cells wasted on storing that crap!

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