It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Toblerone5

    O.M.G he just release a new video on the Tony Morris news ...I uploaded it on my Twitter page ...He's insane..his video was 5 minutes 30sec. I cut it to 1min. 52...

    Quote he said : I want to soud a note of caution regarding how we use the information, just because we know where tony and susan morris are now living ,does not give anyone permission to take matters into their own hands in a manner that is abusive or CRIMINAL ...😳😳

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Lloyd is calling people “criminal defendants” again. This is in reply to Joel’s thread about the case being dead and he tagged Leah Remini. An ex Scientologist is taking issue with Leah being tagged, so this happened:

    Also this:

    Lloyd is projecting a lot by calling people things that he is. Now it’s a “family holiday”.

  • Toblerone5

    When people ask why we have 1076 post on #$%$# Evans ...Go watch that video ...That's why !

    Oh and in his video he say ,if people don't know about HIS bottlegate video . April 1 2019, four years ago ...please go and check it out...

    Hasn't this dead horse been beaten long enough?

    FedUpJW ?

  • Toblerone5

    Now it’s a “family holiday”.

    Now he can afford one ?

  • EasyPrompt

    I don't "approve" of the shady things Lloyd Evans did. I'm all for exposing hypocrisy and reporting wrongdoing, etc, but what's the point in the extended character assassination and ridicule? He abused trust and acted poorly. He's reaping what he sowed. Fine. Good job whoever exposed the wrongdoing, keep warning people if there is bad stuff going on, but what's the point in abusing him verbally and with all the pictures? It's kinda gross.

    There is an expression: "Pick on someone your own size." If you really think you're intellectually/morally superior and you think he's emotionally/mentally "smaller" than you, then why are you acting like middle school bullies in this way? Ridicule doesn't add to your argument, it just undermines your authority.

    I'm pretty sure in the community guidelines I read "This is not the venue for you to harass, abuse or intimidate others however much you may not like what they believe."

    The thread is about Lloyd Evans. How many of the posts would he consider harassment or abuse? If you were talking that way about my brother, I'd ask you to stop.

    Please stop.

  • Journeyman
    O.M.G he just release a new video on the Tony Morris news

    Ok, well he's getting better. A mere 5 days late to the story this time!

    does not give anyone permission to take matters into their own hands in a manner that is abusive or CRIMINAL

    To be fair, he's said that sort of thing in the past about "aggressive activism", and I agree with him on that aspect.

    But his theorising about the second home being for someone to keep an eye on AMIII is hardly radical or newsworthy. Several have already speculated that that could be one reason. That's the advantage of posting late - you can jump on the coat tails of what others have already said!

    Lloyd is calling people “criminal defendants” again.

    I wonder if that's just an attempt to cover for the failure of his case to date and try to make "mud" stick, or if it means he's trying to keep the case alive? Will we see more submissions? If so, I don't envy the staff in the Croatian court system!

    Lloyd is projecting a lot by calling people things that he is.

    That was my immediate thought. "Classic narcissist who loses it whenever people don't join in his abuse and toxicity"? Pots and kettles, most definitely!

    And then of course he has to play for the sympathy vote with the references to being "triggered" and "hurt" while on a "family holiday". So predictable!

  • Toblerone5
    Deprive him of the oxygen his hatred craves...

    Isn't this Criminal ? Oh and what about people who's hatred will last when they are in their 50s,60s ,80s ,till the day they dies ?

  • Toblerone5

    He's on holiday ,and he has the time to go on social media read a tweett and respond to it? His holidaywith the family , is that boring ... Should have gone with a girlfriend...

  • Elmer

    Hi EasyPrompt. I see you are brand new to the forum. Please research this clown

    before you say anything that you might regret. Agape….

  • EasyPrompt

    Hi, Elmer, thank you.🙂

    I have researched him. Like I said, I don't approve of any nasty stuff he's done. King Saul did nasty stuff too, but when the Philistines stuck his dead body on the wall to make fun of him, it wasn't appropriate.

    If you see somebody beat up on the side of the road and left for dead, you can walk by or you can pick him up. What if "that guy" on the side of the road in Jesus' illustration was Lloyd Evans. We already know that the JWborg teaches to just walk by a "shunned" person who has been labeled "unworthy of love". I don't believe in their false doctrine.

    Lloyd Evans has fallen. He's been exposed. You've already shunned him to show you don't approve of what he does. Maybe he'll change, maybe he won't. Either way, what good does it do for you to make fun of him? Is that going to help him change?

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