It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Chinapomo

    Lloyd mansplains everything like he's talking to retarded YouTube subscribers.

  • Simon
    The fact that he never talks about it with people on his channel indicates that he is fully aware that no reasonable person would agree with his version of events. He tried it out with Andrew Gold and failed miserably and now he’s learned his lesson.

    Not only that, but he gave more ammunition to his critics and undermined his own claims. He's just not smart - he can't keep a consistent tale so he ends up contradicting himself. At least he's learned that his explanations usually just make things worse so he's keeping silent. And what can he say? The claims are empty, all he can do is claim "defamation", but he can't have a discussion because he'd have to expand on what exactly is defamatory and he has nothing.

    Didn't go to Thailand for sex, but claims he 'dated' a sex-worker? Yeah, everyone believed that version Lloyd.

  • DerekMoors
    but claims he 'dated' a sex-worker?

    Let's put that together for a minute. He goes to Thailand and just somehow meets a sex worker. Where? How? He doesn't know anyone there so it's not like a friend introduced them.

    Let's pretend he didn't go to a brothel. So where else would you meet someone who happens to be a sex worker? A strip club?

    Okay, so he goes to a strip club and gets a lap dance or whatever and starts talking to this woman.She would need to be someone so attractive that she can work as a stripper/sex worker.

    This very attractive woman is so enthralled with this fat, ugly neck beard with nothing going for him except knowing some things about a stupid little religion no one gives two shits about that she actually dates him? Like all above board, no money for favors, just going for dinner and drinks and talking and maybe on the 2nd or 3rd date or so they decide to snog.

    Meanwhile, she's also still stripping and doing her sex working job but ligitemately dating Lloyd because he's so attractive and kind and good to her and she really enjoys his company.

    Yep, completely plausible.

    The only other option is that he legit met her at a restaurant or club or whatever, not knowing she was a sex worker.


    He admits to frequenting prostitutes for years in Croatia but wouldn't you know it, what a weird coincidence, a woman he just happened to meet in a bar, you won't believe this, she's a sex worker. Weird, right? I mean, what are the odds that he would just strike up a conversation with a random woman and lo and behold, you won't believe what she does for a living. Accountant? Nope. Restaurant hostess? Wrong again. Flight attendant? Bank manager? Teacher? Doctor? Nurse? Writer? Artist? Bartender? Seamstress?

    Oh, and this coincidental sex worker was also totally okay with dating an ugly foreigner in town only for a few weeks. He didn't at all, wasn't even tempted, to hire her professional services while he was there. Yeah he did that back home, repeatedly, but this time it was different. This time it was real dating and she just coincidentailly happened to be a prostitute on the side. It was all a lovely relationship... for a month.

    How the fuck stupid do you need to be to believe that crap?

  • Toblerone5
    look for him to sport a cannabis leaf tattoo...

    he did get a few of those teenager ,streetwear t-shirt and hooddies... at his age .it look ridiculous

    You know what is missing...a man bun ! (please .please .please get one...)

    Forget it i will do this instead...😁😁😁

  • Thisismein1972

    Okay, frighteningly he suits that man bun!

  • Journeyman
    Okay, frighteningly he suits that man bun!

    "suits" as in, now the whole ensemble looks similarly awful!

    Yep, I can just imagine him topping off his horrible new look with something as disgusting as a man-bun. That pic looks all too plausible for the "new" midlife-crisis Lloyd, who thinks he's so cutting edge while being about 20 years out of date.

  • Chinapomo

    I hope the picture above is photoshopped. If it's real Lloyd is turning into a living meme.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Let's put that together for a minute. He goes to Thailand and just somehow meets a sex worker. Where? How? He doesn't know anyone there so it's not like a friend introduced them.
    Like a bumbling thief who leaves a trail of blood and cash up the stairs to his own flat, Lloyd Evans left his own sloppy trail and I'm not even getting into him spreading his "seed" all over the bed linens at his hotel in Pa Tong.

    He got caught with suggestive pics when he was in Texas, so he has to be a next level idiot to get caught again with the shared iCloud. As much as Jabba the Hutt likes scrolling, it's a simple Google search to find out how to not use a shared iCloud. He feigns ignorance in the 12 January 2022 email to Dijana, but then tells her he's not ashamed of the pics she found.

    Translation: He wanted her to find them. It was his middle finger to her, as you remember their fight in Croatia was about him using the family car to pick up Tinder dates and sex workers. He absolutely lost his shit at this and went off to Thailand. Translation: You didn't like me using the family car to pick up women? Fine. I'll fly to the other side of the planet and see women. Oh, did I leave that for you to find on the iCloud? Whoopsie! What he didn’t expect was his wife to stand up for herself for the first fucking time in her life and tell him it’s over. He’s so used to manipulating her into accepting his abuse.

    Further evidence of his doing this on purpose is him unnecessarily naming the sex worker/date by name, even going through the minutia of schooling Dijana on the correct pronunciation of his hook-up’s name. Who does this? Men who want to humiliate their wives.

    HE WANTED HER TO SEE THIS! He wanted her to see how much of a ladies man he was and how if she wasn't interested in a open marriage, fuck it, he won't have any problem going it alone.

    And who the fuck dresses as a hotel maid? A tourist on holiday in Thailand? No, he even stated he didn’t know if she was a hotel maid in real life, indicating that it was a local. Then, oddly enough, this woman who had a hotel maid outfit with her in Pa Tong needs to make her flight out of town.

    Did she remember to pack her hotel maid costume with her? Hope so. Don’t want her to get sacked do we?

    Simplest explanation: This was a lie. Cara was a local sex worker and so we’re her friends. He wanted to make Dijana jealous by thinking he just met her there as a fellow tourist.

    Which brings us to the identity of the "date". Cara, pronounced as "Sarah". And her friends too! So far we know that she likes to dress as a hotel maid and has a thing for overweight foreigners. Check out this exchange where he carefully states for the record that he did not pay his sex worker date directly.

    This might be correct, as there are "date" packages available in Thailand, and since Cara had friends with her, he probably chose the expensive "date + friends" package. He's either directly lying to Charlotte (quite possible) or he paid with the credit card prior to his arrival to Thailand, paying the company she works for and not the sex worker directly. That's what the Rent-a-date packages there cater to: Lonely men who want to think they are partying with girls who want to be with him. The time and place of meeting are arranged beforehand and the sex worker and her friends strike up a conversation and start flirting with him. Precisely what he paid for.

    I find that very interesting….I didn’t say he paid for sex in Thailand…..nor that he went to Thailand for sex. Yet he is all too ready to attach my name to this narrative. I think it was actually lloyd who first introduced the subject publicly…..guilty conscience perhaps 🤷‍♀️

  • Journeyman

    LMSA - excellent forensic examination of LE's behaviour. I reckon you have it bang on. Just one correction:

    Which brings us to the identity of the "date". Cara, pronounced as "Sarah". And her friends too! So far we know that she likes to dress as a hotel maid and has a thing for the money of overweight foreigners.

    Fixed it for you! I really doubt his newfound 'friend' was giving him her attention because of his charming personality and magnetic sex appeal.

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