It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • usualusername1

    Lloyd within minutes of us discussing the 10,000th comment, you made a post on Twitter about us.

    You must do the same on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and other content creators.

    I can now understand why you produce such poor content. You are too exhausted fighting us.

    Just a piece of advice. Your comments will never disappear. Your kids will read them and draw their own conclusions.

    Just for context I booked the same date evening and exposed you in London.

    My name is Paul.

    (Lloyd is now going to meetup to report me, lol)

  • DerekMoors

    What a fucking hypocrite. The exJW community is determined to be offended?

    Let's review a list of all the things this ugly clown has found offensive over the years:

    He was offended that Deb Dykstra didn't let him take copyrighted material, alter its cover, and distribute it without her permission.

    He was offended at "aggressive activists" the point of saying they "set the movement backward." A bold faced lie. Quite the contrary, protests got the attention of media everywhere.

    He was offended when someone told him "girls" wasn't a good word to use in his book when talking about the objects of his sexual perversions.

    He was offended when translators, working for free, dared to share a copy of his stupid book instead of paying him for individual copies.

    He was offended when someone dared suggest he take her $300 and use it to put someone else's story in his book.

    He was offended when other people had differing opinions over the Russian ban and didn't automatically agree with him.

    He was offended when BCG was upset that Daniel Walker was going to tell her story in his book without consulting her. He was offended when other activists supported her.

    He was offended when that Norwegian guy wrote his own book and said something about coaching or whatever. (Like, who the fuck cares what that guy was doing with his time? Nobody forced anyone to buy his book or support him... but Lloyd had to say something.)

    He was offended when he was voted out of AAWA even though he repeatedly outed people without their consent and blabbed stuff he was supposed to keep confidential.

    Now he's offended that people dare think dallying around with prostitutes and visiting the sex trafficking capital of the world is somehow wrong.

    Fucking hypocritical clown.

    You're wrong Lloyd. No one is determined to be offended except you but nice try at deflection, you failure of a little boy. Everyone is laughing at you behind your back, you realize that, right? You're the laughingstock of the community now, a pathetic ass clown still trying to grasp at some strings of relevance. You're a joke.

  • Simon
    Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, and the former Yugoslavia ...
    Then there was the two nuclear bombs that the US dropped ...

    If you care to have a debate, start a separate topic. This is not the place.

  • Diogenesister
    Karen Morgan (mentioned in Lloyd’s book) is a staunch supporter and she’s the only one I know who insisted that Lloyd stay on.

    I knew she would because he had her on his you tube channel regularly. He only has any connection with anyone when they are useful to him. I'm quite sure, (despite Marc o Donnell's natural ability to write well) the initial reason Lloyd considered him as a colleague is that he owns his own business and Lloyd saw $$$ potential in him. He had zero interest in Sherri and her husband on this site when they first started waking up. Again he only became interested in them, despite their really kind offer to be support co ordinators on JW survey, when they either became (or Lloyd saw their potential to become) big "donors" to him. Let alone Lloyd graciously "allowing" them to give him hours of monetized content during lockdown!*

    So this asshole and scumbag who needs everyone’s money to “save lives”, isn’t exactly interested in doing so when the project has sacked him for cause. So what used to be TTATT is now untitled (probably because Lloyd was involved in naming it) and here’s an educated guess: that documentary won’t see the light of day unless Lloyd stops blocking them with his legal threats.
    He's got some cheek!! He's got zero right to stop a group of people making a film about watchtower & shunning etc. He didn't write a script for the damn thing! He didn't film it!Nor does he remotely have the skill or expertise to claim it was ever "his film". He just wants $$$ & self publicity is all.


    My name is Paul.

    Ahhh…..hello my friend 💗

    I knew she would because he had her on his you tube channel regularly.

    I find this fascinating… do I not know who this person (Karen) is? Where did she go? She certainly wasn’t part of Lloyd’s team since my involvement - does anyone know?

    Sherri and her husband on this site when they first started waking up.

    I met lloyd through sherri and Sasha

    Consent from someone who can't freely give it, isn't really consent.

    This is exactly one of my problems with Lloyd’s behaviour, but he seems to be determined to advertise such objections as “they want me to be a pedo”…. What I actually want is for him to stop advocating for CSA victims as he is clearly not able to grasp the concept of consent which is a fundamental issue of CSA…..

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Thank you everyone for making this an epic thread.

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