Do You Think People Should Be Scorned For Wearing A Red MAGA Hat?

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  • Finkelstein

    Illusions and delusions are great for white washing over facts.

    .......carry on nevertheless

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Candace Owens, like most adults, has a built-in bullshit detector. She's probably encountered racism at least once in her life. She knows racism when she sees it. And that black dude, with the 'Grow The Heck Up' cap on, he knows what racism is. It seems you, Fink, claim to know better ...

    Illusions and delusions are great for white washing over facts - well that's very condescending.

    How about actually engage with people? That's gotta be best, right?

    It's good to talk.

    Addendum - there's also the issue of identity politics. White supremacists practice identity politics. That's not good. But, here's what's also not good - the left practices identity politics to combat racist identity politics. That's the wrong way to deal with it. The truly inclusive way to counter racism is to defeat it by coming together - we are all Homo sapiens. All people - black, white, straight, gay, etc. - have the exact same rights and responsibilities under the law and should recognise that fact. That's equality.

  • peacefulpete

    No Simon each of those charts revealed the facts regarding the very specific claims made by posters here in the preceding comments. Are you editing posts you recognize disprove your position? That would sound a lot like the WT. Funny how we were just discussing the cult like nature of the far right and far left.

    As an aside

  • LV101

    Anything (charts re/terrorism, etc.) reported by Washington Post would clearly need to be verified. I was half asleep when another Obama-machine document was confirmed fake last night (more of the same) - the three leading reporters all on his A-team but scattered out as different sources making it look authentic -- (he'd hired literally thousands of the left on his team when in office - I'm not talking a few trusted family members like President Trump has but gazillions - page after page/unreal!). Unable to stay up and get info later in evening -- perhaps someone else picked it up. It's endless and will take decades to unveil. I'm sure you can google - might not be top news w/all the criminal corruption being uncovered.

  • rickroll

    If you tell someone they can not say or feel what they think then you have a totalitarian society. Its about as dumb as well being a democrap.

  • LV101

    How many decades have the Dems been playing the race card -- the go to ticket when bottom falls out between fake criminal news - nothing new/move along. The African Americans didn't have a choice for decades and were used/abused by the left - like being born Catholic in Spain/Italy. They're hyperventilating losing even a fraction of the African-American voting base -- bummer.

  • LV101

    Yes, Candace Owens, is one astute, brilliant, young, lady, and has experienced deplorable behavior first hand from the left. Diamond & Silk - brutally honest and on their toes re/the political playing field as is Lawrence Jones who is out gathering real life opinions and facts daily. Of course, the left has a large born-in/built base automatically (as some of us took sides in college) but it's not because of the AA base being circumspect until recently. It will be very difficult for many AAs to stop/drop their delusions as it is many others.

  • Theonlyoneleft

    We all can express ourselves without offending others as long as we are not inciting violence or supporting it, or doing anything that will cause harm to others or breaking the law of the land.

  • LV101

    Ignorance of society identifying/terming humans. We're all a composite of colors -- all races have urban/slang terms and some more user friendly than others. Even Aryan (white) term is outdated today and I haven't heard the "coloured" term used in decades or at least in the west. Per science facts determining visible wavelengths in color theory and basis for the educated art world, black and white are NOT even colors so you see we're all equal in color theory so let's make it simple. White contains visible light - black void of any (in dark/light world) but we wrongly refer to black and white as colors the same as yellow/blue/red, etc. No big deal as all races are coined some derogative/disparaging terms, but I understand your point.

    I can't tell you how many times here in the West I've been termed "a gringo" by children of Hispanic or Latino heritage - it's hilarious and that's what they've 'heard' out of the mouths of the parents. I don't take it personally and not as bad as some words we've all been called. I thought a "gringo" was someone that didn't/couldn't eat salsa/peppers like my husband but I consume more of that stuff than they do and felt I was almost Mexican.

  • Theonlyoneleft

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