Do You Think People Should Be Scorned For Wearing A Red MAGA Hat?

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  • Simon
    the last person that was in office was an intelligent educated guy who just wanted things better for the working class, not the top 1% corporate elite

    Are you for real? I always wonder whether people genuinely believe the spin instead of the reality or whether it's just for show, apparently you really do.

    Obama was a great orator and made great promises, all that "hope" stuff really was inspiring, the "yes we can" act was hypnotic, it really was like seeing a great performer.

    And that's all it was. Life for normal people got worse. Race relations got worse. The economy was like treacle. Enemies grew bolder and terrorism got worse.

    That's before you even get to all the scandals and the crimes he appears to have committed. I hope he will be impeached and pay for what he did to the US democracy and society.

    A great speaker, but the worst president ever.

  • peacefulpete

    I knew a guy at Bethel who wore newspaper hats, we all thought him crazy but he had the courage to wear them anyway.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree that things definitely got worse in the country under Obama in ALL the ways that you describe..Unfortunately, the Democrats (leftists) are in denial about this.


    I am curious, are you a US citizen? The reason I ask is that it makes me ill when people who don’t live here have a pro-left attitude about what happens here.

  • LongHairGal


    I don’t wear a MAGA hat because I generally don’t like baseball caps...But, I have to laugh at the tired stereotype you and others use: about ‘pick-up trucks’, ‘chrome balls’ or being married to your cousin and living in the backwoods 🙄...Keep on believing this if you want..

    Many DT supporters don’t wear MAGA hats or bumper stickers and are educated but keep a low profile because of the sick bullshit perpetrated by leftist Democratic supporters..They feel it’s not worth it to get their windshield broken by some degraded idiot of which there are far too many around!

    I also can make an unflattering list or stereotype of how I perceive far too many liberal Democrats to be!

  • Finkelstein

    The reason I ask is that it makes me ill when people who don’t live here have a pro-left attitude about what happens here.

    Whats up with this left or right bullshit partisan crap ?

    If a political policy is intelligent, purposeful and effective to the betterment of the population it doesn't need or should have a left or right political ideology attached to it.

    Obama's democrats could have put out a MAGA hat, would that have labeled him a right wing politician ?

  • LV101

    The description of Trump supporters in this topic is barbaric and desperation - more pernicious, destructive/dangerous/lies but just might describe others allowing human beings living in filth/disease/excrement/rat infested, over-regulated, (dictatorship), cities, in the US. I know one 'thinks' they're an "elitist" (few are "elitist" - that's a joke but if it makes you feel as if and fiction can be fun) or a 'power couple' if on left. Hard to believe you'd put down Trump supporters and their spouses when you're showing ignorance w/regard to the base and, obviously, society and socio-economic levels, higher education. Many of us who voted for President Trump and socialize with all including conservatives don't drive pick-up trucks but actually donate trucks/vans, etc., to charities, organizations. If I recall correctly, the pick up truck class gave up on the left and fled to vote for leadership by President Trump - even many under strong unions. After all it's the conservatives (fact) that donate and provide the most to society and charities. Reality for many of us thinking we're so balanced and benevolent. President Trump is a centrist with a mammoth wave of contributors/supporters -- not just the right. Liberals/elitists should use their immense wealth and elitism (joke) doing something constructive and help the Trump 'degenerates' of society vs. wanting power, redistribution of wealth, more handouts. First help the liberal cities and their desperate plight. Pond scum/low lifers ridicule the hard-working, tax-paying, class, who work for what they have.

    Thank you all for allowing the MAGA hats - truly magnanimous. I'll wear any hat, drive any car, fly any airliner, eat meat, own cows, etc., I so choose, until the dictators are in command.

    More facts/evidence surfacing re/Obama's leadership - US Atty. charges Obama's boy, McCabe, with criminal charges for lying about the Hillary Clinton probe --just the tip of the iceberg re/so many above the law.

  • LV101

    Exactly, LongHairGal! I wouldn't wear one (without body guard or learn to be a sharp shooter/lol) other than the assisted living facility's special days for Vets. It's not safe in this country of liberalism.

  • LongHairGal


    You didn’t answer my question: are you a US citizen? I’m not asking for your name, rank and serial number....This is not to imply someone shouldn’t have an opinion if they aren’t. I’m just curious if you are.


    Yes, things have gotten sick here in this country, sad to say. The quality of life has deteriorated because of this garbage and low-life people who feel confident they can get away with it because of the political climate caused by the Dems/liberal/left.

  • redvip2000

    Perhaps one day people will start voting with their heads instead of with their team Jerseys. What i see on both the Left and Right (thought perhaps more salient on the Right), is the blind adherence to whatever the team puts forward.

    To me it seems if the Republican party puts forth a scare crow as their next candidate, all the conservatives drones will go dancing on the streets praising it. We know this is true, because if Drumpft had run as a Democrat and won, the same people that are here defending Trump would be now having a field day feasting on the copious amounts of stupidity emanating from him.

    Now, to my mind, a scare crow would actually be a better President, because Mitch McConnel and special interests groups would continue running the country as they are now, but at the very minimum the scare crown would not embarrass us at every turn.

  • redvip2000

    Ohh, and by the way, i'm watching the Democratic debate and it's becoming clear the Orange Drumpt will win again in 2020. The core of the Left is completely lost in a sea of extreme left platforms, which will cause the moderate electorate to at best stay home on election day.

    All I've heard is: Free 13,000 drug offenders from prison, abolish deportations, protect illegals, ban AR-15 (yes they actually specify the brand)

    Even Biden got attacked for deporting illegals with Obama. Evidently even he is too much to the right at this point.

    The Left is self imploding. Sad

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