Do You Think People Should Be Scorned For Wearing A Red MAGA Hat?

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  • Finkelstein


    You didn’t answer my question: are you a US citizen?

    No Canadian

    Lived in Florida for a few years back in the late 1970's

  • peacefulpete

    Simon, why have you deleted my charts that show the facts under discussion?

  • Simon

    You were just spamming with random unsourced charts, you're not discussing anything.

  • Simon
    All I've heard is: Free 13,000 drug offenders from prison, abolish deportations, protect illegals, ban AR-15 (yes they actually specify the brand)

    You missed free everything!

    Free healthcare for all. Free drugs and medicines. Free university education and wiping out student debt (free money!). Free housing. Free raises, regardless of justification.

    Free, free, free !!!

    It's all going to be amazing! ... well, for the first 6 months, and then you'll wish you hadn't let them take your gun 'cause you need it to fight off the mobs looking for food.

  • LongHairGal


    Ah, the late 70s! Believe me, those are the good old days - compared to now.

    That’s before things went downhill here..back then practically anybody could find a job. Not so now. I had jobs with benefits. There was more hope then.

    It was before the days of open borders, gang warfare, runaway crime, serious social ills, outsourcing/offshoring, prices through the roof, terrorism, mass shootings and all the other ills we have today!

  • Finkelstein

    One of the existing problems in America and has been for awhile is the unregulated corporate greed which exists in the current health care system . People there are getting gouged in pharmaceutical costs and insurance costs more so than any other country in the world.

    We get hordes of people coming up to Canada to buy their needed drugs at a 1/4 of the price because of this.

    There seems to be an attempt to rectify that problem as of late, maybe the politicians can finally come up with a solution.

  • Simon

    There are structural problems with the US healthcare system but I think "unregulated corporate greed" is simplistic Bernie Saunders level nonsense up there with blaming "miwyonaaires and biwyonaaires" for everything (notice he only goes after billionaires since people are onto his personal wealth and multi-property ownership?).

    Unless you work in healthcare, you won't know about many of the problems because they don't come up on the debate stage because, well, they are not simple and jingoistic.

    The US healthcare system has huge overheads - more gets spent on administration than most other places, and this is where a lot of the costs go. It's been made horrendously worse by politicians edicts to implement things that are a complete disaster (cough, Obama, cough). "Patients should have access to electronic health records" sounds good, but it's means $billions are spent on IT systems and integrations and then on payouts for the failures of those systems (there's a reason the medical profession is one of the leading causes of death!).

    The litigious US legal system then weighs heavy on things - all those lawyers cost money and so do the payouts. It all ultimately adds to the cost of doing business.

    Just the fact that doctors are spending so much of their time operating IT systems instead of providing patient care means that patient care costs balloon (because you need more doctors, while you're paying them to not actually be "doctoring").

    Then there is the massive, rampant runaway spending. No direct link to costs means no control of costs.

    It's a shit show, the likes of which only IT can manage (second only to the military in that ability). Of all the things Obama did, this is probably the worse thing that will have the biggest negative lasting impact, more than the failure of Obamacare. It'll take many years to sort out.

    It's not all corporate greed, it's a broken system that politicians created.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    White nationalism is an expressive ideology quite often associated with Trump, there is probable reason for that - but white nationalism is only associated with Trump due to the mainstream media (which is virulently anti-Trump).

    Spot the problem here?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Have you ever noticed that there is hardly any colored people at Trump's rallies ? - here's a Trump supporter on YouTube. And he's black ...

    Image result for candace owens

    ^^^ And here's another well-known Trump supporter. Look at her beautiful smile and brown skin.

    ^^^ And another. The young Trump supporter is called Quay Manuel. He seems to be intelligent and independent-minded. This video is on Anthony Brian Logan's channel ... another African-American Trump supporter.

    Fink - ditch identity politics. It don't do no good. Individual identity is more important. We are all Homo sapiens. There are plenty of men and women of color who are right wingers or Trump supporters. They are individuals, grown-up people who know their own minds and are capable of independent thought.

  • punkofnice

    LUHE I reckon Candice Owens is a case in point.

    I think it's fair to say that some people are not interested in Mr Trump and his personal life; they vote for the party they prefer, not an individual.

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