Do You Think People Should Be Scorned For Wearing A Red MAGA Hat?

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  • minimus

    Do you support free choice to wear a political hat or article of clothing? If someone wants to put a bumper sticker on their car in support of a political candidate or party, should they be able to do it without fear of being maligned or abused??

  • jp1692

    Freedom of speech and freedom of choice do not somehow magically protect people from the consequences of their actions.

    The people that don't agree have just as much right to voice their disagreement or disapproval as those that make a public statement.

    These rights go both ways. That's the beauty of it. Embrace it.

  • sparky1

    Absolutely not! In the USA anyone has the right to express their opinion and preference for whatever political party they support and endorse. No one has the right to inflict violence or verbal abuse on another person just because they choose to wear 'their colors' so to speak. I have no use for President Trump as a person and most of his programs and policy are bogus in my opinion. That being said, I applaud him, the Trump Make America Great Again committee and the RNC for having their political themed clothing made in the USA.

  • minimus

    I don’t think a person has a right to beat up another person because of their political views.

  • LV101

    They can especially "voice" it but some in this country encourage physical abuse without regard for law nor care to protect the citizens.

  • LV101

    I wear mine -- with top down on my SL but drive fast/lololol. I think I'll start collecting them -- the Cardinal red color of car doesn't quite match the MAGA red of my cap but nuances/monochromatics work.

    Couple of veterans at assisted/nursing facility (where I've a family member) wear MAGA hats - have the Trump stickers on their motorized wheel chairs -- they're so adorable.

  • Simon

    No one should face harassment, threats of violence or actual violence because of their political affiliation.

    That applies for the KKK, BLM and other groups.

    People should only face consequences if they commit crimes and break laws. Until and unless that happens, the people doing the harassment are 100% the guilty ones.

    Someone was just refused entry to the Canadian government building because they had a T-shirt suggesting that people should support Canada's ethical oil industry. Ridiculous.

  • minimus

    The thought police is alive and well

  • barry

    I just returned from the USA and if I could find a maga hat I would have worn it.

    The only problem i had over there was sometimes people couldn't understand me.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    People should be clear on all that a symbol implies and not show false outrage when they piss off everyone around them. Be willing to stand for your beliefs however unpopular. This isn't meant as permission for people to be violent, its just that when you flip people off they will likely react in an unfriendly manner.

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