I'm now turned off by this site

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  • pistolpete

    The young Born in Jws today couldn't give a hoot about WT doctrine. The reason is because in today's internet age, there are several 8 year old born in jws that can explain 607-1914 better than the JW bible scholar that used to explain the date back in the pre-internet age on this site.

    And I believe those bible scholars left this site because they realized it was time to live their life and not be consumed with WT agenda.

    Today there are Literally hundreds if not thousands of YouTube videos that debunks Every WT Doctrine EVER.

    Why would any young JW want to READ POSTS here when you have access to a 10 minute or less video that explains Everything Watchtower related---past and present?

    The reason many are turned off by this site is because the World has Changed and nostalgia is difficult to give up for many.

    Sorry, but the world will continue to change and human interest will also change.

    The WT doctrines that were important 10, 20, or 30 years ago are a joke for the many young JWs because they are already BEGINNING AT THE POINT WHERE THEY KNOW THE BIBLE ITSELF IS NOT GOD'S WORD.

    They joke about Noah's flood because the have done the math

    They see how ridiculous it is to believe that a God who murders 70,000 of his own faithful worshipers just because a King took a census, can be labeled a God of love.

    They see how stupid the Universal Sovereignty issue actually is.

    This site is not Watchtower dominated anymore because the world is evolving along with humanity.

    If a person is still hung up on Watchtower News, Has that person really broken the chains?

    The main concern of today's young JWs is:








    WT DOCTRINE IS IRRELEVANT! Nobody cares anymore. The young ones have TONS OF INFORMATION on literally everything. Why spend the time and energy on something they know is useless?

    There is close to 70,000 new members on exjw reddit. The Majority of them are under 20 years of age. A survey was done last year to estimate how many jws have left ejwreddit to start living their lives. It was estimated about 100,000 left exjw reddit to start living their normal lives without Watchtower interest. Only those with family pop in once every few years.

    In another 20 years, probably all sites related to the God of the bible will be gone, The few that exist today are dying fast. Usually only 10 or so members post regularly on subjects that allure the crazy. Those that are trying to figure out the book of Revelation, Daniel, and when the Kingdom of God will take Control.

  • just fine
    just fine

    I think the process of waking up was so much different 20 years ago. There wasn’t the depth of information available, the internet wasn’t a social support mechanism like it is now. I know when I was leaving 20+ years ago debating the teachings was how I eventually got “deprogrammed” from the cult. Finding a tribe that was willing to question the teachings was so comforting. Most people leaving now, already know its all made up.

    It’s different now.

  • punkofnice
    just fine. I think the process of waking up was so much different 20 years ago.

    This is true. Back in the day, there was only Crisis of Conscience and 30 years a Watchtower slave to read. But who in the bOrg would dare own such books?

  • minimus

    I’ve been here forever. I remember looking at subjects and not being interested in certain things so I simply scrolled down and clicked on what I liked. Some of the subjects were political and a lot of talk was Brit oriented. At that time I was mostly interested in proofs that Jehovah’s Witnesses really didn’t have the Truth. Regarding JW subjects that still rings my bell. But who cares what I like or love or ignore? It’s MY DECISION to click on to whatever I want. I would never say subjects I don’t really care about should be removed. Who the hell am I??

  • David.L.Henson

    I’ve been here forever.

    You certainly have. We are painfully aware of this. It's a pretty good explanation as to why very few others are still here though....

  • redvip2000
    I'm not so sure. This is, after all, an ex-JW site. Once you get past the idea that an all powerful being is going to organize life for you, politics becomes much more relevant. It matters to ex-JWs infinitely more than current members.

    We agree that this site is mostly for ex-JWs. However for the curious active Jdub that visits, they are really not interested in political discussions, there are zillions of places for that already. They are looking for perspective on JW crap.

    I took a look at the active topics , and it does seems there are quite a few political discussions and curiously they get the most attention, which says a lot about the interests of all of us.

  • minimus

    David also known as spannerintheworks, I’m happy to report no one has stayed or left because of you. You remain a nothing.

  • Phizzy

    Never mind Davidtwatfeatures Min, we all love and respect you, and appreciate your many Threads

    I think it is possible this Site will eventually be redundant, but as long as there is a need, as long as it helps a few to free themselves from the Org. then I hope it keeps going.

    What will hasten its demise is if it becomes too polarised Politically, and is not the tolerant place it used to be. Or if it degenerates in to a place where people trade personal insults. ( Mine in the first sentence was simply humorous.................. honest).

  • minimus

    Philz thanks! I realize not everyone has the same tastes and that’s all good.

  • Me.Wonderful

    When my son was born , I had not been active for a number of years. No one made an issue about it because I told them to stay away from me and my side of the family were not JWs. My wife who is active gets the bright idea she wants to show over her new baby boy to one of the elders. I told her it, I thought it was a bad idea but just came along to basically try and protect my family. We get there and holy shit, there are three of them waiting for us. I just walked into an ambush.

    We were not there for more than five minutes and it was " do you believe in the trinity , do you believe hell is a literal place " etc etc. Every unique dogma and legalization of the WTS, they wanted to have a fight about. I was known to be kind of a mouth piece in the meetings.

    Meanwhile, My poor wife is sitting there wanting to show off this new bundle of joy. Just heartbroken. I was " lets go ", this is not appropriate.

    My point being , its not really appropriate to flood this board with right wing nonsense and politics. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. You would think there would be more suitable websites to hang out at. At the rate this place is going it will be nothing be the 12 members of the Montana Militia and that is too bad.

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