I'm now turned off by this site

by purrpurr 67 Replies latest jw friends

  • mickbobcat

    So if you don't like the views people hold and run to read the very views you hate just to whine about those opinions. You remind me of Billy Crystal in SNL. I hate it when that happens. LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im1aXFYoedg

  • WTWizard

    The jokehovians forbid any and all political opinions, expecting us to just plain let communism take the whole world without any notice. And it makes no sense to limit politics to just one side--instead, we all have the duty to not accept communism. Otherwise, it will be global enslavement, under full Noahide Law, for everyone on the planet. Which is what the jokehovian witlesses want to see, while the members see nothing.

  • Me.Wonderful

    The real disappointing part is watching ex-jws falling for populist nonsense and half retarded conspiracy theories. You would think of there were a people on this planet that just had there fill of narcissist stupidity it would be cult survivors. It seems like some are just trading one vice for another.

    But if you want to stay angry, be angry.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Bluesbrother, did not mean to down vote your comment, I agree with you.

    When I first came here 15 years ago, I was still an active elder with a lot of unanswered questions. In December 2006, I was removed as an elder for "unreasonableness," a catchall term used by JWs when they got nothing specific on you...so instead they get me for....

    Dating a JW online in India, a sister verified by the branch as legit.

    Starting college to improve my economic status and get out of poverty. (Despite an elder in my old KH pursuing a Masters and teaching at Community College....good for my old friend).

    Questioning how a fellow elder could get on the platform and warn against masturbation and pornography and yet secretly be doing both and admitting if he hadn't been caught he wouldn't have come forward. They said I was unreasonable for not being more forgiving and agreeing with the BOE and keeping him on.

    Questioning the same elder for scamming an elderly sister into switching her phone service to his MLM service.

    I need to stop...what they did not like was me calling THEM out.. LOL.

    By 2007, I had read enough on JWD/JWN to know WT was BS and I walked away. If not for this site, I would not have started dating in the "world" and met my now wife (12 years together, 10 married in June).

    Who knows how many others have been helped, but if not for Simon and his wife,, and Flippper and others here who got me through, I might still be trapped like my 77 year old mom.

    There, no politics.

    Snakesinthetower (Rich, of the "Forever Grateful" Sheep Class)

  • Phizzy

    Similar for me Snakes, this site was not just helpful to me, but literally a life saver.

    I thank Simon, Angharad and all involved in running it, and I thank a huge number of past contributors here too, they ALL helped me

    But , it is not the place it was, people have changed, the Posters on here are different, less tolerant and kind. Instead of a lot of well informed people here, there is a lot of ignorance on show.

    I fear that this place may not be as effective for helping J.W's in the early stages of waking up as it once was.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    ive been on here about 10 years now--and there has been a big drop off of active members--and i miss some of them.

    i havent the slightest interest or understanding of British politics-yet alone US politics . I dont even know what republican or democrat means--is there any real difference ?

    i'm here because there is nowhere else to go. ( I'm in Exjw redditt--but i cant get on with it. )

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    To " purrpurr", please allow me to make the following reùark:

    If by chance you do feel uncomfortable with the content of some posts,

    just skip ..over and choose a subject/topic which is more to your liking.

    By the way I've been in this forum quite a while...and I always appreciate

    many of the topics and the discussions including the information and all3 the researches that went along with them.

    I do take the occasion to thanks again Simon and all his team for

    giving us this forum

    I do hope, "purrpurr" that my remark does not appear unkind or


    Greeting to all of you,

    JC MacHislopp

  • vienne

    I don't see any need to ban political discussions from this site. I visit it every day. I do not read every post. And some of those I do read, I click off because they're [1] more full of stupidity than I want to endure; [2] not a subject that interests me; [3] too poorly written to under stand without mentally translating it.

    There is no law that says we must read every post, or that we must agree with everything written. Self edit. Assume some personal responsibility for what you read. This isn't high school or university where you MUST read assigned material. This is a voluntary association, and if you find a topic that makes you grit your teeth, skip it.

    Liberals want to censor everything. Those on the far right love to rant and promote 'theories.' You do not have to read any of that, unless you want entertainment.

  • User99

    One of the group topics on this forum is “politics and current affairs”. I’m not sure how to enforce it, but I think that political discussions should stay under that topic heading.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Now before certain people start frothing at the mouth, I should point out, I'm not saying that theres anything wrong with political debates or thoughts or opinions.


    But I do wonder whether this is the right site for such? Especially when you consider that for many questioning Jws this site may be the first they click on.

    This has been said, what... 5000 times over the last 12 months? Each time the answer is the same: the topic is allowed here. You can engage or not. It's your choice. Nobody forces anyone into a thread.

    But I also noticed that it didn't take long for the "stop political discussions here" crowd to start associating the scary "right wing" with a cult.

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