Pillowgate - John Cedars

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  • silentbuddha
  • The Gorgeous One
    The Gorgeous One
    stan livedeath
    cobblers. its a fake. cedars work ? very funny though--if only it was a watchtower production !
    come ON guys--get real.

    Yes! Let's get real! There are real JWs from Bethel in the video.

  • Listener

    I've got to hand it to them, they've got themselves in a real sticky situation over this one.

    It's aroused some deep thinking on my part and I've come up with new light to shed on the matter -

    Pillow protectors

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    This video was likely part of the many cost saving measures we've seen taking place at Bethel. Someone in accounting noticed that the washing machines in the laundry were wearing prematurely. It was discovered this was due to a high number of Bethelites sneaking into the laundry after hours and setting the machines on the "spin" cycle.

  • stillin

    I wonder what it's like to masturbate...

  • slimboyfat

    Was this video released to Cedars on the basis of his Watchtower activism or his published expertise on masturbation?

  • finallysomepride

    Sleeping positions after hip replacement surgery.....Life gets better as you age.

  • CovertsadJW
    While so funny; its really sad-I mean not one JW is taught how to grow up and address his or her sexuality in a health, non destructive way. We are taught to suppress , sex is dirty, desire is dirty, that leads to all kinds of problems. Just stack this on top of all the other controlling behavior and Wow thats all I can say.
  • truthseeker
  • truthseeker

    I don't have time to write it but can someone knock up a Questions from readers article?

    Are Pillows For True Christians?

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