Great Tribulation and Trump

by TakeOffTheCrown 193 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    This picture was just taken as Donald Trump arrived at the White House.

    .......... Wait a second !

  • DJS

    This OP is a new JWNET low. Could some of you BE any more effingsttupid?

    And Takoffthecrown (yes, take it off. it is clearly too tight and is impairing what few brain cells you have) you've been given so many excellent responses as to why this OP sucks the big one and yet you find The listener"s remarks about Obama's possible Hail Mary to thwart Trump "very interesting?" WTF?

    What legislation do you think he could pass in the next 2 months? Wars start? He could have all the Ds and Ts from the White House keyboards removed. Yeah, that would show him.

    In case you missed it Obama is a man of class and grace. Yet, as I recall, Obama WAS the anti Christ in 2008. You probably bought into that delusion too.

    I tried. To not attack that is. Clearly I failed.

  • TakeOffTheCrown
    I tried. To not attack that is. Clearly I failed.

    No problem DJS. At least you tried.

  • Fisherman

    Just a thought since we are on the topic of the GT; since the devil has been cast down to earth, is t possible to go to mars or to the moon or to outer space to avoid being tempted by the devil; and did such astronauts experience any relief from the devil when away from the earth?

  • schnell

    I always thought it was odd that the Devil was cast down to earth at so late a year in history, when much earlier he was roving about the earth and watching over the garden of Eden.

    Did God take away his passport or something? *shrug*

  • Fisherman

    cast down to earth at so late a year in history

    The irony of the original serpent eating dust all the days of his life. It is an allusion to the fate of the Satan in the last days. Seems that Satan had a penchant for the earth.

  • schnell

    Or perhaps we're just making this up as we go along.

  • Fisherman

    Or perhaps we're just making this up as we go along

    It does not seem at all possible to me because no one could be able to orchestrate all of the elements that fit so perfectly. I am a very skeptical and analytic person and I am convinced -and not because the wt says so.

  • Nevuela

    Those of you saying there is no god or divine being, no messiah, no tribulation, no new system to come are far too sure of yourselves. You don't know any more than those who are certain that those things exist. They may not be able to back their beliefs with hard evidence, but you can't either. NEVER be sure of anything you can't prove.

    For the record, I am an agnostic. I don't believe 100% in anything that hasn't proven itself to me. I don't even have the crutch of blind faith to lean on. If you say there is no God, I will argue that there might be. If you insist there is a God, I will argue that there may not be. Kindly do not assume your point of view is the only correct one to have. The Watchtower does this same exact thing and you condemn them for it. Please don't be hypocrites.

  • schnell
    They may not be able to back their beliefs with hard evidence,

    Which means an argument from ignorance, and the onus is on them to substantiate it rather than on atheists to disprove it.

    I'm an atheist, not an agnostic, because no argument for a creator has withstood scrutiny. I don't think they can. A theist may prefer to believe in God, may reach to say that there could be one, may feel that all is necessarily meaningless without one. That need for meaning is not proof of God.

    If I am not to make an assertion, so as not to be dogmatic like the Watchtower, then I am supposed to stay mum about reasoning and observation. I don't accept that. If I make an assertion in a public forum like this, it is open for scrutiny and I am open for debate. We're adults here. If you don't like my stance, that's okay, but why piss and moan about dogma or (unbelievably) hypocrisy? Put up an argument.

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