Is Trump Doing Better Than You Thought As President!

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  • Outahere

    I understand a lot of people don't like how he communicates and presents himself. Believe me, I get that.

    But I look at what he does.

  • kairos

    maybe a second way of looking at this is:

    What has Trump done wrong ( specifically ) and how Clinton would have done better...

    < thread ends >

  • minimus

    Flipper , you are a great guy but your political instincts suck. But I still luvu

  • tornapart

    He's doing about as well as I expected given his bluster before he became president. He's done what he's said he'd do so far (unless he's been stopped by the courts), I think he's doing as well as Hitler did in 1930's Germany. And like Hitler I reckon he'll soon be starting the next World War.

  • Simon

    Does anyone genuinely believe that if Clinton was in power we wouldn't now be at war with someone, maybe North Korea or Syria?

    For all the claims that Tump is Hitler, he sure doesn't seem as much as hawk as Clinton.

    The fact is he talks tough, but it's better than people who try and act tough or people who talk weak (ha, that was the Clinton / Obama double-act).

  • Simon
    So Obama was a racist?

    Look at race in America before he was elected and when he left office. He made things a hell of a lot worse and fanned the flames, deliberately IMO. He associated with racists before he was elected and the MSM covered it up we now learn. He didn't make things better for black people even - but then the dems like their slaves angry and voting for them now since they were forced to free them.

    And Obama didn't create ISIS, it was created by Republican Bush and his dismantling of the Iraq army during the second invasion of that country.

    That undoubtedly contributed to it and was a failure but it was Obama that pulled too many troops out of Irag and left the vacuum that ISIS filled. Did Obama not know the Iraqi army had been dismantled? Should he have known? He was advised not to pull out but 'I guess he knew best. It didn't help that the arms he and Clinton poured into Libya helped to arm them too.

    Yes, we were all amazed that his appeal to people being nice didn't work or threats not to cross an ever retreating line in the sand weren't taken seriously. His foreign policy was a farce and achieved nothing of consequence but made a lot of situations worse.


    There are 2 things guaranteed to start a bar room brawl. Religion and politics. We can all agree that religion is what got us here and that Watchtower is toxic. As regards politics, I don't know why people continue to start posts that in no way can be settled. It's like if I came around to your house and tried to shove religion down your throat. You wouldn't like it and would either go on the defense or tell me to piss off. Has anyone here been converted to another person's political ideology because of something posted here? I believe not.

    Point after point is pounded back and forth. To me this is the definition of futility.

  • ctrwtf

    He's a fraudulent, mysogynist, tax cheating, race baiting, world class lying stable genius. Plus he's like really smart!

    What's there not to like?

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic


    Politics is the difference between North Korea and South Korea.

    Yeah, it can be tedious and tiresome. But when it comes to how our governments are shaped there are only two options - to engage in discussion or to use force.

  • Finkelstein

    I think Obama fanned the flames of racism across America by virtue of him a black man being rich. popular and successful.

    Sort hit a nerve with poor white people in the States, add in the lack of attention those people received during his administration in the mid bread basket part of the country and a white rich guy full of promises was the causative result.

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