Is Trump Doing Better Than You Thought As President!

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  • nowwhat?

    If you look at his agenda alone and you are against more manufacturing jobs. Less regulations that stifle job growth. Stop the flow of immigrants that keep wages low ,eradicate Isis. Then you just might be a socialist.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Yup folks, anyone who doesn't like Trump is a socialist.

    No need to keep the thread going. Let's just grab our pitchforks and run these socialists out of town.

  • minimus

    It’s good to see some softening toward Trump! With all the obstacles he’s had to deal with, bravo!!! to the POTUS!

  • slimboyfat

    What on earth is wrong with being a socialist? Heaven forbid that the rest of the world become like Norway, that notorious socialist hell hole.

  • Simon

    ISIS is now destroyed, Obama managed to create ISIS. You think that was more of an achievement worth celebrating?

    The conspiracy that people laughed at has been proven and Obama was the head of the snake. I know it hurts to learn that your hero was really a crooked lying racist loser but you have to accept it.

    What were Obama's achievements exactly? Trump has more in a year than he did in two terms.

  • hothabanero

    Socialism is behind all mass killings of the 20th century. Socialism always lead to SHIT HOLES.

    Norway isn't that great. It is just bc they got a ton of oil (& so does Denmark).

    Look at Sweden to see socialism in action. But better look fast, soon it won't be a country anymore!

    I was not that thrilled about Trump, but I 100% agree with Simon: He is accomplishing GREAT things.

  • Simon

    How to cure universities of marxism:

    Tell them marks for all assignments will be averaged and the same result given to everyone

    Watch average scores plummet as smart students leave the class and stop propping up the people who decided they don't need to work

    Everyone on the course fails. Who knew.

    Rinse and repeat.

  • hothabanero

    I wasn't too happy about Trump to begin with, in fact, I think he would do a pretty poor job.

    But guess what? I am happy to admit when I am wrong!

    Keep in mind we tend to remember the good and not the bad about presidents. I think when all is said and done, Trump will be remembered as a glorious president, someone who reformed & transformed the country, and created a new american order.

  • scratchme1010
    Do you think he is better than you might have thought as a President?


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    All I know about Donald Trump is what I've learned through the media and we all know how reliable a source that is in terms of seeing things as they really are.I 've never met him personally, so what do I really know about him or his ways ?

    Having said that, as much of an embarrassment as President Trump appears to be each day from what they choose to highlight about him in the news, from a distance, life in the U.S. looks pretty much like the same old same old. It seems to me that no matter who's in office, things stay pretty much the same. We have the same complaints no matter who's doing the job and Americans end up despising whomever is in office, by the end of their term.

    To hear people talk, you'd think we'd have been on the brink of utter chaos and nuclear annihilation by now but when I drive down the street and go about my daily life, things are pretty much the same.

    My parents brought us to the U.S when I was a kid so I'm not a citizen yet. They didn't expect this country to change the rules for them, rather they conformed to the established ways. They taught us to behave as guests so that we'd always be welcome here. After all they went through to get here, they were always astonished at the ironies they saw, for example how someone who proudly displayed an "America...Love it or Leave" or "Support our Troops" bumper sticker on the back of their car, could toss garbage out the window and or completely disregard the traffic laws of the land they claimed to love.

    I've applied for my Citizenship and as far as I can tell, regardless of Trump, so far the process seems quite well thought out and user friendly. As far as I can tell 3/4 of the way through it, there should be no problem so long as I follow the rules and go through the established process.

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