The Great Crowd!

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  • Simon

    Scriptures are drivel, you may as well quote the newspaper horoscope, it's no less convincing.


    Simon scriptures straight out of the Bible is the best answers you can give.....A Believer

    Parroting scriptures straight out of the Bible is the best answers you can give.


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  • David_Jay

    A Believer,

    Length of time of your studying can't prevent you from having answers. In the book of Job it is the youngest man with the least experience who proves all the older false friends of Job wrong.

    Therefore if you are following Scripture your amount of time studying these things is not an answer in line with Scripture. If you can't reply to the arguments presented that means you have not studied all sides. And if you haven't studied all sides to a belief then you can't say one is true and another false.

    You can't believe and preach that you have the truth when you can't prove it. Even Moses was given proof of miracles to show he had God's favor. You must show some evidence you are right by disproving every argument, step by step, or by not being able to do so you prove you don't really have sufficient evidence to prove your views.

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    Tbh I didn't understand most of you're post...but how's this?

    The righteous will possess the earth,+

    And they will live forever on it.+


  • A Believer
    A Believer

    What religion are you?

  • A Believer
    A Believer


    The inner chamber or sanctuary of a Greek or other ancient temple.


    Greek, literally temple.

  • David_Jay

    See? NAOS doesn't refer to the courtyards. It refers to the actual sanctuary, the "inner chamber," the Temple itself.

    It comes from the Greek NAIO which means "dwell." That is why even the NWT refers to it as "temple" in John 2 but "shrine" in Acts 19 in reference to Artemis.

    NAOS is only the Temple proper. The courtyard still exist today and parts of the Western Wall, but the NAOS is gone. The Temple is the building that no longer stands on the foundation mound in Jerusalem.

    Thus the great crowd cannot be in the courtyard.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Is that a booger hanging out of your NAOS?

  • David_Jay

    It would help, Believer, if you state where your references come from. It also helps to do like I am, to use references that don't come from your own religion to support your argument. This shows you are being objective.

    Check Strong and Thayer for the actual basis of the word NAOS. They show that my statement is correct, that NAOS comes from the verb which means "dwell." This shows that NAOS means "divine dwelling," and can mean any shrine, temple, or building in which a deity is believed to be supernaturally present. They also support this.

    First-century Greek is known to many Jews because the Septuagint is written in this language. You can use outside sources from authorities to back up my claims about the words and see from language authorities that I am not making things up.

  • David_Jay


    And your statement helps, how? A Believer can't be helped to learn how to check what he's taught if people are making fun of things as he does. Checking conclusions with disinterested parties is the basis of critical thinking. A Believer needs to be taught how to do this. Making fun of things right now can be a distraction.

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