Are Gods true worshippers on Earth today? If they are not JWs then who are they?

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    "Torn apart" great post too.


    Is there Gods true worshipers on Earth today as Jesus said there would be? If they are not JWs then who are they?

    Who else comes close to being Gods true followers today?

    Assuming there is a God..


    Any Heartless Lazy Ass..


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  • wizzstick

    To many on this forum have let their faith dwindle

    No, they've let logic and reason into their decision making process.

    The Bible is NOT the word of God.

    All religious books have parts which are undermined by the ever growing knowledge of science.

    FB - just keep reading. Once you have taken in enough knowledge and realise there isn't a God, it's incredibly liberating. You have a short time on this blue planet. Go live your life!

  • xelder

    Formerbrother, I went through this same question. All I can do is answer for myself. I have found that finding truth is a process, not of finding truth, but of eliminating things that aren't true and continuing to analyse going forward. If people and churches are honest, they will admit the same limitations. The idea of finding the final absolute truth and spiking the ball with celebration is a never ending squirrel cage. If an almighty god (no capitals deserved) were the loving father the bible claims, he is a poor communicator. He speaks through a confusing book? Really? He speaks through prophets? Yeah right!!! If he ever cares to show up, I'm all ears. Until then, I will try to work within the community, attempting to be kind, helpful, based on what is historically useful and scientifically proven.

    I have the right to expect further proof from god. If he demands fear, he can get it I guess. But, the claim is that he is a loving father. If so and he wants my love (not fear) then he has to explain himself. If my statement above deserves only a plague or a bolt of lightning as punishment, then we are back to fear, right? But god is love, right? Then show up!!

  • redvip2000

    I have the right to expect further proof from god.

    Totally. In fact I've been watching some videos of street debates between JWs and Atheists, and when JWs are pressured about proof that god exists, it always boils down to the same question: "Well where did that tree come from?".

    Imagine that. God has the ability to resolve these questions in minutes by providing irrefutable evidence that he exists, but the best that he can come with is to let people argue about the origin of a tree.

  • Dagney

    Actually, from my observation most christian religions, (excluding the wacky), have the same tenets with variation in interpretation of heaven/hell etc. How you are supposed to behave as a Christian do not differ. They differ in how they punish.

    Within all religions are people who live their lives as good, honest, productive people. They may be missionaries, or work in local communities and they spread their gospel more than JW's sitting by literature trolleys. That is the honest truth.

    If you are truly interested, honest and open minded, Formerbrother, you will see there is much good being done outside the JW organization. If you are like I used to be, I never noticed or cared, so I didn't see it. Just because I believed everybody else was bad didn't make it true. It only made me ignorant.

    I wish you strength for the journey.

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    I think the answer is, 'by their fruits you will know'

  • blondie

    I agree, lookout and to add, actions speak louder than words and I have had over 60 years to see the actions.

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