Are Gods true worshippers on Earth today? If they are not JWs then who are they?

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    I think you have to check the facts. Jehovahs Witnesses are one out of 30k+ Christian sects started by a man who thought he knew better. One church started by Jesus and over 30k started by mankind. Why would you or anyone else think that the JWs are the true way.

    What fruits do they produce? The church started by Jesus gave the whole world the schools, hospitals, orphanages, foodbanks, shelters, civil rights for ALL people of the world.

    What has the WTS given the world? What possible fruits can they claim as their own?

    I have not found any fruits what so ever from the WTS. Just lies, scripture twisting and a history of false prophesy.

    I'm very sorry Former Brother, but you should look into real history, and not the revisionist history of the WTS

  • redpilltwice
    formerbrother: I doubt that myself, Im sure there are some. The question is who?

    What are your criteria for identification of true worshippers? Love? That we are supposed to live in the end-times? Preaching? Remember, every century since Jesus had its end-time sects and prophets. Look it up at

    But wait a minute you maybe still believe the JW 1914 doctrine?

    If you do, I can understand your question but then I feel it's no use for you asking your question on this forum! It has been adressed over and over and over....

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    If the bible is untrue then the god of the bible doesn't exist.

    The simple answer is there are no true followers of a non-existent god.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    A lot of questions need answers before we can even begin to attempt to answer your question:

    1. Do any gods exist?
    2. Do we know how many? How do we know?
    3. If any gods exist, do they care about what humans think and do?
    4. If any gods exist, and at least one of them cares about what humans think and do, how are we supposed to know who these gods are and what they like and don't like?
    5. If any gods exist, and at least one of them cares about what humans think and do, and somehow we have come to know who these gods are and what they like and don't like, do we even care about these gods? Why? Any reasons why we should worship them?
    6. If any gods exist, and at least one of them cares about what humans think and do, and somehow we have come to know who these gods are and what they like and don't like, and we even care about these gods and have found reasons to worship them, would these gods expect organized worship, aka would they have one or more peoples? How many peoples would that be? How do we know?

    Each of us can answer these questions for themselves, no need to argue in here.

    I already quit at #1. I no longer believe that any of the Greek gods actually exist as real deities.

    So my opinion is that no gods exist at all, hence to me all discussions about who is or is not worshipping any specific god in the correct way is as useful as discussing the color of the glitter dust on magic unicorns' tails.

    Of course, others have different opinions and go through great lengths to 'prove' Star Trek is the best sci-fi series (sorry wrong forum) their religious ways are best or even the only acceptable ones.

  • DJS


    As always, spot on. One question: Star Trek original or Next Generation?

    Your credibility depends on your response?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen



    Unfortunately I am an heretic apostate dar'manda: I hardly know anything about Star Trek. Or Star Wars. Haven't seen or read LOTR neither. So I guess I'll see Fek'lhr in Gre'thor soon...

  • biblexaminer

    It is because you do not understand Jesus' teaching that you ask this question.

    You are in danger of going back.

    It is because people refuse to learn from Jesus' lessons that they lose out.

    What does it mean, the illustration of the house that was "swept clean" and later re-inhabited by multiple demons?

    As graphic as it was, what does it mean, the Proverb at 26:11?

  • just fine
    just fine

    Why does there have to be one true religion? All religion is manipulation, some are just worse than others.

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW but walked away from Religion at 50. I still believe in God and I am very spiritual not into the Bible.

    The questions I askipped if God created Religion how many Religions would he have created?

    Also for those who are or when you were active in Religion think about the people around you and answer this question about yourself and others. Are you walking with God or are you just making the appearance of walking with God?

    When men of the cloth can look you in the face and tell you a bold face lie there is no way they are walking with God. Check the ten commandments. You cannot be of the cloth and be Religious and believe in the Bible and walk with God and lie just all does not add up along with all of their adultery they commit and get away with.

    I believe in a loving and caring God. I do a lot of charity work for children and women.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    If the god of the bible is real and the NT is to be believed, then God's true worshipers are scattered among weeds and will remain that way until the very end when the angels come to separate the weeds from the wheat at the great tribulation/armageddon.

    There is no one true organization. There are only true individuals. Perhaps these true individuals, in obedience to the Bible's strong words against sectarianism, rightly refuse to align themselves with any of the named denominations in existence today.

    I think true christians who really love God and Christ, would not be involved in the kind of petty sectarianism and promoting one denomination over all others the way sports fans back their favorite team at all cost. The true worshipers would not be promoting and drawing attention to a sect or an organization. They would be promoting and drawing attention to God and Christ.

    Furthermore, I would say that those looking for a one true group to follow are looking for the easy way out. They are looking for the broad road of convenience and are avoiding the narrow difficult road of personal responsibility to study, understand and apply the bible on their own with the help of god's spirit. They also lack true faith in the power of God's spirit to lead them. They need visible men to lead them and tell them what to do. They are unable to worship without having an imposing visible organization to look to and depend on. Deep down, they are lazy idolaters who don't want to do the hard work of worshiping in spirit. They want to set their focus on things seen instead of focusing on the things unseen. These are the ones that get sucked in and misled by the weeds because they have not taken Jesus' illustration of the wheat and weeds to heart, but choose instead to believe the false, self-serving interpretations of this illustration that is given them by religious organizations intent on exploiting and manipulating them.

    If there is no God, then the confusions, factual errors and logical fallacies so rampant in the Bible and all religions, make perfect sense.

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