Are Gods true worshippers on Earth today? If they are not JWs then who are they?

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  • TheWonderofYou

    As love is the heart of christianity and centre of christian life and ministry, it would be in the sense of Jesus Christ to say who really loves is a true follower.

    "If we love another, God remains in us" 1. John 4,12.

    At the place where you find loving people you will find God. This would be the place where God lives, where you could rest and feel at home. This is the nucleus of all promises: At the place where find mercy and love, warmness, kindness and affection there is God.

    This can be e.g. a mother who loves her child and cares for it while she passes the mediteranian sea in a refugee boat or even a manager who rescues employess from dangerous fire in a fabric. Even performance of ones duty in an office is a kind of love towards others. Love has many faces.

    Who really loves:

    - doesn wait for a futurre happiness but is happy now

    - doesn hustle for accomplish a goal but is already at the goal

    - love doesnt seek a purpose or benefit, love is without purpose and without benefit because it already possesses the gem.

    - it makes philantropists out of egoists

    God’s Love and Christian Life. 7 [c]Beloved, let us love one another, because love is of God; everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God. 8 Whoever is without love does not know God, for God is love. 9 1.John 4:7-9 NABRE
  • notsurewheretogo

    None...because God doesn't exist.

  • prologos

    Even in the earliest bible story, god did not take the initiative, demanding to be worshipped, but when Cain and Abel invented religion, he "liked the idea" (quote from Splane). Strangely, ABEL burned some of the meat that was piling up, (nobody, even dogs would eat it) , and god quoted Splane again ," like it" ( the carrion, carry on), and from there, the true worshipper story goes downhill.

    On the bright side, God must be a creator (how else did all that stuff get here), and true worshippers, don't worship, wasting meat and vegetables and time. , but create, provide, they find out how creation works, and re-create.

    Cold Steal: "--It would certainly help if you guys took a few theology courses before posting things like this.

    You can't be serious, you believe in the talking snake story? I just wanted to pointed out the absurdity of it all,

  • Bonsai

    FB: Well that is only Jws on a world wide scale. When in war time, which other groups will never take up arms and fight, even on threat of death. Only Jws.

    Imagine if all the major powers on earth took the stance that Watchtower did when maniacal monsters like Hitler and Tojo's gang started building empires and raping the world. How many millions-billions even - would have had to die because no one was there to stand up to them?

    It was the Catholics, the Protestants, the atheists and agnostics alike who rose to the call to stand up against evil and take them down. How long would it have taken for god to step in and take them out? Last time I checked it's 2016. They would have had another 70 years to reek havoc and destruction because as of yet, still no god has shown up to deliver mankind from anything.

    It's easy to go meekly to the gas chambers, to the prisons and to the labor camps because you are neutral to the plights of man. It's much harder to take a stand against evil and put a stop to it when it is in the power of your hand to do so.

    What did Watchtower do? What have they ever done?

  • Fernando

    Jesus' followers know who they are, and who he is, apart from man-made hierarchy, dogma, organisations, positions, labels and titles.

    This is a deep inner knowing that results from pursuing the liberating gospel of grace - the exact thing that unleashed the Bethel witch-hunt and purge in the early 1980's and for which Ray Franz was hounded and surreptitiously disfellowshipped.

  • DJS

    Yes, Current Brother would never turn his back on his imaginary friend.

    He is a rock

    He is an island.

    Kevin, avoid Current Brother at all cost. Watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers for tips on how to spot Current Brothers.

  • Fernando

    I thought somebody would say, somethinglike Catholics, or Muslims or some other answer are closer to the true religion than JWs.

    The Watchtower only invented the concept of "true religion" and "false religion" in 1950.

    Their original teaching is correct: all religion is a snare and a racket.

  • TheWonderofYou
    When in war time, which other groups will never take up arms and fight - formerbrother

    A christian policeman can't say likewise in a dangerous situation: "I cannot shoot because I am J.W now. The terrorist shall shoot me first it he likes." A J.W. policeman would shoot too.

    A policeman cares for the security of sisters and brothers. I knew a brother who was police-officer, he was very kind to me, but I never asked him concerning his conscience.

  • mrquik

    The one true religion isn't here yet. Every religion today is manmade complete with man's faults. I like Ray Franzs' take on worshipping God. Do it on a personal level. Be a good person. Be kind. Show loving kindness & patience. Be appreciative & forgiving. If what we were taught is true, we're all coming back. If not, there's no loss in being a good person.

  • wizzstick

    When in war time, which other groups will never take up arms and fight, even on threat of death. Only Jws.


    The Church of the Brethren
    The Mennonites
    The Quakers
    Churches of God (7th day)
    Seventh-day Adventists

    JW's were not the only ones who refused to fight. It's a JW myth that they were.

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