Are Gods true worshippers on Earth today? If they are not JWs then who are they?

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  • Tallon

    The WTBTS track record, IMO, proves that they are not what they claim to be.

    With all their erroneous predictions of the end coming, flip flopping on certain doctrines, the blood issue, Malawi / Mexico debacle, covering up of paedophilia, criticising other religions on their philanthropy such as by their contributing to establishing hospitals and other numerous charities - whereas the WTBTS hasn't, to my knowledge, donated a single penny, UN NGO registration - yet they've been slagging off the UN in their publications for decades, the inhumane practice of shunning and by extension the destroying of marriages and families etc. (Others are welcome to add to the list as I'm sure I've left out many other issues).

    So who are God's true worshippers on earth today? I don't know. One thing I do know is that the WTBTS is not.

  • sir82

    I'm asking a genuine question. If not JWs then who?

    Your assumption is that there must be some group which are "God's true worshippers".

    Why do you make that assumption?

  • looter

    Formerbrother, you seem very confused but I'm here to help. Obviously, his true worshippers wouldn't be worshipping man such as yourself. You belong not to Jehovah but to a group of false sheep with no morals not even towards children. Island Man pointed it out well as the Lord's true sons would be people like myself who don't necessarily have a religion but have acquired deep spirituality without he helpings of another man-made entity. I still attend Church on special days and I know Lord is with me there to.

    It might be wonderfully helpful to re-read Exodus chapter four as that can help those revitalize their beliefs. I love that chapter is it shows that God will use whatever it takes to give us happiness as he did to Moses here. And also don't forget to pray religiously because if you don't, you'll never be able to relax he way you were meant to. But most importantly, live everyday to bring out what Christ taught and to make him, the fathers and yourself happy. To many on this forum have let their faith dwindle so easily, which is depressing. It's understandable that this happened but they must try harder to get their faith back which is a lot of work but you must be humble and allow God's power among you.

  • tornapart

    Christianity was started by Jesus Christ, 2,000 years ago. JWs was started by Rutherford 85 years ago. All other 'christian' religions were started by men too. As Blondie said 'why does there have to be an organisation'?

    Jesus said the wheat and the weeds would grow together. He said his followers would be recognised by their 'fruits', That of showing love towards others. A whole group cannot show love, only individuals can do that. There are as many hateful, bigoted, self-righteous, prejudiced, unforgiving, judgemental JWs as there are in any other groups, christian or otherwise and just as many, if not more, loving, kind, forgiving and compassionate people among other groups. The 'love' shown amongst JWs is conditional. Conditional in that you have to be or become 'one of them'. Outside the group you are considered 'wordly' (with all it's negative connotations), even if you are a christian from another sect. If you chose to leave the JWs you become and evil hated 'apostate', regardless of whether you stay christian or not. Is that the love Jesus spoke of?

  • Giordano

    Here is the short answer:

    Silence is the language of God. Everything else is a bad interpretation.

    The long answer: The gods are only a pale reflection of mankind. They look and act just like the culture that invented them.

    The holy books are a con that are written by people who have an agenda. They provide a basis for the beliefs and actions of a particular culture.

    To gather a tribe around an invented standard be it good or bad.

    To explain the unexplainable.

    To explain why we live and die and what is on the other side of death.

    To protect the leadership with conformity.

    To provide answers that can not be confirmed.

    Religion is a place holder.

    Today Science answers most of our questions rationally.... while belief and the faith it requires depends on rational ignorance.

  • Crazyguy

    There are plenty of scriptures in the bible that state who the true worshippers would be. All who believe Jesus is the messiah, all who love one another and even thier enemy, all who help gods followers , those that help the sick and needy, those that proclaim Jesus is the messiah etc.

    Paul stated in 1 Corinthians that the righteous would come out of each sect, so he wasn't claiming any peticular sect would be gods only organization.

  • Bugbear


    On the spot

    I believe in Elvis, I know he´s alive. I think I heard a message in one of all the old records I have. And my Elvis records proof that he exist….There must be more secret and hidden messages in the other records, can anyone give me a contribution so that I can continue in listening to the other records. Then I promise I´ll give you all the answers you want. But You must obey me and trust in my special knowledge…

  • littlerockguy

    JWs always use this scripture to show that we should not put our trust in man made rulership and governments:

    Psalm 146:3,4 “Do not put your trust in princes, nor in a son of man, who cannot bring salvation. His spirit goes out, he returns to the ground. On that very day his thoughts perish.”

    However they never mention the part about not putting trust in “a son of man”, which is what Charles Russell, Rutherford, Knorr and the now present collective governing body are. They even use the term “govern”. Below are the synonyms for the word “govern”.


    rule, preside over, reign over, control, be in charge of, command, lead, dominate

    It seems to me that according to the words in their own bible the concept of a governing body is unscriptural. Like one poster said earlier, there is no true organization only true individuals. If Christians are all "brothers" they are all equal and therefore the is no place for a hierarchial structure of "heavies" like the JWs have.

  • TheWonderofYou

    This came into my mind:

    Who believes in love faithfully

    who is humble and loves with mercy,

    seeks peace and truth for all

    is righteousness and meek

    and doubts and struggles

    looses and stands up

    builds up and supports

    trusts in Gods word and not in organisation

  • biblexaminer

    "Island Man" you wrote an excellent post. Thanks

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