Jehovah's Witnesses Are Under Mind Control

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  • heathen

    Garybus --- I did enjoy reading the kiss hanks ass story but mine was more based on the fact that you were already a believer and you were

    coerced into being a follower of a man and not the rock .

    Then I contacted the city head elder and asked him if any orders had been given for the Witness people to shun me and he said no.

    I think this is interesting from the perspective that you believed this fellow wouldn't lie to you .The WT does have a c-y-a policy of which they are known to use in law suits .I still believe mind control to be a part of the witness indoctrination .

  • minimus

    Heathen, that's not nice. If Gary wants to believe the elders and everyone else, that's his business. You see, if he chooses to believe them over us, he can still think there's no mind control.

  • garybuss

    Heathen, I was still a believing walkaway in 1992. I really did not start digging until after they started shunning me in '92. It was then I read Crisis Of Conscience and the rest is history.

    I don't remember which post I said I believed the elder. In fact when 300 people walked past me at the circuit assembly in Sioux Falls in November of 1992, I was pretty sure some order had been given. I may be wrong. I tend to like to deal in facts and I have no proof an order was given. I had let my beard grow since that May and I had a full beard by November. Now, I am more inclined to think the masses are prejudiced and saw me as not wearing an IBM business suit and in a beard and all 300 of them chose to snub me.

    I was shocked by it at the time. It was just another of a long list of things that shocked me.

    As far as the rest, I stand by my three myths post in this thread. The proof presented that the Witness people are under mind control is of the same nature as that used to "prove" there really are UFO abductions. GaryB

  • minimus

    Gary, have you ever verified that you weren't df'd? I know you asked the elder years ago but I mean, with the exposure that you now have, do you think it's possible that you're either df'd or they regard you as disassociating yourself?...just curious

  • garybuss

    Oh now I don't care, I shun them. I have declared war on them. When the shunning started I was not marked for shunning unless the elder lied to me. I don't think he did lie about that. GaryB

  • fairy
  • onacruse

    Well, I haven't read every post on this thread (I do have to sleep and work now-and-then LOL ), so I may have missed some comments on this:


    I know it got me hooked, a very vulnerable and gullible person when it 'got' me, but it hooked me just the same.

    Welcome to JWD What you said reminded me of a couple of books about "addictive behavior" that really opened my eyes to the mechanism of WTS/cult/religious controls. The addictive mentality even cuts across into corporate structures. (The books I have are out on loan, so I can't quote from them right now).

    But, in a general way, I'd ask: Granting that being "under the influence" of the WTS is an addictive behavior, then isn't that a significant form of mind control?


  • minimus

    The answer to your question, Craig, is YES.

  • Mr Lebowski
    Mr Lebowski

    minimus, sneak into your local community college and crash the "Logic 101" class.

    BTW, all, golf course was gorgeous yesterday but my game was ugly...

    In the words of Socrates, who said 'I drank what?'

    El Duderino

  • jgnat

    Mr. Lebowski, peruse the following site and describe for me an Ad Hominem attack?

    Since your last visit here, plenty of arguments have been put forward. Care to rebut some of those?

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