Jehovah's Witnesses Are Under Mind Control

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  • minimus

    If you were to tell a Witness that they were "brainwashed" or that they were "under mind control", they certainly would not rationally accept it.The reason is because Witnesses cannot distinguish between mind control and "obeying the Faithful and Discreet Slave". It is only after a person stops exposing himself to the subtle mind controlling tactics of the Watchtower that a person can see how thoroughly duped they are in their beliefs. How might you be able to tell that you are no longer your own person, able to make your own decisions in your life? .......Consider a few things that prove that Witnesses are under the CONTROL of the "slave".......#1---You cannot simply miss a meeting because YOU want to. If you think otherwise, see how long it takes before you get a phonecall or visit asking where you've been---#2----If you are told one day that you cannot take ANY blood (including fractions) and if you do, you are subject to disfellowshipping but the next day, a different viewpoint comes from the "Slave" and now you can take certain blood components, you will obey the "slave" no matter what YOU think---#3----If your own flesh and blood got disfellowshipped you CANNOT talk to them as you did when they were members. Countless ones would indeed talk to their DF'd family if they got PERMISSION from the Society............Any other proofs that JW's are mind controlled???

  • Odrade

    LMAO at the title of this thread. First reaction..."DUH!"

    So many examples of mind control. The first that comes to me is when you start having "independent" thoughts. If you speak of them, especially to the wrong person, you are accused of apostacy. If you research your religion using secular sources...apostacy again.

    The fact that it's possible in many areas, particularly rural ones, for an individual elder to set the "tone" for the entire congregation.

    That good JW grandparents would rather spend time in field service with their toddler grandchildren than take them to the zoo.

    That's enough for now.


  • JH

    When everyone thinks and acts the same way, especially when people who come from all walks of life and had not much in commun from the start, then all of a sudden they dress, think, and act all the same way. When you can't decide for yourself and have to act in a way to please the head one, you are controlled.

  • minimus

    Odrade and JH, good points!.........Independent thinking is a sin! Oh, pleaseeee!.....Also more prominent elders setting the tone as to the "conscience of the congregation" and quite simply leaving all natural thoughts toward family for the organization.

  • Gopher
    Countless ones would indeed talk to their DF'd family if they got PERMISSION from the Society............

    That's the ultimate proof right there. Disfellowshipping, as currently practiced and enforced by JW's, has no Biblical precedent. Stoning the wrongdoer does, however, have Biblical precedent. But even the WTS is not foolish enough to try to make their robots followers stoop to actual murder.

    They only murder in the emotional and psychogical sense. Because they are ordered to by their leaders in Brooklyn.

  • minimus

    Gopher, don't forget that a WT. in the 50's LAMENTS that they cannot still practice capital punishment to rid us all of the evildoer!

  • cruzanheart

    The fact that EVERYONE dresses a certain way, not because there's a written rule, but because they are subject to sanctions if they don't (damn those salacious female knees!).

    The fact that, when someone leaves, it is automatically assumed that they have abandoned God and not just a religion.


  • reporter

    So, if given the choice, they would take the big "A" into their own hands?

    That's interesting...

    If Jehovah created the mind and the concept of free will, why is it evil to use them?

  • minimus

    Uniformity is key, whether or not it's in dress or in spirit. Free will is just a good sounding expression. It's not to be taken seriously.

  • Odrade

    Here's a good one:

    "There is often extreme paranoia within the group; they believe that they are in danger and that they are being closely monitored and heavily persecuted by governments or people outside the group. People on 'the outside' are demonized."
    "Information and contacts from outside the cult are severely curtailed."



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