Jehovah's Witnesses Are Under Mind Control

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  • Mr Lebowski
    Mr Lebowski

    ...and no, it's not. But she might have some openings, min... you want me to check?

  • undercover
    ....mind control of any kind is a myth, that controlling organizations of any stripe - religious, professional, etc., all attempt to influence our behavior,but that control of our minds is a far different thing. She felt that members of Scientology, Moonies, etc, are influenced by their groups, but that they are getting benefits from the structure that solve some problem, fill some void, or address some need in their lives at that time. People leave when they discern (not us, them!) a deficit in the benefits vs. the prices.

    For every one "professional" that says mind control doesn't exist another exists that says it does. But she does make a good point.

    But for sake of debate, let me say this: The highlighted sentance is not so simple with "high control" groups. A witness just can't leave without ramifications. If one says, "Hey, I decided that you're not the right religion, I'm leaving" he is faced with losing his family, friends, even more sometimes. If one says this then a whole community of people(the congregation) are led to believe that he is a bad person. If one could just leave when he decides he wants to then there is no "control" issue. But when a JW wants to leave, he is ridiculed, persecuted, humiliated, shunned. This is more than just mere "influence". This is the group leaders using group peer pressure to keep group members in line. This is control or at least an attempt at control. Using emotions and fear to keep people in line is a form of control, whether it's called mind control or whatever.

    As I posted earlier(way earlier) even our mothers use this guilt trip to keep adult kids feeling guilty. There are various levels of this "control". Some more harmful than others. I don't buy into the notion that someone, anyone or any group can control minds and can make people operate like robots, but the emotional pressures, guilt feelings, and other influences exerted on a certain group of people will result in a percentage of them following the direction or instructions of the leaders of whatever group they are in.

  • Mr Lebowski
    Mr Lebowski

    I absolutely agree with both points, uc. I come down on the "influence/pressure/manipulate" side of the coin, but I understand the muddiness.

  • minimus

    Mr. Lebowski, You're a riot....and hey, if you don't like my childish style of communication, don't communicate with me.

  • Mr Lebowski
    Mr Lebowski

    good point.

  • heathen

    Jumping jehosaphat . IMO the WT blatantly tells people that they can't reason from the scriptures for themselves and that the only right way of thinking comes from brooklyn . The only thing you are allowed to talk about involve the WT view on things . These people are programmed thru a long and tidious process of indoctrination to the point of losing all sense of independant thinking . Mind control is real and I don't think that a shrink with no credentials being mentioned is an expert on the subject and nor will it influence the way I see the issue . I would like to know if the mental regulation of children as mentioned in garybus post includes the 2 witness rule in child molestation . It's like you can't even protect your child unless brooklyn approves of it .

  • avengers
    It's time to find a new therapist.....Mr. Lebowski

    Is he in therapy? For what? Maybe he should have some Watchtower Therapy.
    Could do him some good . Get rid of some of his problems. Sorry I addressed you in the third person. Why am I apologizing? I'm guilty. The Watchtower said so. Mind control does not exist. Why not? A therapist said so. Which fallacy is that? Oh I'm havin' so much fun. ......Andy.

  • minimus

    Avengers, Mr. Lobotomy has left the building.....

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    It is also her professional opinion (which may wind up a few of you, I suspect) that mind control of any kind is a myth,

    Coming in late on this one, but I saw this and just wanted to comment and say I disagree. I took a psychology course once (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing). There was a study done (Tanford & Penrod 1984) that found that the likelihood of conformity, even to incorrect group judgments, increases dramatically when a group grows to 5 members. When the group reaches 8, the maximum chance of conformity is reached. Remember what Goebbels said, "If you repeat a lie, no matter how outrageous, often enough, with authority, people will come to accept it as truth."

    Look at the lies abused children believe about themselves when they become adults. The most beautiful woman believes she is ugly. Why? Because that's all she ever heard as a child. And if she never hears anything else, she will accept that lie as truth. That's not mind control? With all due respect, your psychologist is wrong.

    Now if you want to discuss whether the Manuchurian Candidate type of mind control is possible, well you might have something. That type of control is very controversial and is not accepted as fact yet.

  • minimus

    Big Tex, since Mr. Lebowski has left the arena, only Gary Buss is available to spar with.

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